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How to Find the Perfect Home Business for YOU!


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Are you inquiring for a lucrative home based business?

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How to Find the Perfect Home Business for YOU!

  1. 1. Anytime you see an offer that promises instant richeswith no effort on your part, youd be well advised to runthe other way! You need to realize up front thatabsolutely nothing is going to make money for youunless youre willing to put forth some effort.Youve probably seen statements like "Everything isdone for you" or "The lazy mans way to becoming amillionaire." So ask yourself "What do they need ME foranyway?" Would anybody set up a business and do allthe hard work himself just to send his profits to a totalstranger? Get real!
  2. 2. In some cases its possible to start makingSOME money in a relatively short time span.You shouldnt necessarily dismiss a businessidea that promises quick startup. But"immediate riches" is just not realistic.You need to realize that growing any businessto its full potential isnt going to happenovernight. This is especially true if yourfinancial situation is such that youre forced todepend on your present job to pay the bills.Find a home business that you can start parttime and grow, until your business producesenough income that you can get by withoutyour current salary. At that point, you can quityour job and devote full time to your homebusiness.
  3. 3. You need to have realistic expectations regarding just how muchmoney youre going to make.Are you expecting to become a millionaire in a home business? Whileits not impossible, dont fall into the trap of jumping at an offer basedon wishful thinking. Youd do well to give more serious considerationto those home business offers that make more realistic soundingclaims.Thats not to say you cant start and grow a business that COULDeventually make you wealthy. But again, it wont happen tomorrow,next week, or even next month. At the risk of being redundant, itbears repeating that you should focus on offers that dont promiseimmediate wealth with no effort.
  4. 4. While its possible and not at all unusual to get free informationonline thats both valuable and useful, dont expect to launch ahome business without spending any money. There will always besome startup costs.If youre offered a free eBook, newsletter, course, software product,or whatever, go ahead and accept it if it interests you. Most suchoffers are legitimate, and are a great way to get some ideas and dosome research into a home business.Just make sure you read all the fine print. If you subscribe forinformation and give your email address, look for a notice that readssomething like "We will not share your name" and "You canunsubscribe at any time." Just about every legitimate marketer (andevery smart one) will promise this, and faithfully adhere to hispromise.
  5. 5. Almost every offer comes with a "moneyback guarantee" and most of them arelegitimate. Every reputable businessperson knows that failure to honor his orher promise regarding a guarantee (oranything else for that matter) willinevitably result in failure of hisbusiness.Nevertheless, there are a few whoengage in deceptive practices regardingtheir guarantee. Always take a closelook at the wording. Is the guaranteeconditional? For instance, does it readsomething to the effect of "Follow theinstructions in our program for a 3 fullmonths, and if it doesnt live up to ourpromises, just return it for a full refund!"
  6. 6. The catch is that "Follow the instructions in our program" could wellinvolve some kind of purchase or investment. For example, youmight purchase a mail order program that instructs you to buy aminimum of 3 mailing lists and send 3 mailings. Lets say that yougive it a try and find out after the first mailing that your profits (if any)fall far short of your expenses and youve lost money, maybe even aLOT of money.But when you attempt to return the program for a refund, youre toldthat youre ineligible because "You didnt follow the instructions inour program" which would have meant 2 additional mailings and theloss of even more money, maybe more than you paid for theprogram to begin with!
  7. 7. Another sneaky and extremely unethical trick you may run across is aguarantee in which the "conditions" are never mentioned up front, but onlyrevealed AFTER youve make a purchase. If you come across this type of scam,contact the vendor and remind him that you purchased his program expectinghim to honor the guarantee as it was stated in the offer.Tell him youre going to file a complaint with his local Better Business Bureau,another with the US Postal Service (if your program was sent by mail) or takeother appropriate legal action. Give him a reasonable time frame to refund yourpurchase. Then if he still refuses, TAKE ACTION and make good on yourthreats! Youll be doing a favor not only for yourself, but for other consumersAND for all the honest business people everywhere.In summary, make sure there IS a guarantee, that its unconditional, and dontlet the vendor get away with adding "conditions" after the fact.
  8. 8. Youd be making a huge mistake selecting a home business that doesnt takeinto account your personal interests. No matter how realistic, how profitable, howeasy, or how quickly you can start it up, youre unlikely to be successful in anyhome business if youre doing something you just dont enjoy.The reason? As stated above, success will demand both your time and effort.But to a large extent, how MUCH time and how MUCH effort youre putting forthis a matter of perception.Everyone knows how quickly time passes when youre having fun, and howslowly when youre doing something you consider drudgery. The same is true ofeffort. Work just doesnt seem as much like work when youre task is somethingyou enjoy doing.If your home business is something that doesnt really interest you, the demandson your time and energy will sooner or later seem unbearable. Your enthusiasmwill falter, and with it, your productivity. Even if you encounter some short termsuccess, your waning eagerness will eventually spell doom for your business.
  9. 9. Its the nature of us humans to tend to believe those who tell us what we mostwant to hear, whether they are politicians, marketers… or whomever. Anytimeyoure presented with an attractive offer, ask yourself "Is this really believablebased on the offer itself?" To put it another way, try and imagine you weresomeone else who had no interest in starting your own home business. Wouldyou find the offer believable enough to suggest it to someone who did?In conclusion, when determining whether to pursue any home business offer,examine critically not only the offer itself, but your own emotional involvementas well! Try to look at it dispassionately and ask yourself "Does it really soundrealistic, or do I just want it to be so?“And remember that you have literally billions of offers from which to pick, soyou can well afford to pass on any that dont fit your interest, or that makeoutrageous claims that are most certainly unrealistic!
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