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Jiea rutland simpson | The Solo Female Traveller


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Jiea Rutland-Simpson is an avid traveller and a physician relationship manager based in Harlingen, TX. She enjoys blogging about her travel experiences, culture and Electronic health records .

As a woman who has travelled on her own and now with her family, Jiea sees the importance of incorporating caution and fun into the travel experience.

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Jiea rutland simpson | The Solo Female Traveller

  1. 1. The Solo Traveller: Tips For Women Going Global On Their Own Created by Jiea Rutland-Simpson
  2. 2. M is for Money | Milan When traveling on your own make sure you create a budget and save up twice the amount that you feel is required
  3. 3. Informing your close friends and family about where you are going ( give someone your itinerary) and what places you will be visiting can help you leave a trail and keep you accountable T is for “ Tell Someone” | Tulum
  4. 4. Solo Travel is an important lesson in learning to be alone in an unfamiliar place. Talk to locals to get a sense of the area but be sure not to be too friendly with strangers right off the bat. Proceed with caution and compassion. S is for “Strangers” | Sydney
  5. 5. Traveling on your own requires a lot of bravery and the ability to push yourself through challenges. You have to be able to take the risk and do this for your self B is for Bravery | Berlin
  6. 6. Make sure to scan and download your passport ID’s , ticket numbers, credit cards and save them on your drive or dropbox just in case you lose them D is for Drive or Dropbox | Dakar
  7. 7. There are so many rules to traveling it can make you feel anxious. Never forget why you left in the first place. Use your experience to take yourself forward. L is for Let Go | London