Clinical teaching method


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  • On my behalf of the concepts in clinical teaching versus bedside teaching, to conclude, for the better performance of the nursing students in this new era, clinical educators need to have a better performance in their knowledge and skills, attitudes and communication skills that can really help our students in improving their contributions to deliver the best for patient care during clinical posting.
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Clinical teaching method

  1. 1.  Client and family centered approach. Conference. 1) Group conference 2) Staff conference 3) Nursing care conference 4) Individual conference 5) Team conference
  2. 2.  Bedside Clinic Nursing Rounds Ward Teaching Programme Ward class
  3. 3.  Case Method a) Case study b) Case analysis c) Care plan
  4. 4.  Assignment a) Preparatory b) Study assignment c) Revisional assignment d) Remedial
  5. 5.  Brain storming method Group discussion Demonstration Process recording
  6. 6.  Health talks Laboratory Method