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Taxi business solution brazil


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Let's start the new business in Brazil. Get the uber clone script and run your venture with different services. For More info:

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Taxi business solution brazil

  1. 1. Taxi Business Solution Brazil
  2. 2. Call Me Cab- A successful taxi app of Brazil ● Call me cab was launched in February 14, 2013. ● The clients of Brazil were super dazzled by readymade taxi app solution-Call me Cab. ● They also had a look at the admin panel and liked it immediately ● The demand of certain customization of the app can be easily done by us.
  3. 3. ● There was no tough challenge involved to finish up with this Project. ● To bring a true understanding between the taxi and the user, we made ends meet with real time association using MQTT. ● It was supported with real time vehicle movement and trip tracking. ● Our tech-nerds made sure that there is no time lag and there is establishment of flawless communication between the users and the drivers.
  4. 4. Best Taxi Business in Brazil ● Our taxi turned out to be the best business chauffeur for our Clients. ● It help the clients to release their own taxi in just 7 days ● Users can book a taxi very easily without facing any kind of complications.
  5. 5. Features of Call Me Cab- ● Easy login/Registration ● Real time tracking ● Flexible Payment options ● Multiple Languages ● Multiple Currencies ● SOS option
  6. 6. Get the best Taxi app like uber for the Brazil +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide)