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Technology Disruption and Safety and Training

A presentation to the National Safety Council on the How Technology Disruption will alter the Safety and Training landscape and provide tremendous opportunity for the profession

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Technology Disruption and Safety and Training

  1. 1. National Safety Council A New Innovation Framework for Safety & Training Jim Gibson
  2. 2. THANK YOU
  3. 3. Agenda • A Fresh Look at Technology Disruption • Innovation Framework • Examples • Monday Morning • Q&A
  4. 4. Technology Disruption Part 1
  5. 5. We overestimate technology’s impact in the near term; We underestimate technology’s impact in the long term Roy Amara, past president of The Institute for the Future
  6. 6. Technology Tipping Points: It’s bigger than we think. Eight different exponential technologies are emerging into the world at once. An expert might be reasonably good at predicting the growth of a single exponential technology (e.g., the Internet of Things), but try to predict the future when the following eight technologies are all doubling, morphing and recombining. We are in uncharted waters. Source: Singularity Hub April 2016 Artificial Intelligence 3D Printing Virtual & Augmented Reality Materials Science Synthetic Biology Internet of Things (Sensors & Networks) Robotics/Drones Computation
  7. 7. ROBOTICS, WEARABLES & FACTORIES OF THE FUTURE: INNOVATION IN SAFETY + TRAINING Manufacturing innovations Robotics + AI in the workplace Workplace safety Legislation + politics affecting employees Tech advances in the workplace 1,044 news stories, August 26, 2013-March 30, 2016
  8. 8. But, for the safety and training profession, it is actually more powerful and urgent than this…
  9. 9. # 1: The Consequences of Combinations
  10. 10. Technology Tipping Points: Not Only Tipping, but Combining New technologies are “tipping” and now combining in ways never seen before or possible. Most interestingly, if we start looking at any 2 or more combinations, they all have significant impact on work and ultimately on training, safety and worker education Internet of Things (Sensors & Networks) Robotics/Drones Artificial Intelligence Computation 3D Printing Virtual & Augmented Reality Materials Science Synthetic Biology
  11. 11. # 2: Law of Exponential Change
  12. 12. • Each of these technologies is underpinned by Moore’s Law • Each of them is experiencing an exponential change in price / performance • Our systems of governance, policy, laws and risk however follow a linear advancement. We THINK and ACT linearly. • The Gap between growth and adoption of a technology and our ability to manage, understand and integrate is called Disruption. • In the world of Safety and Training, this Gap is where humans – workers, managers etc – are at risk.
  13. 13. Exponential Change is leading to four “Disruption Gaps”
  14. 14. Institutional Gap The ability of our institutions (laws, governance, policy, risk, etc.) to manage exponentially changing technology For example, insurance & risk policy in robot/drone/AI automated plants
  15. 15. Impact Gap The gap between the capability of our technology-enabled work environments to do harm and the ability of humans to respond For example, Australian mine with Driverless vehicles saw average speed of trucks increase 40% - with corresponding increased severity of incidents.
  16. 16. Complexity Gap The gap between the over-all intelligence of the work processes and the average human skill participating in the work For example, The new worker joining a complex, automated process that has been automatically revised based on unintended machine intervention
  17. 17. Human Gap The gap created by lack of role for human intuition and creativity in the work function For example, Automation of tasks and remote work creating disconnected workers that are unable to take advantage of unintended and casual interactions essential to creativity
  18. 18. Summary Knowledge Training Safety
  19. 19. Where are we today… Global Construction Perspectives in partnership with Oxford Economics
  20. 20. Investments are flowing into the space Events over recent years 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 YTD No. of Events 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 YTD Millions Amount ($m) IPO M&A Private Investment 260%
  21. 21. While progress is being made… Injuries and Illnesses per 100 employees (OSHA) Fatalities per day (OSHA) Much Progress
  22. 22. … we are not there yet... Canada—Labour, Government of Canada, 2012 United States—Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012 United Kingdom—2012/13 Europe-15—Eurostat-2011 Canada—Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, 2012 United States—Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2013 United Kingdom—Health and Safety Executive,2012/13 Europe, Eurostat, 2012 Fatalities per 100,000 workers 6.1 3.3 0.46 1.35 Canada United States United Kingdom Europe 902 4679 142 3878 Canada United States United Kingdom Europe Total annual worker fatalities And the Gaps are about to go exponential
  23. 23. What happens when the most dangerous jobs are made robotic? Why would a person EVER be put into a dangerous situation in the Future? But aren’t Jobs going to disappear? What Happens to Factories If You Can Manufacture in Your Home? And now you have to answer THESE questions… To whom do the Robots report ? What happens to my privacy when everything is monitored?
  24. 24. Will robots make humans unnecessary? Who will own the robots? Safer, more collaborative robots rise in manufacturing Why co-bots will be a huge innovation and growth driver for robotics industry AI anxiety Robots: new kind of coworker 140 news stories, October 1, 2013- March 28, 2016 The Discussion is only beginning In news stories about robots in the workplace, two distinct themes emerged: first, robots as helpful and collaborative – a new kind of “co-worker” that drives innovation in various settings. A second group of stories played on fears about robots replacing workers, painting a grim picture of the future of American manufacturing.
  25. 25. An era of unprecedented technology change will create tremendous disruption gaps in your organizations. We believe the Safety & Training profession can be and should be a leading source of strategy and tactics to bridge these gaps.
  26. 26. Where Technology Disruption Meets Human Beings
  27. 27. An Innovation Framework How you and your team can think about this future in a pragmatic, structured way and lead. Part 2
  28. 28. XYZCURRENT STATE Governance & Risk Culture & Education Technology Process ENABLING & ACCELERATORS known knowns known unknowns unknown unknowns unknown knowns Virtual Reality
  29. 29. GET IN THE GAME Being a Voice and Leader at the Disruption Discussions that are Happening at the C-Suite IMPROVE THE GAME Making Strategic Investments in Technology Platforms that Change the Metrics on Safety (ROI, productivity, reduced injuries) CHANGE THE GAME Lead the Full De-Risking of the Future Workplace by defining ‘Safety & Training' as the bridge of the Physical and Digital Worlds Sample Strategies
  30. 30. Examples and Monday Morning How you and your team can think about this future in a pragmatic, structured way and lead. Part 3
  31. 31. Examples United Academy Human Condition Blackline Safety
  32. 32. The Innovation – Investing in the Training Itself UA believes that developing the best training is the right thing to do for the industry and is investing the millions required to execute on this vision • Offload the complexity of tracking training certifications to United Academy • Access the free app on google play and Apple iOS • Ensure the individual is able to access the site and is certified to use the machinery United Academy Blended Learning®  Includes online and in person training to match learning styles  Rich and immersive graphics keep learner engaged  Serious games result in increased competency and retention  Training can be taken anywhere, anytime and at their own pace  Virtual Reality offers a completely different immersive experience Do something that adds value and helps the customer for no charge Make it interesting Do something completely different
  33. 33. Helping workers and their managers prevent injuries before they happen Human Condition Safety (HCS) is creating a suite of tools that helps workers and their managers prevent injuries before they happen. Incorporating wearable devices, artificial intelligence, building information modeling and cloud computing, the product suite is designed for the industries that hold the highest risk for workers, including manufacturing, energy, warehousing and distribution, and construction. HCS conducted its first pilot project at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Q2 of 2015, and currently is in its second pilot project at Citi Field ballpark. Human Condition Safety
  34. 34. Blackline Safety -
  35. 35. Monday Morning… 1. Identify cross-functional team to participate in a safety strategy session – This is a ‘DESIGN THINKING’ PROBLEM 2. Use Innovation Template to identify technology opportunities/threats and to formulate a strategy around: • Getting in the Game • Improving the Game • Changing the Game 3. Identify technology watch team with internal IT to bring the business perspective to information and technology choices
  36. 36. Thank you