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IBM Open Badge Program - Leading the Industry


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This brief infographic provides key insights into success IBM is seeing with the recently launched IBM Open Badge Program to promote IT skills development.

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IBM Open Badge Program - Leading the Industry

  1. 1. SHAREABLE Badges can be displayed on social and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other professional organization sites   STACKABLE Badges build upon each other to tell the full story of an individual’s skills and accomplishments IBM Open Badges Leading the Industry! IBM has launched an exciting new accreditation pilot program to attract, recognize and progress individuals who contribute and participate in our ecosystem: The IBM Open Badge Program BADGES DEEPEN COMMITMENT TO IBM 87% IBM BADGE EARNERS: Feel More Engaged with IBM… Motivated to Learn More! 1 OUT OF 2 BADGE EARNERS Have Earned Two or More IBM Badges A VALUABLE IT CREDENTIAL IBM BADGE CLAIM RATE 66% INDUSTRY BADGE CLAIM RATE Exceeding industry Benchmarks! IBM BADGE EARNER SURVEY – JULY 2015 92% Increase in Students Completing IBM Badged Online Courses IBM BADGE EARNER SURVEY – JULY 2015 Say the IBM Badge is Important for Verifying Skills 70% BIG DATA UNIVERSITY ANALYSIS – JULY 2015 IBM BRAND AND PROGRAM VISIBILITY Every 10,000 IBM Badges Issued THE VALUE OF IBM BADGES Expand IBM’s Pool of Industry Thought Leaders Reach More Millennials Improves Ability to Attract and Progress talent IBM Open Badges Producing Positive Results! What is an IBM Open Badge? Open Badges are digital credentials representing skills and achievements VERIFIABLE Each badge issued contains important metadata hard-coded into the badge image that links back to the issuing authority, criteria, and evidence Generates 7000 Badges Already Issued! PILOT PROGRAM BADGES ISSUED BETWEEN MAY 22 – Aug 17, 2015 WHAT BADGE EARNERS ARE SAYING ABOUT IBM’S OPEN BADGE PROGRAM 85% Of IBM Badges Claimed Have Been Shared to LinkedIn! 1.6 M Potential Views "I find the badge program a great way of learning and hope more badge options will be offered soon.” "A truly worthwhile initiative that allows validation of my knowledge and skills. Way to go IBM! Thanks." "In a recent interview, this badge gave me a chance to elaborate about a learning activity that helped improve my skills." "More people are viewing my LinkedIn profile after adding the IBM badge to my list of accomplishments." IBM BADGE EARNER SURVEY – JULY 2015 33% "IBM's success with Open Badges shows the IBM brand has real value in the market as an IT accreditation.” - Peter Janzow, Senior Director, Open Badges Lead, Pearson VUE Visit for more information Who is Participating? IBM Analytics – Big Data University IBM Professional Certification IBM Cloud – Bluemix IBM developerWorks IBM Global Training Providers Ÿ   Ÿ   Ÿ   IBM Badges Recognizing Skills Across the Globe IBM Badges Claimed in 81 Countries in Eight Weeks Provides Heat Map of Nano-Skills by Geography 2.8 M Potential Views in Social Media PEARSON VUE ACCLAIM METRICS – JULY 2015 PEARSON VUE ACCLAIM METRICS – JULY 2015