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Launch your own On Demand Grocery Delivery App During Coronavirus


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Let this quarantine be a period when you can set out on enormous profits for your new grocery delivery startup by setting up and developing an on demand grocery delivery app that in turn will bring enormous revenues your way. for more info:

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Launch your own On Demand Grocery Delivery App During Coronavirus

  1. 1. Launch your own On Demand Grocery Delivery App During Coronavirus
  2. 2. Best Grocery Delivery Apps for 2020 ➢ Shipt ➢ Instacart ➢ Peapod ➢ Grofers ➢ BigBasket ➢ FreshDirect ➢ Walmart Grocery Delivery
  3. 3. Attributes of the Grocery Delivery Clone ➢ Nearby Groceries ➢ Innumerable Payment Modes Available ➢ Easy Updation of Items, Opening and Closing Time Support to Grocery Stores ➢ Support to the Delivery Professionals to set availability online/offline and work as per their convenience ➢ Convenient tool to track the profits for the store and analyze the areas they are doing well in and the areas they need to work hard upon.
  4. 4. How Does the Grocery Delivery Android App Clone Work? ➢ Enter the app and provide location details ➢ Get a list of grocery stores nearby and tap on the one suiting you ➢ Tap on the items you need and place order stating time, date and address where you want delivery ➢ Get order confirmed and track the delivery ➢ Get notified on arrival of order ➢ Provide feedback and rating
  5. 5. How do I Order and Deliver Groceries? ➢ Encourage offline orders through app ➢ Try motivating contactless deliveries ➢ Form chains with local delivery stores ➢ Segregate the delivery networks into smaller networks
  6. 6. How to Build a Grocery Delivery Clone App during the Coronavirus Quarantine? ➢ Hire a reputed clone app development company ➢ Identify the services you want to offer from your grocery delivery clone ➢ Note down and provide the list of features you will incorporate to accelerate the delivery of groceries ➢ Locate the platform where you will find maximum customers - iOS or Android ➢ Email your requirements ➢ Get product delivered
  7. 7. Contact Us to Develop the Grocery App Clone +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide)