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Creative project_Effecticker by GiantPepper


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We are ordinary people.
We find minor inconvenience to act.
We impact our scale to greater change, through small sticker

Small Thinking, Great Impact
Start 'Effecticker Project'.

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Creative project_Effecticker by GiantPepper

  1. 1. 누구나�한�번쯤�생각은�했지만, 사소한�것이기에�실천으로�이어지지�않은�불편함들.
  2. 2. 버스노선�화살표 버스정류장�보행자통로
  3. 3. 세상을�변화시키는�힘은, 발명이�아닌 발견 저희는�일상생활�속�사소한�발견을�통해 좀�더�즐겁고, 편리한�세상을�만들고자�합니다.
  4. 4. 분기별(6개월)로�새로운 Effecticker Spot 발견 지속적인�움직임을�통해 Effecticker 인지도�형성 * 추후 FB을�통해�시민들의�의견�적용 / 서울시와의�협업�기대 SMALL THINKING GREAT IMPACT WHAT’S NEXT? SEASON 2