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Lung abscess


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Lung abscess

  1. 1. Lung Abscess: Lung Abscess is a localized necrotic lesion of the lungparenchyma containing purulent material that collapses andforms a cavity. It is generally caused by aspiration of anaerobicbacteria. In many cases the causes and pathogenesis of lungabscess are similar to those of pneumonia. Most lung abscessare caused by aspiration of material from the GI tract into thelungs
  2. 2. The areas of the lungs most commonlyaffected are : • The superior segment of the lower lobes. • The posterior segment of the upper lobes.
  3. 3. Conditions contributing to lung abscess: 1) Aspiration of oropharyngeal or gastric secretion. 2) Septic emboli. 3) Necrotizing pneumonia 4) Vasculities: wegeners granulomatosis 5) Necrotizing tumors 6) Gram negative organisms. (klebsiella)
  4. 4. 7) Anaerobic bacilli (Bacterorides)8) Carcinoma of the lung9) TB10) Parasitic and fungal diseases of the lung.
  5. 5. Clinical manifestations: 1) Cough with foul smelling purulent sputum. 2) Fever with shivering 3) Night sweats 4) Bemoptysis 5) Chest pain 6) Shortness of breath
  6. 6. 7) Lethargy 8) Finger clubbing 9) Fever10) Leukocytosis11) Dyspnea12) Weakness13) Anorexia14) Weight loss