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Single slide about Lightly Treading, Inc. providing energy audits and building performance assessments for commercial buildings. Lightly Treading also does this for multi-family dwellings, schools, utility buildings, homes, and many other types of structures. In business since 1997, the oldest energy auditors in the state. Principal and CEO, Paul Kriescher, is a well-know, well-respected authority on energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Lightly Treading Commercial Building Slide 061814

  1. 1. ABOUT US At Lightly Treading, our goal since 1997 has been to help reduce emissions by delivering feasible, effective solutions to property owners. In our Building Performance Assessments, we evaluate heating and cooling systems, lighting, utility bills, insulation, the building shell, and occupant behavior. THE BENEFITS Save Money: Every home or property we have assessed is wasting at least 20% of its energy. Depending upon your property size you could start saving $100s or $1000s a year on utility bills. Earn Rebates: Utility companies such as Xcel Energy, Platte River Power Authority (Fort Collins Utility, Loveland Water & Power, Longmont Power and Estes Park Power), Black Hills Energy, and others across the US are offering rebates which often pay back 25% to 50% or more of the costs of energy-efficiency improvements. And More: We also help increase resident & occupant comfort and help you protect the environment! THE PROCESS – 5 EASY STEPS 1. Fill out the Lightly Treading request form here. 2. Lightly Treading will match you with the proper assessment to address YOUR specific needs. 3. Building Performance Assessments are completed by Lightly Treading with Report & Improvement Plans. 4. Improvements and ongoing Performance Plan implemented. 5. Get money back in your pocket with a more comfortable space for your employees or occupants. EARN ENERGY STAR® RECOGNITION This means you are in the top 25% of similar buildings across the country when it comes to efficient energy consumption. ENERGY STAR recognition demonstrates a dedication to efficiency in the marketplace.  Contact Lightly Treading at 303.733.3078 Ext. 304  Did you know it’s easy to make your buildings more comfortable?