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The new age of pr in china eastwest pr denise chen_may 2015


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The New Age of PR in China
Integrated, Fast, Proactive.
EASTWEST Public Relations
By Denise Chen

Published in: Marketing
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The new age of pr in china eastwest pr denise chen_may 2015

  1. 1. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore The New Age of PR in China Integrated, Fast, Proactive. EASTWEST Public Relations Denise Chen | Senior Associate | EASTWEST Public Relations Beijing +86 10 6582 0018
  2. 2. Singapore | Beijing Who We Are ? EASTWEST Public Relations is an independent PR agency specializing in integrated PR, digital and social media communications. Founded in 1995, we now have offices in Singapore, China and India, representing clients ranging from high-tech start-ups to consumer electronics company to professional service firms in Asia - and beyond. Working with a world-wide network of partners, we has helped over 400 clients become recognized in 12 Asian countries.
  3. 3. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 3 Content Flywheel
  4. 4. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 4 • Researching client’s positioning and landscape • Understanding of strengths and weaknesses • Identifying PR strategies to achieve business objective Analyse client’s individual challenges
  5. 5. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 5 • Creating content as per story angle and target audience • Planning course of action for execution of the campaign • Monitoring for coverage and feedback Press conference Media interview Industry event Create relevant content to tackle challenges
  6. 6. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 6 Media General business &industry media coverage (China Daily&QUATTRORU OTE) Social media Weibo (facebook): China’s leading micro-blogging, over 167 million monthly active users Wechat (WhatsApp): One of the fastest rising mobile app in China, over 468 million monthly active users Youku (Youtube): The largest Chinese video entity, over 40 million daily mobile unique visitors SEM Baidu PPC The largest Chinese online search Engine. Alexa ranking: No. 4 globally 66,459,080 unique visitors 589,492,041 page views daily Promote via traditional, social and digital channels.
  7. 7. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 7 • Syndicate content via Earned, Owned and Paid channels. • Eg: Leading online Auto portal - Alexa daily IP traffic 234,000, daily PV traffic 2,223,000 Syndicate across multi online channels
  8. 8. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore 8 Taobao The largest Chinese e-commerce marketplace founded by Alibaba group in 2003. Daily Alexa IP traffic 40,800,000 Daily PV traffic 419,832,000 Alexa global ranking No. 9 The most traffic of the week is on Thursday, with 18 new visitors, 116 page views Zopim A web-based software allows monitor visitors who are on your website and engage them in live chat. The most traffic of the day is at 12 noon. Monitoring of results, social, media mentions and measuring deliverables
  9. 9. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore What we have done for Morgan cars in China?
  10. 10. Singapore | Beijing | Bangalore Integrated From purely content driven to multi-channels distribution with content, video, audio, image Fast From traditional media to social, mobile and digital Proactive From dominantly content feeding to proactively content creating Summary Welcome to the new age of PR – Integrated, Fast and Proactive
  11. 11. Thank you! More about PR in China and APAC on: