Golf for joy 2012 presentation


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Meet The volunteer board and staff of The MJB Foundation, and let us tell you a little bit about what we do, and how you help us share the Joy of childhood with children with challenges.

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Golf for joy 2012 presentation

  1. 1. This is how you helpus share our Joy. { … and we are very grateful for your support!
  2. 2. Today the MJB Foundationis pleased to pledge to the Our firstFCBDD ECEprogram a donation in theamount of $500 to purchasea fountain for thechildren’s garden as well as additional $100 forlandscaping for this project.We are very proud to beable to do this in Meghan’sname and hope to findmore ways to carry on herlegacy and continue tobring Joy to children withchallenges.Sincerely,The MJB Foundation andthe Brochowski familyFebruary 4, 2005
  3. 3. April 25, 2006 Miracle League of Central Ohio Kailey’s speech: Donation to the MiracleFirst off, I would just like to thank League of Dublin to help payyou for all that you have done for participation fees for thosechildren with challenges. We are that cant afford the today to present to you a gift ofone thousand dollars to help pay forthe player registration fees for thosein the Miracle League. Meghan JoyBrochowski, my twin sister, died inMay of 1994. I’m sure that if shewere alive today, she would havebeen honored to play in the MiracleLeague. As much as Meghan wouldhave been honored, we are evenmore honored to present this moneyto you to help the Miracle League.Thank you for all that you’ve doneto make the world a better place.
  4. 4. May 18, 2006 FCBDDEarly Childhood Education and Family CenterJim’s speech:My name is Jim Brochowski. My daughterMeghan went to school here from1993 – 1994. Unfortunately, she passedaway at 15 months of age.Today, I would like to present thisfountain to the MRDD Early ChildhoodEducation and Family Center on behalf ofThe MJB Foundation – our foundationestablished in Meghan’s memory – inhonor of our daughter.Meghan only smiled twice in her shortlife. One of those times was uponreturningto classes here after a long winter break. Itis my hope that the children who attendclasses here now will experience the samehappiness and Joy from this fountain.
  5. 5. Finally finished –
  6. 6. 4/22/2008 Fishing Has NoBoundaries Donated funds to help pay entry fees for children with challenges to have the opportunity to fish.
  7. 7. April 2009 – Our first Gift of Joy
  8. 8. May 14, 2009 FCBDD
  9. 9. Miracle League
  10. 10. MiracleLeague Go Reds!
  11. 11. More Gifts of Joy
  12. 12. Abram’s“Get out and play” deck
  13. 13. Chase
  14. 14. Jaiden
  15. 15. Haydin
  16. 16. Kyle
  17. 17. Santagie
  18. 18. Emily
  19. 19. Miranda
  20. 20. Who we are…
  21. 21. Nicholas RupertEvent VolunteerNicholas Rupert is the oldest offour siblings. A freshman atHilliard Davidson High School,Nicholas is interested in pursuingstudies in mechanical engineering.Nicholas is an avid hockey playerand has played for the ColumbusChill Youth Hockey Association forthe past seven years. During thattime, Nicholas has attended hockeyschool at Kent State and MiamiUniversities in pursuit of his goalof playing varsity hockey forHilliard.  When Nicholas is not inschool or playing hockey, hespends his time fishing, bike riding,and playing video games.
  22. 22. I’m going into my junior year at Westland High School. I’m a squad leader in the marching band and play the flute. I am also in the school choir. I got accepted into Mosaic. I am the Secretary of my 4-H club & a counselor at the county camp. I’m going to Jamaica July 7th-16th with my youth group! In my free time I loveHannah Matheny experimenting with“Chow Kid,” Event Volunteer photography & singing (:
  23. 23. Jenni is a member of the Westland High School Marching Band. She is the Squad Leader for the clarinets. She is also a member of Drama Club and Girl Scouts. She loves animals, especially cats, and having fun with her friends. She also enjoys movies, scrapbooking and bonfires. She likes to make cookies and clean the Chows’ kitchen. One day she hopes to be a special needs teacher.Jennifer Moscato“Chow Kid,” Event Volunteer
  24. 24. Emily is from Soviet Russia and often is referred to as “The Russian” or “Vlad.”She is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology on a Pre-physical TherapyTrack at The Ohio State University. She enjoys art, exercise, and playing with herniece. She also really enjoys riding horses. Her dream is to be an artisticmotorcycle-riding doctor and on weekends, a horse riding cop. She also plans onbeing a professional ice skater on her nights off. She has a strange obsession withpeanut butter. She likes to think she knows how to do everything...her goals arelimitless. She gets straight As, but has trouble making sense when it comes toacting like an American, so Kailey often follows behind her explaining what shemeans to other people. She likes to work. Having a job is a very important part ofher life. She volunteers as a childrens soccer coach and enjoys sports of all kinds.  Emiliya Akopyan “Chow Kid,” Event Volunteer
  25. 25. Melissa is a student at Denison University with a double major in English and French and a minor in Music Performance. She plays the piccolo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute. She works as a lifeguard at four different pools. In her free time, she enjoys bike riding, swimming, reading and eating lots of food. She also likes to wear big sweaters. She likes to listen to loud music and dance very poorly.  Melissa has been volunteering for the Foundation for three years. She loves to dog- sit for the Brochowskis, and she is very much a Brochowski at heart. Melissa Basel“Chow Kid,” Event Volunteer,THE Voice of The MJB Raffle
  26. 26. Joseph GarbuglioEvent VolunteerJoe attends Bishop HartleyHigh School. In his freetime, he enjoys skiing andplaying sports, especiallysoccer. He loves to spendtime with his friends. Heenjoys outdoor activities ofall kinds.
  27. 27. Debi GarbuglioEvent Volunteer Debi is a wife and mother of two kids, Ashley and Joe. She lives in Gahanna and works at the Clintonville Women’s Club. Family is Debi’s main priority, she is always there to help out her sisters.
  28. 28. Delaney just finished hersophomore year atWestland High School. Sheis a dedicated member ofthe Westland MarchingBand and will be a sectionand squad leader of thetrumpet section this season.Delaney has a never endinglove for music. She likesreading, drawing, painting,photography and watchingmovies. She could bedescribed as blunt,awkward and having anodd sense of humor, but sheloves to have a good time. Ifshe were a boy, she mightgrow a handle-barmustache. The End. Delaney Brochowski Photographer and Digital Image Manager
  29. 29. Kailey Brochowski Youth Volunteer Coordinator, Administrative Assistant"At 19, everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly." -Jim BishopKailey spends a lot of her time with her friends. She likes to sing and is a member of theCoshocton Community Choir and an alumna of the All Ohio Youth Choir, The OhioState University Women’s Glee Club, and served as the president for her high schoolchoirs. She also enjoys reading and watching crime shows. Kailey has the illusion thatshe is a Disney princess. In her brain, everything is pink. Everything. Pink. All the time.She also loves sunflowers and cows…No really, she loves cows.
  30. 30. Marilyn AtchisonGrandmaFinance Manager I am a retired nurse. I worked for 30 years for the State of Ohio in the Employee Health Services. I began as a diploma nurse and went to Otterbein College to complete a bachelors in nursing. I work as an occupational health nurse for the state and was certified in occupational health, becoming a COHN-S. I have been a member of the Occupational Health Nurses Association for many years and have held many offices in the local and state association. Currently I am serving as the Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Occupational Health Nurses. Since my retirement in 2006, I have volunteered at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, Helping Hands Free Clinic, the Red Cross, and the MJB Foundation.
  31. 31. Dave is an agent with Three Lemmons Insurance Agency. Originally from Worthington, he currently resides in Powell. He is married to his beautiful wife , Michelle, and has an even more beautiful daughter, Kate. He enjoys golf, fishing, and cooking. He is also a 2011 Golf for Joy Champion.David LemmonResource Manager
  32. 32. John Scialabba John joined the MJB FoundationSpecial Projects Board in November of 2008. He currently works as an Audit Director in the internal audit office of a prominent insurance and financial products provider headquartered in central Ohio.  Previously, he spent 18 years servicing and selling life insurance and financial products.  John is a graduate of The Ohio State University, is a Fellow with the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), and is a certificated pilot with multiple ratings from the Federal Aviation Administration.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time in the world of aviation and tinkering with tools in the garage. 
  33. 33. Matt is a devoted husband and father of threebeautiful children and resides in Hilliard, Ohio.Matt graduated from Embry-Riddle AeronauticalUniversity with a degree in TechnicalManagement. A Network Design Specialist by Matt Ruperttrade, Matt holds multiple technical certifications Director of Developmentand works in the business sales engineeringdepartment for Windstream Communications inColumbus. Passionate about hockey since youth,Matt continues to play and is a certified hockeycoach, having coached for the past 6 years with theColumbus Chill Youth Hockey Association. Duringhis free time Matt enjoys spending time with hisfamily, studying history, and doing genealogicalresearch. In the future Matt looks forward togetting back into aviation and exercising theprivileges of his private pilot’s license.Matt’s responsibilities in the Director ofDevelopment role include corporate outreach,corporate sponsorship, fund raising, and growthstrategy.
  34. 34. Kelly SyferdKelly has been on the Foundation Operations Coordinatorboard since 2009. She is married toGreg and they have two sons, Ethanand Ryan. They reside in Hilliard.After working for the ColumbusMetropolitan Library for nine years,she decided to be a stay at homemom and open an in home day care. She is also a Tastefully SimpleConsultant. In her spare time, sheenjoys spending time with familyand friends, traveling andvolunteering at her sons’ school andCub Scout Troop. Kelly and Gregalso raise money and awareness forAutism Speaks as their youngestson was diagnosed with highfunctioning Autism in 2010.
  35. 35. That is just the title on my business card - I heard a friend use a term and I would say it more accurately describes my role: accidentalAnnette Atchison Brochowski advocate. Growing up, I never envisioned beingCo-Founder - Director, part of anything like this. Having a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I never thoughtAcquisitions Manager about doing more. Experiencing the loss of my daughter Meghan Joy, I grieved for what would never be. But never isn’t so long after all. Now, I am part of this wonderful organization. An organization that does more, fulfills needs where other resources fall short. And I am a witness to her Joy living on – in each person participating in our events, in every contributor supporting the Foundation, and in the face of every child we are able to help. In my professional life, I am the Information Manager at the Ohio State Medical Association. Responsible for overseeing data integrity and information management as well as fulfilling inquiries from members made via phone, fax, mail and email. Data management, consistency and reporting, staff training, and contributing in the social media aspects of the OSMA. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University. Nature, fishing, photography, sewing, genealogy, games, cooking and crafts are things I enjoy when I find a spare minute or two.
  36. 36. I have 3 daughters. That’s not what I say when folks ask because it’s awkward and uncomfortable for them sometimes. RunningFounder – Director: Jim Brochowski The MJB Foundation is my way of keeping alive the legacy of my daughter Meghan Joy. This isn’t the life’s work I would have guessed for myself, but it is a mission I embrace, a position I am proud to hold. I’m Meghan Joy’s Daddy, but I’m also very proud of Kailey and Delaney. Being there for all of my children, in whatever capacity, is my biggest priority. When I’m not running The MJB Foundation I play ice hockey and golf, spend time in the social media space blogging at { and working (sometimes), on a number of ongoing projects around my house. I’m also currently the treasurer for the Westland Band Boosters. (I had some spare time I needed to fill.) My day-to-day is spent at the Columbus library working in customer service. In 26 years I’ve done everything from putting away books, to scanning microfilm, teaching computer classes, and a number of jobs in between. My secret dream is to retire one day and run The MJB Foundation full time. In the meantime I’m just going to keep being the best Daddy I can be.