2004 Pontiac Vibe Columbia South Carolina


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Test drive a used 2004 Pontiac Vibe wagon at Jim Hudson Buick/GMC/Cadillac serving Columbia, South Carolina. View our in-stock selection of 2004 Pontiac Vibe wagons by visiting our website at http://www.jimhudsonsuperstore.com/.

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2004 Pontiac Vibe Columbia South Carolina

  1. 1. 2004 Vibe Brochure Presented By: Jim Hudson Buick GMC Cadillac Saab 7201 Garners Ferry Road Columbia SC 29209 uninhibited. www.jimhudsonsuperstore.com pontiac.com/vibe
  2. 2. limitless Vibe GT shown in Satellite. Some photos in this catalog may contain optional equipment. fuel for the soul The Pontiac Vibe is a car born of passion. A passion for performance. For function and innovation. It nods to premium sports cars, integrating a performance-minded engine, sport-tuned For an entirely different five-door that blends the best of several vehicle classes. Vibe, Vibe GT, suspension, and rally-inspired 6-speed manual gearbox. And for those who tend to travel and Vibe AWD deliver on all accounts. Each is designed to stir the enthusiast in you, starting with imperfect pathways, there’s Vibe AWD. Capable. Sure footed. Safety conscious. It’s as Vibe. It offers unprecedented flexibility with numerous cargo- and people-carrying configurations responsive to the road as it is to your need to bring along various cargo that comes and a long list of standard features. Taking the driver’s car concept to a more overt level is Vibe GT. with weekend adventures. The Pontiac Vibe. LIMITLESS.
  3. 3. With just one look you can tell Vibe stretches the limits beyond other cars its size. It has a powerful sense widen. When they’re all inside and buckled up, take off. Share the fun of driving 130 horses of style. Muscular looks. Ground-hugging stance. A track that’s wider than cars like Chrysler PT with a 5-speed manual. Show off a little. Vibe has a long list of standard features and a variety Cruiser and Ford Focus ZX5.* You’ll sense you’re not the only one who notices its no-holds-barred of innovative options that stretch the imagination. It also gives you up to 54 cubic feet of cargo nature. Pick up your friends. Watch their eyes as you ride up on big 16-inch wheels — they’ll room with the rear seats folded flat, an adjustable cargo system to keep it all where you want no holds barred it, and a roof rack for things that won’t fit inside. V I B E : P OW E R A N D P E R F O R M A N C E - T U N E D P R AC T I C A L I T Y C O M E S TA N DA R D Base Vibe shown in Fusion. *All claims based on 2003 competitive vehicles and latest information available at time of printing.
  4. 4. power house V I B E G T: O N E O F T H E M O S T P OW E R F U L V E H I C L E S I N I T S C L A S S Vibe GT shown in Abyss. Go ahead, give in to the urge. Vibe GT is designed for the serious driver. When you fill up with premium fuel, you’ve got more than 170 horsepower attached to the accelerator. Plus there’s a high-revving 1.8 liter engine under the hood and six on the floor, transforming stop-and-go city traffic into endless entertainment. Sense the intent of the available 17-inch wheels. They really hug the road. A curve is ahead. As you go into the bend, Vibe GT’s innate personality, natural agility, and specially calibrated sport-tuned suspension are certain to summon your adrenaline.
  5. 5. SUPERCHARGER The Vibe Supercharger boosts horsepower and torque up to 35 percent. Specifically designed for Vibe’s 130-horsepower, 1.8 liter engine, the Roots-type manifold design and precise vehicle calibration maximizes performance without sacrificing drivability or durability. Extensively tested and tuned, the GM Performance Parts Supercharger is available through your Pontiac dealer. All you have to do is ask. T WO E N G I N E S, O N E S U P E R C H A R G E R , A L L - A R O U N D P E R F O R M A N C E V I B E AW D : E Q UA L LY A D E P T O N PAV E M E N T A N D D I RT With your foot on the accelerator, the base model Vibe commands the senses Weekend road trippers, follow your instincts. Vibe AWD craves outings outside the city limits. with a hardy 130-hp powerplant. The standard inline four, dual overhead cam, With a viscous coupling, full-time all-wheel-drive system — not found on PT Cruiser, Focus ZX5, aluminum alloy block boasts variable-valve timing that optimizes performance Protegé 5, or Golf — Vibe AWD can handle a wide variety of low-traction surfaces. Wet roads. and efficiency throughout the entire rev range. When attached to the standard Dirt roads. Rocky roads. No sweat. With Vibe AWD’s special set of capabilities, traction’s under- 5-speed manual or available smooth-shifting 4-speed automatic, Vibe delivers foot, handling’s precise. And with an independent rear suspension you feel at one with the road. endless trips around the city streets with generous fuel economy — an estimated Most important, you feel safer. Plus you ride tall, enjoy a low step-in height, have a responsive, mpg of 29 city/36 highway with the 5-speed manual and 28 city/33 highway with smooth automatic transmission, and all the room and cargo configurations to haul what you the 4-speed automatic. Want to turn up the thrills on the daily drive? Opt for need. And you get better fuel economy than most 4x4s — at a remarkably lower price. Vibe’s available supercharger that boosts horsepower and torque up to 35 percent. If you drive with an enthusiast’s mind, look to Vibe GT. With premium fuel in the tank it unleashes 173 hp at 7600 rpm. It comes from a performance-tuned four cylinder and a 6-speed manual at your fingertips (usually found only on high-end performance cars). The powertrain launches Vibe GT 0-60 in the brow-raising low eight-second range thanks to variable-valve timing with intelligence and a variable- valve lift system that optimizes airflow through the valve area at high engine speeds. Combine that with an array of high-performance components deep within, and the all-aluminum block generates more horsepower than nearly every other naturally aspirated inline-4 in its class — that includes Ford Focus ZX5 Premium, hair-raising Mazda Protegé 5, and Nissan Sentra 2.5 LE. VARIABLE-VALVE TIMING INTELLIGENCE VVT-i, variable-valve timing intelligence, is a high-tech setup in which intake-valve timing is continuously varied throughout the rev range by hydraulically rotating the camshaft relative to its drive gear. By altering when the valves open and close in relation to engine speed, the engine’s ability to process air is increased. Since the most effective way to improve an engine’s output is to increase its ability to process air, VVT-i gives Vibe increased horsepower and spine-tingling performance. Vibe AWD shown in Neptune.
  6. 6. road-gripping FULL-TIME ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE SYSTEM The full-time all-wheel-drive system uses a viscous coupling unit with a torque split function, giving you endless options for road trips. During normal driving conditions, nearly all torque generated by the unit is directed to the front wheels, giving Vibe AWD the road manners of a front-wheel-drive vehicle. When differences in wheel speeds occur between the front and rear wheels — on slippery, uneven, or low-traction surfaces — the viscous coupling unit transfers torque to the wheels with the most grip, giving you more sure-footed all-wheel-drive control. Vibe AWD shown in Neptune. *GM estimated. Official EPA estimate not available at time of printing. **EPA estimate.
  7. 7. Sit inside Vibe and find an emphasis on upscale components and surfaces that are smooth to the touch. Seat fabrics are made of a flatly knitted, technologically advanced material — available in Slate and AUDIO SYSTEM COMBINATIONS Graphite. The seats are supportive in all the right spots and adjust for your comfort. You sit tall thanks to NAVIGATION SYSTEM If you’re prone to heavy CD rotation, there’s an available in-dash CD changer that The high-tech DVD-based navigation system, available on all models, gets you where you holds six discs. If you are serious about your music, check out the available Moon a high seating position, giving you a commanding view of the road. And when the sun’s out, the sliding want to go by using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), which tell you where you are in the and Tunes Value Package. It boosts whatever you listen to using 200 watts and sun visors help keep glare under control. Smart storage is close at hand. There are nine concealed com- continental U.S. on a big 5.8" screen. When you opt for this innovative system, you also get includes a power glass moonroof. With a variety of audio system combinations to a remote six-disc CD changer. (Not available with the Moon and Tunes Value Package.) choose from, you’re certain to find one that’s performance-tuned to you. partments, including one to the left of the steering wheel, and a convenient change holder. In the center T E C H N O L O G I C A L I N N OVAT I O N S I N A N U N C O N V E N T I O N A L S E T T I N G A N I N T E R I O R I N S P I R E D B Y WO R L D - C L A S S C A R S cutting-edge Inside, the senses tingle. It begins the moment you get behind the wheel. Your eye is drawn to the POWER OUTLET It’s a two-prong household-style outlet. Just another expression of Vibe’s gauges, they’re round and chrome-trimmed. The available interactive DVD-based navigation system unconventional character that’s perfect for recharging a variety of electronics. shows infinite possibilities. Controls are intuitively placed. You think cockpit. The standard stereo has a CD player, programmable equalizer, and Radio Data System (RDS), which displays the song title and artist from compatible radio stations at the touch of a button. Or tune into cutting-edge technology *Activation and service fees extra. Available only in the 48 contiguous states. with the available XM Satellite Radio,* which presents digital-quality sound coast to coast with 100 Visit www.gm.xmradio.com for details. *Always use safety belts and proper child restraints, even with air bags. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat. See the Owner’s Manual for more safety information. channels of the best in music, sports, news, talk, and children’s programming.
  8. 8. ADJUSTABLE CARGO SYSTEM Vibe’s innovative built-in rear adjustable cargo system makes it easy to secure loads of various sizes. It features tracks along the scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean load floor that let you place eight tie-down boundless anchors right where you want them. There are also chrome hooks to help keep numerous things in place. Bringing valuables along? Stow them in the concealed cargo compartments for peace of mind. M O R E C A R G O R O O M A N D F L E X I B I L I T Y T H A N YO U C A N I M AG I N E MULTIPURPOSE ORGANIZER The available multipurpose organizer helps keep your things organized. It folds open to hold everything from sports equip- ment to grocery bags with equal ease. When closed, it folds to 3" flat, allowing items to be loaded on top, just as if it were the floor of the cargo area. ^ ^ ^ SEAT BACKPACKS MOBILE DESK ORGANIZER Front-seat backpacks are ideal in and out of Vibe. Available The available mobile desk organizer is the perfect on all models, they offer a variety of storage compartments, colleague. It offers a large writing surface and a including an outer mesh pocket and spots for water bottles, platform for your laptop, which can be powered by sports drinks, or whatever else you want to bring along. Since Vibe’s standard household-style outlet when you’re they attach to the back of the front seats when not in use, parked. Plus, it offers storage for innumerable office they’re easy to grab and go. essentials like paper, paper clips, and envelopes. This all-in-one unit buckles into the front-passenger seat CARGO AREA MAT as you’re en route to countless locations. Adding to Vibe’s versatility is the reversible cargo area mat — with carpet on one side and durable rubber on the other. It’s custom-designed for an exceptional fit, color-coded to match the interior, and features an embroidered Vibe logo. To capture the diversity of everyday life requires versatility, adaptability, and an interior with infinite possibilities. Vibe delivers with a multitude of cargo- and people-carrying configurations — accessories eight to be exact. With five on board, you still have plenty of room for your gear and more cargo volume than PT Cruiser. If you need to carry more things than friends, fold both rear seats down flat with the one-step folding feature, and cargo room reaches up to 54 cubic feet. The front- passenger seatback also folds flat, making it easy to carry longer items with the hatch closed — something you can’t do with a Ford Focus ZX5, Ford Escape, or Jeep Liberty.
  9. 9. console, Vibe not only provides storage and a special slot for your cell phone, it has a hidden power outlet, so you can charge your phone out of sight. Additional conveniences are available with the Power Group Value Package. It includes power door locks and windows, remote keyless entry, and cruise control. Of course, chrome-trimmed gauges, driver’s seat height adjuster, flat- VIBE SPORT PACKAGE folding front passenger seat, and dual front-impact air bags* are standard, and side-impact front- 1. Two Spoilers – One Upper and One Mid-Gate performance art 2. Rear Fascia Extension seat air bags are available with Vibe’s Protection Package. 3. Front Fascia Extension 4. Side Rocker Extension 1 3 4 2 abundant Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip (available separately) S P O RT PAC K AG E : S O M E T I M E S YO U J U S T WA N T TO B E D I F F E R E N T Vibe, quite simply, isn’t like most cars on the road. It’s aggressive looking and muscular. If you’re extensions, side skirts, and two spoilers. The spoilers are also available separately. You can the type who wants more, the Vibe Sport Package creates countless possibilities for your Vibe, Vibe customize your Vibe in three colors — Salsa, Satellite, and Abyss. Or the package can be ordered GT, or Vibe AWD to stand out. The available dealer-installed accessories package includes specially primed to suit your own color. To give it that extra punch, you can even add the available polished designed ground effects that go all around. More specifically, it includes front and rear fascia stainless steel exhaust tip. To get this look, talk to your dealer when ordering your Vibe.
  10. 10. + + + + + Vibe’s practical side is front and center when it comes to keeping you safe. The 2003 Vibe earned a five-star safety rating — the highest safety rating possible — from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for both driver and front passenger in a frontal crash test. In fact, the 2003 Vibe earned a higher frontal crash-test safety rating than most other vehicles in its weight class. V I B E T E C H N O L O G Y, I N N OVAT I O N, A N D S A F E T Y If music feeds your soul, read carefully. Vibe offers a variety of audio system combinations from Vibe’s fully functional load-bearing roof rack can accommodate cargo of various sizes the standard in-dash CD player to the available in-dash CD changer that lets you keep six CDs in heavy on its adjustable cross bars, and works with most mounting equipment for bikes, kayaks, rotation. There’s high-tech digital sound with available XM Satellite Radio.* And there’s the premi- and other gear. um Moon and Tunes Value Package that cranks out 200 watts of pure sound and includes a power glass moonroof. Every audio configuration also features the Radio Data System, which displays the Vibe offers crash protection features typically associated with higher-priced vehicles with song title and artist from compatible radio stations and can even scan for what you like to listen to. available seat-mounted side-impact air bags and lap and shoulder safety belts for all seating positions (even the rear center seat). There are pretensioners and force limiters on the front-seat Wherever your travels take you, Vibe’s available in-dash DVD-based navigation system will safety belts, along with adjustable upper anchors for outstanding comfort. To help keep child help you get there. Using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), you’ll see yourself as the dot on the safety seats securely in place, Vibe has a special LATCH safety system in the second row that big screen — a 5.8" LCD screen. And when you opt for the navigation system, you also get a includes lower anchorage and tethers on the outer positions. (Side-impact air bags available only remote six-disc CD changer. with Vibe Protection Package.) All Vibe powertrains have long-life features** — spark plugs, transmission fluid, and coolant With a large safety cage, crumple zones, and frame and body panels constructed of high- — that are designed to last up to 100,000 miles under normal driving conditions. strength steel, Vibe is designed to absorb energy and resist passenger-compartment intrusion. Advanced safety construction such as this helped the 2003 Vibe earn a five-star frontal crash- Vibe and Vibe AWD both feature a hardy 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine with dual overhead test safety rating from the NHTSA. camshafts and VVT-i — variable-valve timing intelligence. VVT-i increases engine efficiency by providing a wider range of camshaft operation. The all-wheel-drive system on Vibe AWD uses a sophisticated network of sensors to Vibe GT is one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. Its high-revving, 1.8 liter engine determine when to transfer power to the rear wheels. When the road calls for more traction, produces 173 horsepower† at 7600 rpm and 127 lb-ft of torque using technologies like double- the transfer case (integrated in the transmission) sends just the right amount of engine power overhead camshafts, variable-valve timing, and variable-valve lift. Vibe GT also has a 6-speed to the rear wheels to help make easy work of tough road conditions. manual, a transmission usually found only on high-end performance cars. Daytime running lamps make Vibe more visible to other drivers, helping reduce certain collisions. The independent rear suspension on Vibe AWD helps keep the rear wheels ideally positioned Vibe also features Automatic Lamp Control, which turns the car’s exterior lamps on and off as for increased traction. Each rear wheel moves over the road with precision movements that help outside lighting conditions change. deliver excellent driver control. Standard fog lamps pump out extra light — just what you need on dark, misty nights. The fog lamps throw out a wide spread of illumination to supplement the headlamps. The available theft-deterrent alarm system with glass breakage sensor and fuel system Every Vibe features ventilated front disc brakes for strong, sure stops. Vibe GT and Vibe AWD shut-off helps protect your Vibe in the event someone tampers with it. (Available only with Vibe include the added peace of mind and performance delivered by a sophisticated four-wheel anti- Protection Package.) lock braking system. Like any pure-bred performance machine, Vibe GT sports disc brakes in the rear for added stopping power. *Activation and subscription fees apply. Available only in the 48 contiguous United States. Visit www.gm.xmradio.com for further details. **Maintenance needs vary with different uses and driving conditions. See the Owner’s Manual for more information. †Requires premium fuel. powerful dynamics
  11. 11. VIBE’S MODEL LINEUP VIBE VIBE GT V I B E AW D V I B E , V I B E G T, V I B E AW D V I B E , V I B E G T, V I B E AW D DRIVE CONFIGURATION Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive All-wheel drive STANDARD FEATURES STANDARD FEATURES (CONTINUED) OPTIONS AND VALUE PACKAGES • Air bags: Driver and front passenger, frontal • Power outlets, 12-volt, one in front instrument Moon and Tunes Value Package: Includes ENGINE Horsepower 1.8 DOHC VVT-i 1.8 DOHC VVTL-i 1.8 DOHC VVT-i • Air conditioning with air filtration/pollen filter panel and one concealed in center console, 2-prong power glass moonroof and 200-watt premium 130 HP @ 6000 rpm 173 HP @ 7600 rpm (requires premium fuel) 123 HP @ 6000 rpm • Antenna, roof-mounted, centered at rear household-style power outlet (1 amp) audio system with 6 speakers (Not available with • Assist grips, front and rear (2) • Radio: Pontiac 100 Series AM/FM stereo with CD DVD-based navigation system) Torque 125 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm 127 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm 118 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm • Cladding with molded-in charcoal color around the player, programmable equalizer, Radio Data System, Power Group Value Package: Includes power TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 4-speed automatic w/overdrive with wheel wells, rocker panels, and lower door areas clock, and 4-speaker system door locks with remote keyless entry system, power 4-speed automatic w/overdrive with brake/transmission interlock • Compact spare tire located under rear cargo • Rear cargo area security cover windows, power rear hatch release, integrated map brake/transmission interlock (available) lamps, cruise control, and battery-rundown protection compartment cover • Rear cargo area storage features two compart- (map lamps not available with moonroof) • Daytime running lamps with Twilight Sentinel ments at rear of vehicle, concealed under-floor FUEL TANK CAPACITY (gallons) 13.2 13.2 11.9 • Defogger, electric rear window storage behind the rear seats, plus storage under Protection Package: Includes seat-mounted • Door locks: Child security rear door locks the cargo area floor driver and front-passenger side-impact air bags and theft- FUEL ECONOMY* (mpg) 5-speed Automatic deterrent alarm system with glass breakage sensor and fuel • Double bin storage with concealed power source • Rear cargo track system with adjustable tie-down City 29 28 25 26 system shut-off (requires Power Group Value Package) • Floor mats, front and rear carpet, color-keyed anchors plus fixed chrome tie-downs Highway 36 33 32 31 • Fog lamps: Integrated into the front fascia • Rear outboard seats include vertically adjustable • Premium Monotone Appearance Package: Includes • Front console with two cupholders and mobile headrests body-color front and rear fascias, rockers, lower BRAKING SYSTEM Power front disc/rear drum Power front disc/rear disc with 4-wheel ABS Power front disc/rear drum with 4-wheel ABS 4-wheel ABS (available) phone holder • Rear-passenger seats feature 60/40 split seatbacks door and wheel well moldings, and door handles • Front-passenger seat reclines and has a vertically that fold flat with one-step releases • Radio: In-dash 6-disc CD player with AM/FM SUSPENSION Front MacPherson strut, rear torsion beam; front Front MacPherson strut, torsion beam; front and Front MacPherson strut, independent rear, double adjustable head restraint, plus the seatback folds • Rear-seat shoulder and lap belts for all seats, stereo, Radio Data System, random disc function, and rear stabilizer bars rear stabilizer bars wishbone; front and rear stabilizer bars flat to provide a table-like surface including rear center seat programmable equalizer, clock, and 4 speakers (Not • Headlamps: Composite halogen, reflective optics, • Roof rack: Adjustable cross bars available with Moon and Tunes Value Package) STEERING WHEEL Sport design Sport design, leather-wrapped Sport design • XM Satellite Radio** offers 100 channels of digital- flash-to-pass feature • Safety belts, lap and shoulder: Driver and front • Instrumentation: Chrome accented, analog passenger with height adjusters quality sound that goes wherever you go – coast to speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, • Seats: Driver’s side features recline and seat coast. Displays song title, artist, and entertainment *Estimated. Official EPA estimates not yet available. fuel gauge, electric display for odometer/trip height adjustments, plus a vertically adjustable genre. XM may be ordered with the standard sound odometer, plus outside temperature monitor head restraint system or with the Moon and Tunes Value Package • Interior lighting: Interior illuminated entry system • Solar-tinted glass • DVD-based navigation system with 5.8-inch INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (inches) EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (inches) and cargo area lamp • Steering wheel with tilt feature: Sport, 3-spoke LCD screen, 6-disc remote changer, AM/FM stereo, Head room f/r 40.6/39.8 Wheelbase 102.4 programmable equalizer, Radio Data System, • LATCH safety system – lower anchorage and top (Sport, leather-wrapped standard on GT only) Leg room f/r 41.8/36.3 Overall length 171.9 tethers for children in 2nd row (outboard position only) • Tires: P205/55R16 all-season tread, blackwall and 6 speakers (Not available with Moon and • Lighting: Center, high-mounted stop lamp P215/50R17 all-season, H-rated tires (17”wheel only) Tunes Value Package) Shoulder room f/r 53.2/52.6 Width 69.9 • Mirrors: Dual power • Visor mirror extension • Bumper protector for rear bumper helps keep cargo Hip room f/r 51.7/47.8 Overall height 62.2 from scuffing the top edge of the bumper (dealer- • Mirrors: Interior day/night • Wipers, windshield and rear hatch; both feature Max. cargo capacity 19.3 cu. ft. Track f/r washers and variable intermittent cycles installed) (rear seats up) FWD with 16" tires 59.6/58.9 • Cargo mat for the rear cargo area (dealer-installed accessory) FWD with 17" tires 59.3/58.5 • Cargo convenience nets – two of them – help keep Max. cargo capacity 54.1 cu. ft. (rear seats folded down) AWD with 16" tires 59.6/59.1 cargo in place and organized (dealer-installed accessory) Total passenger volume 111.5 cu. ft **Activation and service fees extra. Available only in the 48 • Engine block heater contiguous states. Visit www.gm.xmradio.com for details. • Exhaust tip, highly polished stainless steel for a 62.2” custom look (dealer-installed accessory) • Multipurpose organizer for easy storage and organi- zation of gear in the rear (dealer-installed accessory) 171.9” 69.9” • Seatback storage for the rear seats: Includes a first aid kit (dealer-installed accessory)
  12. 12. EXTERIOR COLORS: MONOTONE INTERIOR A WORD ABOUT THIS CATALOG UPDATED SERVICE INFORMATION We have tried to make this catalog comprehensive and factual. We reserve Pontiac dealers receive useful service bulletins about Pontiac products. You the right, however, to make changes at any time, without notice, in prices, may purchase them from Helm Incorporated by calling 1-800-551-4123 or colors, materials, equipment, specifications, models, and availability. Since by visiting www.helminc.com. some information may have been updated since the time of printing (May 2003), please check with your Pontiac dealer for complete details. Pontiac UPROMISE reserves the right to lengthen or shorten the model year for any product for GM is proud to be the only car company that can help you any reason, or to start and end model years at different times. save for college with Upromise–for you, your children, your grandchildren, or any child you care about. GM has teamed ENGINES up with Upromise, a free service that can help you turn Pontiac products are equipped with engines produced by GM Powertrain or your everyday spending with hundreds of America’s leading 13 Satellite 81 Fusion (New for 2004) 44 Salsa 15 Shadow other suppliers to GM worldwide. The engines in Pontiac products may also companies into college savings. Once you join Upromise for free, every be used in other GM makes and models. time you use your credit card, make a long distance phone call, shop online, buy gas, dine out–even buy an eligible new GM car or truck–you ASSEMBLY can get a portion of your purchase back as college savings. It’s free to join, and takes just minutes. Learn more and join for free today at Pontiac vehicles and their components are assembled or produced by upromise.com/gmcatalog. different operating units of General Motors, its subsidiaries, or suppliers to GM worldwide. We sometimes find it necessary to produce Pontiac A NOTE ABOUT CHILD SAFETY vehicles with different or differently sourced components than originally scheduled. Since some options may be unavailable when your vehicle Always use safety belts and proper child restraints, even in 62 Neptune 40 Frosty 19 Abyss 81 Lava Impulse cloth in Slate – is assembled, we suggest that you verify that your vehicle includes the vehicles equipped with air bags. Children are safer when standard on Vibe, Vibe GT, and equipment you ordered or, if there are changes, that they are acceptable properly secured in a rear seat. Never place a rear-facing AWD, with all exterior colors to you. infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with an active air bag. See your vehicle Owner's Manual and child EXTERIOR COLORS: TWO-TONE NEW-VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY safety seat instructions for more information. Pontiac supports the National SAFE KIDS Campaign,® a grassroots program dedicated This warranty is for GM vehicles registered in the USA. See your Pontiac to reducing unintentional childhood injuries. dealer for terms and conditions. Covered for three years/36,000 miles, whichever comes first: the complete vehicle, tires, towing to your nearest ENHANCE YOUR OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE Pontiac dealership, cosmetic corrosion resulting from defects, repairs made to correct any vehicle defect, and no charge for most warranty repairs. The Owner Center at My GMLink is a free online Covered for six years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first: rust-through service that helps you make the most of your corrosion. vehicle ownership. CORROSION PROTECTION • Sign up for e-mail reminders about service visits • Keep an online history of services performed Pontiac vehicles are designed and built to resist corrosion. All body and 13 Satellite 62 Neptune 44 Salsa 15 Shadow • Read your Owner’s Manual, warranty, and more online sheet metal components are warranted against rust-through corrosion for • Receive only the recall notices that apply to your vehicle six years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Application of additional • Watch do-it-yourself videos and much more rust-inhibiting materials is not required under the corrosion coverage and none is recommended. See your Pontiac dealer for terms of this limited Register today at MyGMLink.com. warranty. AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ALTERATIONS AND WARRANTIES Installations or alterations to the original equipment vehicle (or chassis) as distributed by General Motors are not covered by the General Motors 40 Frosty 19 Abyss 81 Lava Impulse cloth in Graphite – New-Vehicle Limited Warranty. The special body company, assembler, standard on Vibe, Vibe GT, and equipment installer, or upfitter is solely responsible for warranties on the WHEELS/WHEEL COVERS AWD, with all exterior colors body or equipment and any alterations (or any effect of the alterations) For more information on Vibe, visit pontiac.com/vibe to any of the parts, components, systems, or assemblies installed by GM. General Motors is not responsible for the safety or quality of design or call the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center at features, materials, or workmanship of any alterations by such suppliers. 1-800-2 PONTIAC. QB5 QD2 P24 16" custom wheel covers 16" cast aluminum wheels 17" cast aluminum wheels standard on the Vibe and standard on the Vibe GT; available on Vibe and Vibe AWD available on the Vibe and Vibe GT (Requires optional Vibe AWD QBV tires and ABS on Vibe) GENERAL MOTORS, THE GM EMBLEM, PONTIAC, THE PONTIAC EMBLEM, TWILIGHT SENTINEL, and the PONTIAC CARES EMBLEM are registered trademarks; VIBE and FUEL FOR THE SOUL are trademarks; and PONTIAC CARES is a service mark of the General Motors Corporation. ©2003 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. LITHO IN USA, MAY 2003.