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Leadership and Generations


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Affectus is the leadership transforming company.

Last week (20-3-2018) we were invited to share our knowledge with the 100+ grain growers and grain value chain attendees at the ORM GRDC funded Business Update.

We had standing room only in our session and Affectus was thrilled to be able to provide some valuable information about #leadership.

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Leadership and Generations

  1. 1. Leadership and Generations Affectus Presentation GRDC Business Update Workshop 20 March 2018
  2. 2. What I will cover: • Autonomy • Difference • Transitions • Communication • Responsibility and Accountability
  3. 3. Autonomy What is autonomy? Freedom from external control or influence; independence.
  4. 4. Stock and Forney (2016) Switzerland and NZ farmers Autonomy, help (s) weather storms both literal and financial and help farmers retain a sense of self. Farmers value their independence
  5. 5. Hersey and Blanchard Telling unable and unwilling Selling unable but willing Participating able but unwilling Delegating willing and able
  6. 6. Difference
  7. 7. Generatio n Seniors Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Z Australian PM Robert Menzies Gough Whitlam Malcolm Fraser Bob Hawke Paul Keating John Howard Kevin Rudd Julia Gillard Malcolm Turnbull Iconic Technolog y Radio Car Plane TV Audio Cassette VCR Walkman PC Internet, Email, DVD, Playstation MacBook IPhone, Facebook Google Music/TV/ Movies Jazz, Glen Miller; Gone with the Wind; Clark Gable Elvis, Rolling Stones, Beetles; Easy Rider; The Graduate; INXS, Midnight Oil, Madonna; ET Hey, Hey It’ Saturday Enimen, Britney Spears; Titanic Rhianna, Justin Beiber; Avatar
  8. 8. Generation Seniors Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Z Age 73 + 54 - 72 38 -53 17 - 37 9 - 16 Training Hard way Too much and I’ll leave Required to keep me Continuous and expected Playing life Learning Classroom Facilitated Independent Collaborative Pocket Mobile Problem- Solving Hierarchical Horizontal Independent Collaborative Global Tribe Technology Uncomfortabl e Unsure Has to have it No idea without Lifelong Job changing Unwise Sets me back necessary Part of daily routine
  9. 9. Transitions and Decision-Making
  10. 10. Communication