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Life Cycle


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Life Cycle

  1. 1. Life Cycle Life Cycle of frogs of butterflies Life Cycle of plants GAME
  2. 2. A frog begins Then it becomes as an egg. a tadpole. Then it Then it becomes sprouts a frog. legs.
  3. 3. The butterfly Then it becomes begins as a caterpillar. an egg. After time, The caterpillar a butterfly forms a cocoon. emerges.
  4. 4. The plant begins as a seed New seeds form Then it begins and the cycle to sprout. begins again. A stem and Then it grows leaves are roots . formed.
  5. 5. Click on the following pictures to find out the answer Does a dog Does a frog grow? grow? Does a book grow? Does a Does a plant person grow? grow?
  6. 6. Yes! A frog is a living thing, so it grows.
  7. 7. Yes! A person is a living thing, so it grows.
  8. 8. No, a book is not a living thing, so it does not grow.
  9. 9. Yes! A plant is a living thing, so it grows.
  10. 10. Yes! A dog is a living thing, so it grows.