Automated Solutions for Wordpress Backup and Restore


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Some of the most reliable solutions for Wordpress blogs and website management. Learn how quickly you can backup, clone and restore your wordpress website. No need of FTP and cPanel interface.

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Automated Solutions for Wordpress Backup and Restore

  1. 1. Wordpress Backup Creator – Premium Wordpress Plugin Automated Solutions for Wordpress Backup and Restore By Max Ruhrman 4/1/2012Wordpress backup plugins are solutions for Wordpress backup and restore and Wordpress sites cloning.There both free Wordpress backup plugins, and premium Wordpress backup plugins. The newWordpress backup and cloning plugin is Backup Creator. It can backup and restore a Wordpress site inminutes...
  2. 2. Wordpress Backup [WORDPRESS BACKUP CREATOR – PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN]New Solution for Wordpress Backup and RestoreYou don’t have time to perform a Wordpress backup? Are you afraid to lose your data? Are youafraid of being hacked? Are you having more blogs powered by Wordpress?What if your site crashes? Or if your site gets banned? Or something could go just worse, andyou lose all your information store on your site?Automated vs Manual Wordpress Backup SystemGet a full automated Wordpress backup system. There are several free and premium Wordpressbackup solutions in the market today.Of course you could backup your data manually it is not very complicated, it takes about 5-10minutes, and you have to backup all your files, archive then in gz-type archive, and then archiveyou database and save it on your hard disk and your are done, a fully functional Wordpressbackup.The restore process will take you another 5-10 minutes and you have to use the cPanel, the FTPand the notepad editor to make the changes manually in the wp-config... and some changes inthe database php file.... I have done it several times... For one blog it takes (with some practice)about 10-15 minutes (including the restoring).Of course it could happen that the restore file not to be recognized, and start again the processfiguring out what you have missed...If you have only one or two blogs the Wordpress backup is not that difficult. If you have 10 ormore the situation is changing dramatically... you have to spare a lot of time doing that at leastonce a week...Free and Premium Wordpress Backup PluginsThere are some free plugins for Wordpress backup, and for Wordpress restore... None of them isworking fully automated (you have to perform some tasks manually in order to finish the job).There are also some premium Wordpress plugins that are performing quite good:§ Backup Buddy (reliable and not very expensive solution, it cost about: 150 USD for unlimited sites backup, and about 75USd for 2 sites backup);More information here! Page 2
  3. 3. Wordpress Backup [WORDPRESS BACKUP CREATOR – PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN]§ Wp Twin is another automated solution for Wordpress backup and restore. It cost about 97 USD for unlimited sites backup and restore...Backup Creator – The New Solution for Wordpress BackupAnd the most recent plugin for Wordpress backup and restore is Backup Creator. You couldperform a Wordpress backup in no-time...depends on the size of your blog / site.You install, activate the plugin and push one button, and voila, your site is back-up. Then if youwant to clone the site, you go to a fresh new install Wordpress site, install the plugin and restore/ clone the old site. It is very simply and it saves a lot of your time...So think about... § What if you used this to provide a Wordpress backup (or even theme installation) service to your clients? § What if you installed a site as a bonus to one of your courses? § What if you just used this plugin to run regular automatic backups so you never have to worry about messing up your site?Try Backup Creator. It cost only 47USd for unlimited Wordpress backups. In other words, Backup Creator gives you the power to take your WordPress blog and put itanywhere... backup, restore, clone your Wordpress site, make your Wordpress sites templates(fully equipped with your favorite themes, plugins and scripts) and install quickly and safely. Inmy opinion Backup Creator is a valuable Wordpress backup plugin.You could try it for 30 days and ask for a full refund if not satisfied with this Wordpress backupplugin.Check here for more information about the Wordpress Backup Creator Plugin.In the next pages I will show you with some images how easy is to clone / to backup and restoreyour Wordpress site...[wordpress backup][wordpress backup plugin][backup wordpress][wordpress database backup]More information here! Page 3
  4. 4. Wordpress Backup [WORDPRESS BACKUP CREATOR – PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN]Step by Step Instructions – Wordpress Backup and RestoreStep #0 Wordpress backup - Install the Backup Creator PluginStep #1 Wordpress backup -Press the Backup ButtonMore information here! Page 4
  5. 5. Wordpress Backup [WORDPRESS BACKUP CREATOR – PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN]Step #2 Wordpress backup –Download Your BackupStep #3 Wordpress backup –Restore Your Wordpress Backup FileMore information here! Page 5
  6. 6. Wordpress Backup [WORDPRESS BACKUP CREATOR – PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN]Additional Resources:TRAINING EVENT "Instant Cashflow w/ Amazon s3" :§§ information here! Page 6