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Commercial Rollout of White Spaces


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(From the 2014 Super Wi-Fi Summit) Commercial Rollout of White Spaces in Kenya, South Africa, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan: White spaces trials have accelerated around the world and are taking place now. Equipment vendors and database providers are currently working on trials in Europe, Asia, and Africa. New trials are being planned. Trials are focused on larger rollouts which are leading to the growth of orders and commercialization. Learn about the results of the trials, the vendors involved, and the future trials coming this year.

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Commercial Rollout of White Spaces

  1. 1. Commercial Rollout of White Spaces Jim Carlson CEO
  2. 2. Five Continents and Growing Carlson’s White Space Projects around the Globe
  3. 3. Local Company, Global Presence • Carlson, located in Northern California • Innovative solutions for rural communication since 1986 • Microwave products – Trailblazer & LongHaul • Customers around the world – Public safety, utility, WISP, oil and gas – Global reseller network • First mover in the white-space industry
  4. 4. TrailBlazer • • • • • Licensed and Unlicensed Microwave Fractional T1 synchronous radio Integrated DS0 channel bank Point to point or Repeater Drop and insert multipoint
  5. 5. LongHaul • • • • • Backhaul up to 60 miles TDM – structure for fixed latency Point to point or daisy chained Migrate from T1’s to Enet packets Remote and local alarms and IO controls
  6. 6. TVWS: The Game Changer for Community BB • The signal that conquers the toughest terrain • The tech to help get broadband to the 5Bn unserved
  7. 7. TVWS: The Game Changer for Community BB Prerequisites for Gen 2 TVWS • Teledensity less than 20 CPE’s per square mile • 2 to 10 mile radius depending on terrain and foliage • Needs to be vacant TV channels available • Service level is between 2 and 12 Mb/s with 70% downstream and 30% upstream traffic
  8. 8. Opportunities for white space radios by app • Market sizing is an aggregate of 2010-2018 projections
  9. 9. US Trials and Deployments 46 FCC experimental licenses granted sites chosen for diversity  Low density rural  Rugged terrain  Heavy foliage  Over Water  Desert  Med density suburban Attention all users seeking NLOS solution!
  10. 10. Nomadic Operations with NLOS Conditions • Gigabit Libraries Network, nationwide pilot program to expand the coverage provided to patrons of libraries • First one online is Delta County Library District CO providing municipal WiFi to downtown patrons Attention all users seeking NLOS solution!
  11. 11. GLN- Delta County CO – Base Antenna View of Library showing base antenna Attention all users seeking NLOS solution!
  12. 12. Delta County CO – CPE enclosure This librarian is handy with a drill and screwdriver Attention all users seeking NLOS solution!
  13. 13. Delta County CO – gateway No drill screws Attention all users seeking NLOS solution!
  14. 14. Worldwide Deployments
  15. 15. BB: White Space Makes the Difference • WISPs /Community BB – As expected, WISPs were the first businesses to see the game-changing potential of white space • Deployments on five continents – Commercial projects and experimental trials – North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe
  16. 16. Vietnam Bill Narin will talk about this project
  17. 17. South Africa Arno Hart will talk about this project
  18. 18. Africa – Get the next billion on line • Drive mobile penetration higher • Turn Not Spots into Hot Spots • Cape Town, South Africa • Google sponsored a demonstration project where we connected 10 schools in the poorer district to Internet for <$75k. Done in 3 months.
  19. 19. Northern California Wine Country • Cal.Net Project • Experienced WISP with 1000+ clients • They have existing clients in WiMAX and 900 • 60% of clients can’t be served with existing • Mix of orchard and vineyard owners residential in the treed foothills of N. Cal
  20. 20. Northern California Wine Country Multi band hybrid base site
  21. 21. Northern California Wine Country Site choices – hidden base
  22. 22. Northern California Wine Country Client location – heavy foliage
  23. 23. Northern California Wine Country Client perf. – throttled 50%
  24. 24. Trials and Commercialization: Learning experiences: • • • • • Need to improve our documentation Added a local web based OMC Customer can use help with planning Additional bandwidth needed in next model Sweet spot of pricing around $300 per client
  25. 25. Trials and Commercialization: Summary • • • • 1000 terminals/160 base stations deployed 58 trial locations on 5 continents FCC certified and ready to ship Large projects now being funded Carlson Wireless