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Three Easy Ways to Increase Patient Referrals


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By embracing social media, community events and digital patient education, you can greatly impact the referrals you receive.

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Three Easy Ways to Increase Patient Referrals

  1. 1. Three Easy Ways to Increase Patient Referrals Grow Your Practice Organically May, 2015
  2. 2.  With health systems in growth mode and gobbling up the independent doctors, it is getting harder to receive referrals as a smaller practice.  Established referral relationships are ending because the referring physician needs to keep patients in network.  The new healthcare guidelines are taking more of your time. Background
  3. 3.  There are some techniques to increase your organic referrals that are easy to implement.  Master Social Media  Get Out into the Community  Partner with a Digital Education Company Overview
  4. 4.  Increase your practice’s exposure by utilizing three main social media platforms  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Post interesting content (written and/or YouTube style video) on the diseases that you treat and the products and services your practice offers. Master Social Media
  5. 5.  Create contests for FB likes or Twitter follows that build your followers base.  Increase exposure inside and outside your local area  Become an expert in a narrowed sub-specialty  Boosting your online presence will jump your practice in Google and other search engine rankings which are huge online lead generators. Master Social Media
  6. 6.  Make people aware of your practice.  Start speaking at local libraries, community centers, senior centers, schools, chamber events, etc., getting your name out into the community in a positive way.  Use web services like Meetup and Eventbrite to promote talks on the diseases or conditions that your practice treats.  Combine with Social Media to promote the events and your reach grows even larger. Get Out into Community
  7. 7.  Explain all of the products and services that you offer to your current patients.  Most only know 3 or 4 of your dozen or more services.  Inform current patients so they are better able to refer to their families or talk to you about their issues.  Promote in offices where you want to get referrals.  Reach people who may need your services.  Think PT’s marketing in orthopedic offices. Partner with a Digital Patient Education Company
  8. 8.  Halo Health International’s digital patient navigation/education network provides customized information about your practice and health system:  Community and Individual Patient Care Programs  Ancillary Service Providers  Individual Office and Staff Specialties  Key Initiatives on Preventative Health  General Health and Wellness Information  Speak directly to your patients and caregivers to give them options for their care that keep them in your health system. This enables a better continuity of care, more positive outcomes, and a higher per patient revenue. About Halo Health
  9. 9.  Each waiting area in your clinics, private offices, and specialty offices will receive an education system that is focused on your services and specialties.  Halo Health will manage the equipment, installation, and content. We only need access to the internet and an electrical outlet.  Each system will cost about $125 per month to cover expenses, eliminate advertisers and keep the network tailored to your needs.  Each office has control over the subject matter minus the “core” content about your health system (if applicable). How Halo Health Works
  10. 10. Halo Health International is a full service provider of custom Digital Patient Education systems to Healthcare Offices nationwide. To learn more, contact Jim Cucinotta at or 856-520-8655.