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Gojek Clone - All in One Service App!


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Build a gojek clone app for your own on demand service provider platform. let's check out the advanced features and benefits that available in this presentation. for more info:

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Gojek Clone - All in One Service App!

  1. 1. Gojek Clone - All in One Service App!
  2. 2. ➢ A single app that has countless services for you to work upon. ➢ Gojek Clone App is a combination of 52 services for entrepreneur to choose from. ➢ In the Gojek App Clone User can request for the taxi, handyman, food, grocery, etc. and any nearby on demand service. The service provider receives an instant notification and then rejects or accepts the service.
  3. 3. Components of Cubejek App ➢ Taxi + Delivery ➢ Deliver all ➢ Car Rental ➢ 52 Other On Demand Services
  4. 4. Benefits of Gojek Clone Script ➢ Safety ➢ Money Saving ➢ It saves our time ➢ Troubleshoot
  5. 5. Best Features of the Gojek Clone App ➢ GPS Navigation ➢ User Interface ➢ In-App calling facility ➢ Driver Interface
  6. 6. Package of Gojek App Clone ➢ User iOS App ➢ User Android App ➢ Administrator Panel ➢ User Web Panel App ➢ Service Provider Web Panel ➢ Service Provider iOS App ➢ Service Provider Android App
  7. 7. Launch Business App like Gojek ➢ If you want to start your own business lik gojek, there are two ways you can go with. You can either develop your own gojek clone app or buy an already developed app clone. ➢ If you have any on demand service-based business plan, consider commencing it with a business model like GoJek. ➢ If you want to tackle your business with a booming start and also want to earn good gain then buy Gojek clone app. ➢ Single app that will succeed and also provide amazing services to their users.
  8. 8. Contact Us To Develop Business like Gojek +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide)