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Experience                                                                THE EXTRAORDINARY                               ...
PARTICIPANT MATERIALS•   The online Extraordinary Leader multi-rater (360)    assessment and personal feedback report.•   ...
CLIENT REVIEWS“At Boeing’s Aerospace Support division, we had con-         “The Extraordinary Leader research caused us to...
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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop


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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

  1. 1. Experience THE EXTRAORDINARY LEADER Workshop Leverage the Power of Strengths-Based Leadership Development Leadership effectiveness is the major performance factor.Zenger Folkman’s extensive research studies correlating WORKSHOP AUDIENCE300,000 people’s ratings of more than 35,000 managerswith performance outcomes found these dramatic The Extraordinary Leader process is being used exten-differences between the weakest and strongest leaders: sively for individual leaders at all levels of an organization from senior executives to first-line supervisors. Custom-• 4 - 6 times higher profits ized in-house sessions are delivered to executive or man-• 6 times higher sales revenues agement teams, other intact or cross-functional work teams, or to individuals gathered from different parts of• 10 - 20 times higher levels of employee engagement an organization.• 3 - 4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting MINDING THE GAP AND FIXING• 50% fewer employees that do leave WEAKNESSES• Double the satisfaction with pay and job security Traditional assessments and needs analysis look for gaps. And most 360 feedback tools focus on finding• 4 - 5 times more employees “willing to go the extra and fixing weaknesses. This often leads to: mile.” • Participants feeling beat up by feedback reports.• 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings • Negative response or avoidance of 360 multi-rater• Over 3 times safer work environment feedback tools.What’s especially remarkable is how obtainable extra- • Erosion of confidence.ordinary leadership is proving to be. A leader needs todevelop just three existing strengths out of sixteen com- • Defensiveness and fear of making mistakes.petencies to catapult his or her leadership effectiveness • Data denial and feedback phobia.from the 34th to the 80th percentile! • Working on a weak area and only getting it to average - with mediocre results. • A belief that extraordinary leadership is achieved by naturally gifted or “born leaders.” Zenger Folkman’s deep research shows very clearly that it’s the presence of strengths - not the absence of weak- nesses - that defines highly effective leaders. Build- ing strengths is proving to be the only way to move from an average or ordinary leader to extraordinary or exceptional. Page 1
  2. 2. ZENGER FOLKMAN’S STRENGTHS-BASED THE EXTRAORDINARY LEADER PROCESSLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM IS A AND PARTICIPANT OUTCOMESREVOLUTION. This is a uniquely powerful leadership development sys-The research and approaches used in this system were tem using strengths-based leadership development, onfirst outlined in Zenger Folkmans bestselling book The a foundation of evidence-based approaches, produc-Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great ing a highly personalized development plan, that’s builtLeaders and the Harvard Business Review article “Mak- around a best of class 360 multi-rater Yourself Indispensable.” Their newest book, How to • Learn the sixteen empirically identified keyBe Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying leadership competencies in five clusters that causeYour Strengths further updates that work. leaders and their team/organizations to flounder orIn a series of pre and post studies Zenger Folkman flourish.looked at the impact of leaders choosing to fix weak- • Understand the significant on-the-job performancenesses versus building on existing strengths. Twelve to differences between “good” and “extraordinary”18 months later the leaders who magnified their existing leaders and the dramatic impact on his or her team/strengths showed two - three times more improvement leadership effectiveness than leaders who worked onfixing their weaknesses. • Why building on existing strengths is up to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses.Why Strengths-based Leadership Development WorksBetter: • When to work on weaknesses.• Building strengths is the only way to become an • Understand and cut through the complex interplay extraordinary leader. of strengths, weaknesses, and performance.• A strengths focus produces up to three times • Prepare to receive an individual 360 multi-rater higher change and improvement. leadership feedback report, understand the report structure, interpret the data, and learn how to use it• Profits, sales, engagement, morale, and energy in a positive way for growth and development. levels, turnover, health and safety, and customer satisfaction skyrockets. • Perform a step-by-step analysis of the personal feedback report using a structured process with• The spectrum of development methods broadens individual and group exercises. with cross-training and Companion Competencies. • Aligning and multiplying his or her unique strengths• Participant motivation to improve is much higher. and passion for improvement with the organization’s• Organizational culture is much more positive and needs. energized. • Research-based strength development using• It’s a lot more fun to work on strengths! Companion Competencies, cross-training, and non-linear approaches to build an Individual Development Plan. • Identifying THE key competency for development that will drive each participant’s broadest improvement for his or her personal situation. • Coaching, implementation follow through, and the support processes/tools to make learning stick. Page 2
  3. 3. PARTICIPANT MATERIALS• The online Extraordinary Leader multi-rater (360) assessment and personal feedback report.• The Extraordinary Leader Participant Manual and unique, cross-training development tool, the Competency Companion Development Guide.• A hard copy of How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths by Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman, Bob Sherwin, and Barbara Steel (McGraw Hill 2012). NEW CANADIAN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPIN-HOUSE CUSTOMIZATION The CLEMMER Group is Zenger Folkman’s new Canadian strategic partner. Zenger Folkman is pioneering ground-The Extraordinary Leader Workshop, materials, and 360 breaking new strengths-based leadership research, as-assessment can easily be customized to: sessment, development, and sustainable implemen-• Be tailored to an organization’s existing competency tation systems. They’ve built unique evidence-driven model. approaches for developing extraordinary leaders and empirically showing their performance impact on sales,• Provide flexible delivery options, including profits, employee engagement, health and safety, turn- individualized coaching, etc. over, and customer satisfaction. Jim Clemmer and Jack• Link to organizational culture development efforts. Zenger’s training and consulting firms first partnered when they led The Achieve Group and Zenger Miller. It’s a well developed and highly proven system that produc- es extraordinary results. Contact us to discuss bringing this powerful workshop to your organization. Phone: (519) 748-1044 Web: E-mail: THE CLEMMER GROUP 10 PIONEER DRIVE, SUITE 105 KITCHENER, ON N2P 2A4 Page 3
  4. 4. CLIENT REVIEWS“At Boeing’s Aerospace Support division, we had con- “The Extraordinary Leader research caused us tocerns about our level of employee commitment. Our rethink our performance management philosophy. Wework with the Extraordinary Leader introduced us to the revamped our process to orient it more toward buildingresearch showing a connection between leadership ef- employees’ strengths. The results have been remarkable.fectiveness and employee commitment. Partnering with We now have a more balanced performance agreement,Zenger Folkman, we created a competency model, an highlighting areas of strength, and significant problemson-line multi-rater feedback process, and a workshop to that must be fixed. The biggest change has been in thehelp our leaders develop their strengths. Using the ‘cross energy people have for the performance managementtraining’ approach; our leaders achieved an across-the- process. It is now something that most employees lookboard improvement of close to 15% in their year-over- forward to. How many companies can say that?”year employee commitment scores. Not only did our – Mary Settle, Vice President of Human Resources,best leaders get better, but our ‘average’ leaders and BARD Access Systemseven our poorest leaders showed marked improvementin their leadership effectiveness and employee commit-ment scores. This improvement was a critical factor inour qualifications for the Malcolm Baldrige award, whichour division won.”– Dee Thomas, HR Director, Boeing Aerospace “…the path to greatness is really about building profoundSupport strengths, rather than through relentlessly focusing on one’s weaknesses." – Michael A. Peel, Yale University, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration“The workshop was excellent and feedback from all par-ticipants has been extremely positive. I particularly en-joyed the way current paradigms on developing leaderswere challenged. I have no doubt that those who attend- “Zenger Folkman’s research and tools have provideded will benefit from the experience and will, in turn, pro- excellent guidance to leaders I’ve worked with overvide benefits for our organization.” the years. The tools allowed them to create actionable– J. Mateparae, Master General, New Zealand Defense goals and inspired them to actively pursue excellence inForce leadership.” – Pam Mabry, Director, Human Resources, The Boeing Company“The Extraordinary Leader class was one of the mostpowerful and insightful programs I have ever attended.The 360-degree profile gave me deep insights into how “The Zenger Folkman organization has had a profoundothers perceive me as a leader, and the course and effect on leadership development. Their research revealsfollow-on coaching has paved an exciting path for me to the impact of strengths-based development on individ-follow in developing my leadership skills.” ual and organization success across industries and ge-– Ricardo Fuchs, Vice President, Serv Corp, Inc. ographies. Their competency model and 360 evaluation provide the framework around which to build a develop- ment plan.” – Hillery Ballantyne, Senior Vice President, Talent Management and Leadership Development, Elsevier Page 4