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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. RESEARCH
  2. 2. DEFINITION “Research is an abstraction and selection from an infinite variety of possible things that one might study” -Gowin and millman “Research essentially is a problem solving process, a systematic , intensive study directed towards full , scientific knowledge of the subject studied.” -French Ruth M
  3. 3. CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD RESEARCH Orderly and systematic process Based on current professional issues Begin with clearly defined purposes Emphasize to develop , refine , and expand professional knowledge Directed towards development or testing theories Finding solution of problem
  4. 4.  Dedicated to develop empirical evidence Strive to collect first-hand information/data An objective and logical process Generate finding to refine and improve professional practices Conducted on representative sample Conducted through appropriate use of methods and tools of data collection
  5. 5.  Use of valid and reliable data collection tool Carefully recorded and reported Patiently carried out activity Researcher’s expertise , interest ,motivation and courage Adequately communicated