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Am Cham News, September 1, 2009.


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Am Cham News, September 1, 2009.

  1. 1. AMCHAM NEWS Networking is our business SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 ICT Committee AmCham Events and Mid Year Reception Committee Meetings Legislation & Taxation Committee, 7:30 AM, Thursday, September 3 at AmCham. CSR Committee, 7:30 AM, Tuesday, September 8 at AmCham. Transportation & Logistics Committee, 12:00 noon, Wednesday, September 9 Photo: Thomas Kenna, Brenda McCullough, Don Elder, Sandra Miró, at AmCham. Nicholas Kuchova, Annette Cáredenas, Robert Baker, Hon. Barbara Photo: Information Communication Technology Committee. Chair: Glen Tjon. Tourism Forum, 2:00 PM, Stephenson, David Hunt. In Front: Joel Reifman. Thursday, September 10 “Increasing profit during mittee came to hear to at InterContinental Each year, The US Ambas- Stephenson and AmCham Global Economic Crises” Mr. John Coster, who is a Miramar Panama. sador is kind enough to President Thomas Kenna. permit AmCham to hold AmCham took the oppor- was the topic of the last consultant for Strategic Real Estate Committee, its mid-year reception at tunity to launch its Corpo- Information Communica- Sourcing and Procure- 7:30 AM, Tuesday, Sep- her Residence in la Cresta. rate Good Citizen Award tion Technology Commit- ment for Solusoft. tember 15 at AmCham. The Reception celebrates in corporate Social Re- tee meeting held on Au- the trade relations be- sponsibility and well as The ICT Committee holds gust 28 at AmCham. tween Panama and the helping the Embassy say its monthly meeting every The members of the com- last Friday. AMCHAM United States and recog- farewell to two members PERSONALITY nizes the cooperation that that have been great sup- The American Embassy Panama will be offering the the US Embassy in Pa- porters of AmCham: FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICERS TEST (FSOT) in October nama provides AmCham. Nicholas Kuchova, Em- This year, over 250 mem- bassy Commercial Coun- 2009. For detailed information we invite you to visit bers of AmCham and the selor, and Joel Reifman, the following link: Embassy were received by Embassy Economic Coun- US Ambassador Barbara selor. Both will be missed. Billingual Employee Candidates: AmCham member Mi are bilingual and available Oportunidad is a for interviews at no cost to subcontractor for a AmCham members. Their U.S. State Department- résumés are available at approved cultural program Donald Elder is a member of that sends young m. the AmCham Board of Di- Panamanians to the US for All of the candidates are rectors and is also the Pro- up to two years to work looking for permanent, full ject Manager for Caterpillar and study while living with -time daytime positions. Latin America Support Ser- an American family. The Those currently taking vices, S. de R.L. following candidates have university courses in Elder graduated from the successfully completed Panama City are in evening United States Military Acad- their USA work-study programs that will not emy in West Point and programs and have affect a day job. served as an officer of Ar- returned to Panama. They mor/Cavalry. He also holds Photo: Thomas Kenna, AmCham President and the Hon. Barbara Ste- a Master of Arts in Spanish phenson, US Ambassador. Rafaela Sánchez Mendieta: B.A. in Journalism, University Language from Middlebury College. LinkedIn Advises. of Panama. During his Army career, Don Ana Luzcando: B.A. in Nutrition and Dietetics, University served in a wide variety of Ten Tips on Building a 2. Borrow from the best of Panama. military and diplomatic as- Strong Profile marketers. signments. He commanded Building a strong profile 3. Write a personal Nitzia Pena: B.A. in Tourism Administration, University on LinkedIn is key to tagline. of Panama. the 3rd Battalion, 70th Armor from 1989-1991, and the continue to build your 4. Put your elevator pitch Grethel Matute Sánchez: Sixth quarter in Hotel and network and expand your to work. 16th Armored Cavalry Regi- Tourism Administration, Universidad Interamericana. ment (Training) from 1994- opportunities. 5. Point out your skills. Selibeth Domínguez Ramírez: Third year of Accounting 1996. Follow these Ten Tips on 6. E x p l a i n your He served extended tours of Building a Strong Profile experience. at Universidad de Panamá and first quarter of Tourism duty in Germany, Spain, and go to the LinkedIn 7. Distinguish yourself Administration at Universidad del Istmo. from the crowd. Yahila Cárdenas Rodriguez: B.S. in Law and Political Panama, El Salvador and Learning Center for Mexico, with operational additional details. Just 8. Ask and answer Science, Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua. click on the Help link. questions. deployments to several Sunny Cerceño Beitia: B.A. in Business Administration other countries in the West- 9. Improve your Google 1. Don't cut and paste Page Rank. (Banking and Finance) from the Universidad de Panama. ern Hemisphere. your resume. 10.Build your connections. Please make checks out to By: Glen Tjon. Member Discount “American Chamber of Commerce.” HUMOR TIME Program Most banks, including out to “PANAMCHAM,” There have been several Excuses for speeding 3. "That McDonald's offer ours, are now rejecting “AmCham,” or “AmCham The Top Bad Excuses For is for a Limited Time new additions and a few Speeding only and buddy, that acronyms on checks. Con- Panama.” updates (with increased 1. "This is my tryout for could run out at sequently, they are not Please let you accounting discounts) to the Members Nascar." ANYTIME!" accepting checks made office make checks out to: Discount Program. Check 2. "I've got to get back to 4. "Trying to see how fast a out the offers at Amish Country before Yugo can go." they realize that I am 5. "Umm..I'm drunk?" “American Chamber of Commerce.” missing." members/discount.asp Phone: 301-3881 Fax: 301-3882 Aquilino de la Guardia Ave and 47 St, Ocean Business Plaza Bldg, 17 floor.