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Five Ways CDPE Improves Your Patients' Experience


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Halo Health's customized digital patient education (CDPE) enables you to speak directly to your patients while they wait for their appointment allowing you the opportunity to improve your patient experience. The experience is always ad-free so the only message your patients hear is yours.

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Five Ways CDPE Improves Your Patients' Experience

  1. 1. Five Ways Customizable Digital Patient Education Improves Your Patients’ Waiting Room Experience Presented by:
  2. 2.  Everyone hates to wait for their appointment. But until an “on demand” option gets created, your patients do not have an option.  By replacing daytime TV with a customized digital patient education system, you can help improve your patients’ waiting experience.  Customized DPE Systems Makes Wait Seem Shorter  Your Office Services Get Introduced to an Audience Ready to Use Them  Staff Profiles Humanize Practice  Additional Service Partners Help Patients Navigate their Health  Waiting Room without Cable TV is Calming to Your Patients Overview 2
  3. 3.  Studies by AC Nielsen and a host of digital media trade groups have shown that offices with digital patient education systems in their waiting rooms have shorter perceived wait times.  Part of this is because of the engaging content, but another part is that there are no “change of shows” and scheduled commercial breaks which patients are used to when watching cable TV. Customized Digital Patient Educational Programming Makes Wait Seem Shorter 3
  4. 4.  Patients have a heightened awareness of their health while they wait for their appointment. They are much more receptive to receiving information about:  Nutrition Counseling  Diabetes Screenings  Flu Shots  Annual Physicals  Take this time to introduce these subjects to them. It helps them live healthier and increases your revenue. Your Office Services Get Introduced to an Audience Ready to Use Them 4
  5. 5.  Healthcare professionals are seen as a scary lot. You understand how the body works and the cause/effect relationship of patient lifestyle choices. This is intimidating.  By utilizing a digital patient education system to spotlight each team member, their background, their community involvement and any upcoming events, you are putting a human spin on them.  This increases compliance as people want to satisfy people they know, like, and respect. Staff Profiles Humanize Practice 5
  6. 6.  Start introducing patients to the ancillary service providers that they may need after seeing you. Too many times, referrals are left to the patient to figure out and the patient tends to choose providers who are closest to home, not necessary the best ones to manage their health or are in network.  The system suggests providers who are in network and why that is important to the patient for continuity of care, medication management, electronic medical record updates, and more. Additional Service Partners Help Patients Navigate their Health 6
  7. 7.  Daytime TV typically is filled with dramatic topics that are meant to illicit responses.  The commercials are filled with “bad medical advice”- class action lawsuits, self-diagnosis of diseases states, junk food, medical malpractice attorneys, and worse, commercials from competitors.  Digital Patient Education is meant to be neutral, non- controversial, fact giving content. It is sourced from credit resources like the AHRQ and other government associations. It does not create drama, but rather reduces stress. Waiting Room without Cable TV is Calming to Your Patients 7
  8. 8.  Halo Health turns your waiting areas into learning centers.  We do all the work from creation, installation, and maintenance. You only provide power, access to the internet and input on the content.  Your practice will see increased per patient revenue and patient satisfaction as well as decreased costs to serve  Your continuity of care becomes easier as the patient knows their options before their appointment Why Halo Health? 8
  9. 9.  Halo Health’s Digital Patient Education systems help you keep your practice, staff and patients in peak health:  Financial Health  Mental Health  Physical Health  Emotional Health  Spiritual Health  Contact Jim Cucinotta at or at 856-520-8655 for a free consultation. Summary 9