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Used 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid Columbia SC


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Learn more about the 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid for sale in Columbia SC at Jim Hudson GMC. Check our online inventory at today!

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Used 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid Columbia SC

  1. 1. Consolidated Fulfillment Spec Sheet 08-GL-E-0055 Page 1 File Name: 2009 Yukon Hybrid CD: Giordano AD: Phil Lewis CW: Eve Pickman SIZE: Flat 8.5”x 11” 10-15-08 AE: Leiah Kelley AC: Aubrey Verlin Production: Chris Haman SPECS: 4/4C 129954A02 WE ARE PROFESSIONAL GRADE. ® This eight-passenger, 6,200-lb.-trailering1 Yukon Hybrid (available only at participating dealers) features our 2-Mode Hybrid system that improves city fuel economy by 50 percent over the conventional vehicle.2 New on 2009 models is a 36-month subscription to XM NavTraffic.3 09_Spec_Sheet_Mailer_Yukon_Hybrid_129954A02.indd 1 10/16/08 11:46:02 AM