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IBeacons and Eddystone


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A talk I gave on iBeacons and Eddystone at the London Xamarin user group on 26th August 2015

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IBeacons and Eddystone

  1. 1. Building context aware apps with iBeacons and Eddystone Jim Bennett @JimBobBennett
  2. 2. Overview • A quick overview of beacon technology • What are context aware apps? • What is iBeacon? • What is Eddystone? • Demos
  3. 3. What are beacons • Bluetooth LE devices • Broadcast a signal at a defined interval with a defined data packet • They don’t rely on a client connection, just a regular, public broadcast • Low power - some run off USB, some run of batteries with lifetimes in months to years
  4. 4. What are context aware apps?• Context aware apps are aware of some kind of contextual information provided by the devices location relative to the beacons • Better than GPS as this can work indoor as well as out • Context is based off the location of a beacon, and this is not necessarily a fixed point • Context is defined by an multi part id • Beacons broadcast a signal strength indicator so the device can get an approximate distance based off the received signal strength
  5. 5. What apps can you build to take advantage of this?• Museum guide - app knows which exhibit you are standing next to and plays the correct audio • Stadium location - app can pinpoint your location and direct you to your seat, and let you know when a beer seller is close by • Shopping - notifications of special offers when you are next to the items on offer • Respond to indoor location - turn your lights off when you put your phone down on your bedside table, notify friends when you are home safe
  6. 6. Problems! • Security - anyone can read your beacon by scanning for Bluetooth devices and spoof your id • Power - some beacons run off the mains so need socket, battery powered ones will die and need replacing • Accuracy - not very, for example in a busy location people can decrease signal strength
  7. 7. What are iBeacons? • Apple’s beacon specification • Message has an Id, version (major, minor), measured power • Multiple iBeacons can have the same Id, versions can be used to distinguish different iBeacons
  8. 8. How do they interact with your iOS app?• Apple defines an API to interact with iBeacons as part of CoreLocation • Apps can register to monitor a region - all beacons with a given Id • Monitoring notifies when an iBeacon moves in or out of range • Monitoring can happen in the background even if your app is terminated and will launch your app • Once your app is in the foreground, you can range the iBeacons to get their proximity/distance as it changes
  9. 9. What is Eddystone? • Google’s beacon specification - recently announced and open source • Broadcasts one of two possible message formats • Eddystone UID broadcasts a UID and a version • Eddystone URL broadcasts a URL (limited length) • Eddystone TLM goes alongside one of the other 2 formats and provides telemetry • Beacon broadcasts can wake your Android app up
  10. 10. Which one is better? • Eddystone URL allows discovery - can be detected by Chrome instead of a custom app • Downside is spamming with too many URLs • Apple provides OS level interaction with iBeacons so can wake your iOS app up - iBeacons can work on Android with manufacturers SDKs but can’t wake your app up • Eddystone can interact with the latest Google Play services and wake your Android app up, but not an iOS app • In the future beacons could broadcast multiple packets to wake apps up on both platforms
  11. 11. Using beacons with Xamarin • iBeacons on iOS is available in CoreLocation • Eddystone on Android is available in Google Play Services 7.8 • Google is releasing a Nearby API for iOS and Android that supports Eddystone on both platforms - no Xamarin binding yet • Estimote (a beacon vendor) has a Xamarin component for iOS and Android that supports iBeacon, needs to be updated to support Eddystone
  12. 12. Demo time!