Teaching power point on slaves yeeeaaa.pot


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Teaching power point on slaves yeeeaaa.pot

  1. 1. Who are these hero’s, and what have they done?
  2. 2. Does anyone know who this man is? William Wilberforce 1759-1833
  3. 3. Who was WilliamWilberforce?1759 – William was born inHull, in the North of England.He was the son of a richmerchant.1776- Attended St John’sCollege Cambridge, Whilst atuniversity he became friendlywith William Pitt, who wouldlater become Britainsyoungest Prime Minister.1780 – Became MP of Hull atage of 21, after graduatingfrom Cambridge university.
  4. 4. Call to Christianity• 1784 – William went on tour of Europe.• William Started to question his beliefs and converted from attending the Methodist church to becoming an evangelical Christian.• However, William struggled to realise if “one can serve God and one’s nation in parliament.”• many politicians lie, cheat, and abuse their level of power in society. William knew this wasn’t what a Christian should do.• William decided that he could be a different type of politician, one that promote Christian values to make the world a better place. One way William tried to do this was tackling the problem of slavery.
  5. 5. SlaveryWhat is a slave?“A slave is a person who is owned by someone else. They have nochoice, no freedom and no money. Slaves have to do the work theirmaster tells them, they may be punished for not following orders.”
  6. 6. Treatment of slaves on the slave shipsSlaves were brought from Africa to Britain on Slave Ships• They were chained, left crippled for life.• Starved.• Suffered from disease due to cramped conditions.• In order to make more money the traders world fatten the slaves up and cover them in oil before they were sold, to try and hide their ill health.
  7. 7. • They believed they were • St Paul in the New “rescuing” the Testament says that “All slaves from men are equal” regardless execution after of skin colour. being captured in African wars. • Slave trade • “Love they • Jesus’ Golden rule generated large neighbour as in Matthew also amount of wealth they self” states, “do onto for Britain – in others, as you 1807 in made 17 would have others million in Liverpool do onto you.” alone. Many say slavery earned the equivalent to todays IT market.• Slaves are human beings and should be treated with respect.
  8. 8. Struggle• For 18 long years Parliament would not pass Wilberforce’s act.• Time of depression – Victory Wilberforce suffered a nervous • 1807 – Parliament made the trading of slaves breakdown. in the British Empire Illegal but slavery was not abolished, and those who owned slaves were still allowed to keep them. • 1833 – Parliament decided to abolish slave trade altogether by the Slavery Abolition Act. • 800,000 slaves were given their freedom back. Success • Wilberforce is one of the most influential characters of his time • He shows that perseverance works. • He displayed the values of a true Christian, that everyone is equal in God’s eyes.
  9. 9. Death• 1833 – Died 3 days after the Act was passed.• Buried in West Minister Abby alongside his friend William Pitt.
  10. 10. Slavery Today•In El Salvador a country in NorthAmerica 440,000 children aredenied their right to a childhoodand forced into work at a youngage.•These children work in themarkets and rubbish dumps. Theywork long hours, often indangerous conditions where theyare vulnerable to abuse anddisease and denied an education.