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2016 DCS catalog print 3-17-16


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2016 DCS catalog print 3-17-16

  1. 1. DentalProducts &Technology “Leading New Dimensions in Aesthetic Dentistry “ 877-989-2248 We accept Visa Mastercard / Discover Prices subject to change without notice 25% restocking charge Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC 2016
  2. 2. Mono lithic Shading (no layering) Introducing Stella Luminoso Frit shading Stella Luminoso Frit Is universal, giving you one system for all your different brands & types of porcelain . ● Pre mixed frit shades for matching Vita 3D shades with classic base pressing shades. (That is why we provide 3 chroma levels) ● Our sintered nano particle color technology gives a bioluminescent (natural tooth enamel) refraction of color illumination. ● Stella Luminoso Illumination within the frit particle illuminates depth of vitality that you can not get with stains. T.L.S. Shading liquid (refraction index liquid) allows you to see exactly what the fired shade will look like, You NEVER use water to clean your brush ● Our shading palette enables easy replication of Vita Classic & 3D shading ● You can use Polychromatic frits INTERNALLY for internal shade modification before layering incisal enamels or EXTERNALLY to adjust shading on the surface. ● Stella Luminoso Frits are SELF GLAZING Check out our Smart phone Digital Shade Communication Videos For 97% shade matching acceptance And your ceramist never seeing the patient
  3. 3. Smoke Level 1,2,&3 Lower the value ( Increase Gray) by 1,2 & 3 % Incisal Z1 is whitest (highest value) Incisal Z2 grayer (lower value) Stella Luminoso Frit Palette The three chroma levels enable you to integrate with the Spectrafire digital custom shade app & Level One For PFM ceramics, Level Two for Lithium disilicate, Level Three for Zirconia This is a complete primer for anyone wanting to understand color in light & in natural teeth. There are Step process pages on anterior aesthetics & contour . Anterior line angle aesthetic techniques. Pressing and shading lithium disilicate and full contour Zirconia, Laminate Veneers. Firing steps to eliminate prep show through And much more Item 23 cb ………………….$135.00 Aesthetic Edge Illumination: Color & Ceramic s in Dentistry Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC 877-894-4372 toll free
  4. 4. Liquid Ribbon Non Toxic Red dye stays wet for extended work time. NO smear/ Pin dot marking / Excellent for finding “hidden hang ups. NO BRUSH Item Kit 2 gram jar With thinner $38.00 Stella #9 Made especially to polish Zirconia & Lithium disilicate Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC 877-894-4372 toll free One step polishing any ceramic material Straight from a diamond ground finish using a #11 soft brush wheel . Cleans up easily with a soft tooth brush & water. 9 Seconds to this shine 23SP……… 10g23SP……… 10g 55.0055.00 Kit includes 2 #11 soft brush wheelsKit includes 2 #11 soft brush wheels Original Technology From Phil Pitts Sr. OTD 877-894-4372 toll free
  5. 5. Basic Stella Luminoso Frit System Clear Crystal Base Sintered Spectral Color Illumination Full Intro Kit ● 1- digital shade master palette with 29 Reservoirs, Kit provided with 17- 2 gram each chroma level 3 of A,B,C,D 4M,5M, Smoke, Incisal, white, magenta, blue, yellow & cream The pallet is shipped with into size of all chroma levels for your convenience. ● 1 oz. TLS refraction shading Liquid - ● 1- 4 gram glaze & 1- #2 sable brush ● 1 - TLS shading Liquid ● 4- Full spectrum lighting / illumination cards ● 1 set Double seat sagger pins with tray ● 1 Full color / 139 pages “The Aesthetic Edge : Illumination : Color & Light In Dentistry Book ● 30 Digital shade analysis credits are included with your purchase Item # 23MDSK….$595.00 877-989-2248 toll free Stella Luminoso Ghost Putty Ghost Putty Tray Kit 2- 12ml tubes of Ghost Putty 2- Honey Comb Trays 10- Lean@ Firing pins 23 GhK …… $39.00
  6. 6. 6 Individual Stella Luminoso Frit Shades & Glaze Hot Clear Glaze 23 HC2 ….. 2 gram …… $24.00 23HC …… .4 gram ....…..$45.00 23HC ……30 gram ….…. $69.00 Larger Quantity Discounts Available Individual Polychromatic Shades 2 gram….. 4 gram.….. “A” Shade levels Item # - 23AL1 , 23AL2, 23AL3 “B” Shade levels Item # - 23BL1 , 23BL2, 23BL3 “C” Shade levels Item # - 23CL1 , 23CL2, 23CL3 “D” Shade levels Item # - 23DL1 , 23DL2, 23DL3 “4M” Shade levels Item # - 234ML1 , 234ML2, 234ML3 “5M” Shade levels Item # - 235ML1 , 235ML2, 235ML3 “SMOKE” Shade levels Item # - 23SL1 , 23SL2, 23SL3 “Z1 INCISALs” Shade levels Item # - 23Z1 , 23ZL2 Magenta Shade level Item # -23MR BLUE Shade level Item # - 23BLU WHITE Shade level Item # - 23WH YELLOW Shade level Item # - 23MY Cream (crack liner) Item # 23CRM Wax Separator ● Non contaminating ● Ultra clean separation ● NO Silicone 23 CS15 …… $12.50 15 ml 23CS120 …… $37.50 120 ml ION Resolve Eliminates Silver & ion metal ion contamination. You can place 2 or 3 drops on the peg & tray or Mist the trays & pegs before running a normal firing cycle. There is No need for excessive heat. Treat once a week to eliminate ion contamination 500+ cycles. 23 Sil-free……$30.00 / 1oz. Individual Palettes Available 23FRTP ……$55.00 Includes anodized cover Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC 877-894-4372 toll free
  7. 7. TLS shading Liquid is used to enable you to see the final appearance of the porcelain without firing the restoration. It matches the refraction (appearance ) of fired porcelain , Common stain liquids cloud the ceramic materials 20 to 30 % . SIL shading liquid turns clear glaze water clear. Item 23TLS …………….1oz. $28.00 P Release Elite™ Release Elite is made to inhibit / eliminate investment reaction layers with porcelain pressing techniques. Release inhibits reaction layers & the need for excessive alumnus oxide blasting or acid treatment of the pressed ceramic before you recover the ceramic casting. Smooth ,sharp press castings with superior pattern detail reproduction for Porcelain Or alloy castings US Pat. Applied for Release Elite ™ 30 ml vol gram Release Elite reaction layer inhibitor 1- measuring scoop 23re ……………………………….$59.00 30 ml vol will treat 250 rings - 100gram rings Mix 2 scoop (0.05 grams ) of e-Vestic with any casting investment water / liquid and mix & invest as usual No acid / Super smooth finish 877-989-2248 toll free 877-894-4372 877-98-2248 toll free Creamy Mix (extended working time liquid) These Porcelain Build Up liquids Eliminate Heat / Steam Tears, Major Shrinkage & Slumping. 23 NB ………..$80.00 quart Fires out with truer color than Water Minimum firing temp TO BURN OUT BINDERS 750oC/1382oF Digital Ceramic Sciences LLC 877-894-4372 toll free
  8. 8. Lily Pad™  The Lily Pad instantly wets your porcelain powder and keeps it in ideal condition for building your restorations.  You get less shrinkage and truer shade reproduction when you use the Spectrafire Lily Pad  Laboratory evaluations show that the Spectrafire Lily Pad will reduce your working time over 20%  Our Ultra smooth Lily Pad micronized surface gives ideal water flow for pre condensed and “O” brush tip wear  Water well has a liner for easy cleaning.  23 LP ………………$135.00 E max with single layer incisal overlay Toll free 877-894-4372 Introducing the Spectrafire Aesthetic Symmetry Guide Plane System. The plates range from 7mmto 10.5 mm in ½ mm increments. Each plate has the midline to cuspid, intraocular distance – distal of lateral to distal of lateral & mid line to corner of smile. Plus the length of each central per width chosen. The Golden Proportion measurements have always been complex and somewhat vague. The “System” makes this difficult task simple, fast, and accurate. One measurement is all you make. The chart and guide plane plates do the rest. Accessing the whole anterior symmetry is instantaneous. The pleasing results and time savings for the doctor are incredible. The laboratory finally has the necessary information...and does not have to guess. The Basic Plate Kit is packaged with 4- Laminated guide plates each, for the Golden Proportion guides & The Esthetic Norm Systems. The plates are two sided –one side for Golden Proportion The other side for The Esthetic Norm Measuring 7 & 7.5, 8 & 8.5, 9 & 9.5, 10 &10.5 mm plates 1-Harmonic Smile Guide / 4 dual guide plates & 1 -instructional CD Item GP Plate kit $45.00
  9. 9. 1- Air brush (single action) with, 2-syphons with bottles, 32oz (intro size ) Aero Glaze air brush liquid 1oz Hot clear Glaze & basic instructions Item 23ABG $195.00 AEROGLAZE Liquid is specifically formulated to air brush GLAZE Item 23AB $79.50 23Ag $69.00 Air Brush Accessories 23AC $ 180.00 The compact and powerful (1/8 horsepower) airbrush compressor . The elephant's trunk contains the air outlet fitting, and the tail holds an airbrush in an integrated holder. Delivers approximately 48 psi of air pressure (0.55 CFM). Oil-less design makes this compressor suitable for all standard airbrushing applications. minimize vibration. Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 6". Weight: 5 pounds. Grounded 120 volt power cord (6'). Maintenance- free, CE certified and thermally- protected. Spectrafire Air brush SINGLE Airbrush Kit Complete Kit with air brush, hose, regulator, fittings, 24 air brush bottles , 4 siphons, 1 quart of Aero Glaze air brush Liquid, dispenser bottle , mixing spatulas , water bottle, Palette rack & step process CD 23 ab kit ………………………….$395.00 complete SINGLE Action Airbrush Includes hose Item air brush w/hose………….. $89.00 Separate Regulator…… $55.00 Single Action Air Brush Tip Kit $28.50 DD Original formula air brush liquid. Available 55.50 Qt.
  10. 10. The Digital Shade Analysis Protocol© identifies Hue, Chroma, Value & Density differences and how to apply the information to your porcelain blend for matching YOUR porcelain to the natural tooth Hue, Chroma & Value Density or translucency Individual Classes on Pressing / Shading Full Contour Zirconia & Natural Enamel Single power layering available at your facility. Bioluminescent Shade system hands on work shops available to all study Groups & Polychromatic Frit System clients Fee: Travel / hotel /meal expense's Student ceramic restoration with working model available for additional fee. Smart Phone Digital Shade Analysis Hands On courses