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  1. 1. Simple Brilliance
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CONTENTS Research // 2 Insights // 4 Target Markets // 5 Simple Brilliance // 6 Consumer Journey // 7 Creatives // 8 Creative Testing // 14 Media Objectives // 15 Schedule & Budget // 17 Accountability & ROI // 18 Why Capitol Advertising // 19 Sources // 20 Cool Cobalt Ora Marm nge alad e We, Capitol Advertising, chose Glidden Brilliance Collection's "Cool Cobalt" and "Orange Marmalade" for our plansbook. People think of painting as a complicated process. Simple Brilliance breaks this convention by encouraging simple, small paint projects that make a big difference. “Getting them going” is the hard part. Non-painters are intimidated by the entire process. Going to home improvement stores, picking out colors, and buying supplies is time consuming. Many feel unsure. But, once Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) complete a small paint project and receive compliments on their work, they start to feel brilliant. Eventually, some become hooked. They thrive on the self-satisfaction that comes from making their homes look great and their lives better. It’s simple, really. That’s Simple Brilliance. The Simple Brilliance campaign uses non-traditional media while building on the previous award winning "Glidden Gets You Going" campaign and traditional media. Capitol Advertising uses in-store, social, and “right place, right time” advertising to reach our Project Procrastinators, Maintainers, and Addicts at every stage of the consumer journey. We found that 68% of Walmart shoppers have a home décor project in mind and an astounding 80% would take on a small project if they could buy the paint at Walmart. By reaching shoppers electronically and in-store with the "Simple Brilliance" tag line, we instantly create awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart. Through cross selling and community building, we shorten the time among awareness, consideration, and purchase of Glidden's Brilliance Paint. We position Glidden Brilliance at Walmart as the simple way to turn a small home project into something smart and extraordinary that DIYers will be proud of and their friends and family will love. The pride people feel when they make a big change with little time, money, and effort, combined with praise from others, creates Project Addicts – a group of Walmart shoppers who continually complete and share their small paint projects. Once we hook our other target markets – Procrastinators and Maintainers – the only thing that holds them back is a lack of money. Promotions and rewards are the key to keeping them painting and to building our Simple Brilliance community. This lowers advertising spending by creating brand evangelists who sustain post-campaign sales. Simple Brilliance delivers gross sales of almost half a billion dollars over eight months with a return on investment of $49 for every dollar spent. Capitol Advertising's Simple Brilliance campaign communicates that Glidden’s best and easiest Brilliance paint is available, affordable, and simple to buy and use. The “simplicity” gets them going, the exhilaration they get from compliments and self-satisfaction keeps them going. That’s Simple Brilliance. // 1
  3. 3. research FOUNDATION Our Unique Research: We conducted nationwide research among Walmart shoppers to learn how consumers became paint project addicts, how to attract new DIYers to do small home décor paint projects, and how people reacted to creative ideas and executions. Key Research Questions: 1. How can we increase awareness and consideration of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart? 2. What encourages Walmart shoppers to do more DIY home décor paint projects? 3. How can Glidden capitalize on its distribution at Walmart to attract new DIY painters? 4. What encourages paint project addicts to share and encourage others to paint? 5. What creative concepts, taglines, and media best communicate Glidden's benefits to Walmart shoppers? 2 707 135 50 26 3 SURVEY RESPONSES Designed, distributed, and analyzed two nationwide online surveys among a random sample of frequent Walmart shoppers at the 95% confidence level CONTENT REVIEWS Analyzed DIY blog posts, reader comments, and online reviews of Glidden paint at Walmart to discover important trends in the home décor space IN-PERSON SURVEYS Interviewed Walmart shoppers and observed purchasing habits and shopping paths at locations in eight states across the nation IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS Interviewed influential DIY bloggers to learn what moves target members from inspiration through postpurchase FOCUS GROUPS Conducted nationwide online focus groups to test positioning and full creative concepts with Walmart shoppers
  4. 4. Swot glidden brilliance at walmart Strengths • • • • • • Walmart makes Glidden affordable and convenient Glidden Brilliance is the highest quality paint at Walmart Simplified palette of the right colors Simple to apply with paint + primer in one Glidden + Walmart makes it simpler and more convenient to buy paint Award-winning “Glidden Gets You Going” attracts nonpainters opportunities • • • • • • • 100 million unique Walmart shoppers per week Campaign runs during “painting season” Role of technology in purchase process increasing Rise of home sales and home décor purchases Growth of Walmart revenue tied to multicultural markets Potential to have majority market share within Walmart Consumers can cross shop Walmart departments to make décor projects simple weaknesses • • • • • Low awareness of Glidden at Walmart Lack of in-store customer support Glidden Brilliance perceived as lower quality due to Walmart’s image Inconsistent messaging across brand lines and locations “Glidden Gets You Going” reaches many unlikely painters threats • • • • • • • Walmart carries several paint brands confusing and fragmenting the market Target markets’ perception of traditional painting cycle Walmart lacks professional help consumers need Diminished discretionary spending due to lagging economy Target markets lack free time Paint is also sold online at Target and K-Mart Other products in Walmart vie for consumers’ attention and spending in Walmart // 3
  5. 5. INSIGHTS simplicity Starting a paint project is difficult. From deciding on a project and picking the colors to amassing the required tools and dedicating the money, the process takes time and effort. Consumers are looking for simplicity. incentives The more people do home paint projects, the more confident and addicted to it they become. Self fulfillment, pride, and sharing become more important than receiving compliments from others. 4 For DIYers who have completed few paint projects, praise and encouragement from others is important to building confidence, increasing consideration, and moving to purchase. pride [ praise Once DIYers become Addicts, they're constantly thinking of their next project. The only thing holding them back from doing a project is a lack of money. Positioning Glidden Brilliance at Walmart is the simple way to turn a small home project into something smart and extraordinary that DIYers will be proud of and their friends and family will love. ]
  6. 6. TARGET MARKETS Capitol Advertising’s research revealed that the secret to getting Walmart shoppers to consider purchasing Glidden Brilliance is to reach them at touch points in the consumer journey when they are open to influence. This led to the decision to go deeper and segment by painting behavior instead of just demographics. Project Procrastinators, Maintainers, and Addicts visit Walmart an average of three times per month and many purchase home décor and home improvement products. Each segment contains Walmart Moms, Baby Boomers, and Millennial Women who can be reached through targeted media and in-store tactics in the right place at the right time. [Primary] [Secondary] [ Tertiary ] procrastinators maintainers addicts 29M 7M 5M 13.1M Moms · 11.2M Boomers · 4.7M Millennials Painting Habits: • • • • • Have a wish list of projects they'd like to do Have limited or no experience Lack confidence Find painting daunting Unaware of paint at Walmart 3.5M Moms · 2.5M Boomers · 1.0M Millennials 2.9M Moms · 1.7M Boomers · 0.4M Millennials Painting Habits: Painting Habits: • • • • • • Do maintenance related paint projects Have never used Glidden Brilliance Don't get emotional rewards from maintenance painting Aware of paint at Walmart but do not consider buying for maintenance • • Paint often Aware of and consider purchasing paint at Walmart Search for monetary incentives to purchase Addicted to the feeling of pride they get from doing all types of projects Paige is a 30-year-old wife and mom of a young son. She wants to improve the lives of her family but lacks the time and money to do so. She shops at Walmart for home décor and muses over project ideas but postpones picking up paint for a project. Clara is in her late-50s and likes to keep her house beautiful. She views painting as a hassle but paints nonetheless. She dislikes traveling from place to place to get supplies and feels like she wastes time and energy. While she shops at Walmart for home, her path never leads her to the paint aisle. Allison is a 37-year-old wife and mom of a preteen daughter. She loves the big impact that a small, one-day project can have on her home and family. Allison thrives on the satisfaction that painting brings her. When she finishes a project, she is ready to pursue another. Procrastinators are our primary target market because they are the easiest and largest market to make aware of Glidden Brilliance. They shop frequently at Walmart, are already inspired to do a project, and relate to the message of simplicity. Promotions, incentives, and strategically placed in-store advertising help move this market to the paint department, turning their inspiration into action. Maintainers are our secondary target market because they shop at Walmart for home décor. They purchase paint primarily for maintenance projects and haven't realized the simplicity, convenience, and quality of Glidden Brilliance. Engagement with the Simple Brilliance community combined with project testimonials moves them to consider and purchase Glidden Brilliance for maintenance and home décor. Addicts are our tertiary tarket market because they are hooked on painting and need the least amount of money to grow. Our research showed that they are a self-perpetuating market that are willing to share and evangelize for Glidden Brilliance. They will participate in social media to share and earn rewards and disocunts. By increasing the frequency of their projects and engaging them in the Simple Brilliance community, they can serve as evangelists to the Procrastinators and Maintainers. // 5
  7. 7. An IDEA is BORN. Simple Brilliance Simple Brilliance is when you find a wonderfully simple idea so enlightening that from then on, it’s hard to think you could ever do it any other way. Simple Brilliance communicates that it's simple to choose, buy, and apply paint. And, it's Glidden Brilliance that makes the smart difference in a home décor project, generating compliments and making DIYers proud. Capitol Advertising's Simple Brilliance campaign shows how brilliant "simple" can be. It’s when painting a lamp does more than just illuminate a room; it adds life and color. We show DIYers the easy steps that have been there all along, building the confidence they need to start and facilitating the emotional reward they crave to continue. That’s Simple Brilliance. 6
  8. 8. A CONsumer's journey Meet "Annie the Procrastinator," a member of the Primary Target Market. Annie looks around her son’s nursery and wishes she could change something in the room to make it look incredible, but she doesn’t have the time or money to spend. Creative messaging in the Simple Brilliance campaign: She heads to Walmart to pick up diapers and shop for groceries. She grabs a shopping cart and notices the Glidden Simple Brilliance shopping cart insert. She thinks, “Hmm. I didn’t know Walmart sold paint. And it’s Glidden.” After picking up the diapers she needed, she walks through the baby section where she sees some sheets with blue lions. She smiles to herself; she and her husband met in high school when he was a “Lion” football player and she was a “Lioness” cheerleader. Annie is pulled from her daydream by Walmart's SMART TV screen giving a tip on how easy it is to add Simple Brilliance to a home by painting something small. Simplifies and betters consumers’ lives She sees a paint swatch next to the lion sheets that shows a matching Glidden paint color called “Sweet Baby Boy.” She throws the sheets in her cart and heads over to the paint section. There, she sees a kiosk and notices a “virtual assistant” providing tips on how to start a project. Before heading to the checkout, she grabs the paint swatch and puts it in her bag. Annie checks out and receives a colored receipt instructing her to register with a special code at for discounts on Glidden. When she gets home, Annie shows her husband the lion crib sheets. The paint swatch falls out of her bag, and they discuss the idea of painting their son’s nursery. Later that night, Annie goes online to browse She creates an account, saves some photos, and uses her code to earn a coupon. She thinks, “Next week, when I’m in Walmart...” Provides a path to becoming part of a community of like-minded people Establishes a relationship with customers so that communciation is customized and meaningful Reaches consumers at the most meaningful times and places Now Annie considers purchasing Glidden paint at Walmart. // 7
  9. 9. Creative Shopping cart What it is: Advertisement on the base of a shopping cart and on the handlebar What it Accomplishes: • • • • • • Raises awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart Draws Walmart customers to visit the paint department Shows convenience of purchasing paint on an everyday shopping trip Spurs purchases with a helpful tip for a paint project Leads customers to mobile version of with a URL Cross-promotes Glidden with other products and brands in Walmart Why it works: • • 8 Reaches 100% of customers in select stores during their average 45 minute shopping trip Placed in 50% of shopping carts at 100 Walmart locations FEATURES • • • • Paint Swatch: Associates the brilliance of Glidden's color selection with everyday items Tip: Increases interest in small home décor paint projects Tip: Cross-promotes other products and brands in Walmart URL: Drives customers to visit online community at
  10. 10. creative in-store video spot What it is: Short videos lasting 5-30 seconds on Walmart televisions in optimized locations throughout the store What it Accomplishes: • • • • • Raises awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart Draws customers to paint department Moves customers to kiosks (in select stores) Reinforces brilliance of small paint projects Drives viewers to the Simple Brilliance YouTube channel V.O. It’s when every time you think of that night, you wish you could relive it again. The woman notices that her anniversary is next week. At the end of her shopping trip, the woman walks through Walmart and picks up a can of Glidden Brilliance paint and a small picture frame for her anniversary photo. She spends an hour repainting the table the same red as the restaurant table in her photo. The woman has brought a tear to her husband's eye by recreating the dinner when he proposed to her. V.O. It’s when a table becomes a time machine. That’s the Simple Brilliance of Glidden. Visit the paint aisle to create your own time machine. Why it works: • • • • Connects with shoppers with emotional appeals Engages 40% of shoppers Directs customers to the paint aisle Reaches 95% of Walmart customers at 4,500 locations Where it is: • • Featured on Walmart Smart Network Can be accessed on YouTube,, our mobile application, and via email newsletter FEATURES • • Paint Swatch: Associates Glidden Brilliance with strong memories of color URL: Drives customers to visit online community at // 9
  11. 11. creative Interactive Banner What it is: Interactive banner advertisements that epitomize the positioning of Simple Brilliance by showing how a small object can have a big impact. FEATURES • What it Accomplishes: • • • • • • Raises awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart Shows the simplicity of changing a room with paint Show the power one small change can have on an entire room Directs consumers to Delivers the right message based on research and user interest Conveys the emotional appeal of making a big impact with a small change • • Paint Swatch: Relates colors that make a big impact with Glidden Brilliance Tip: Increases interest in small home décor paint projects URL: Drives visitors to online community at Why it works: • • • • 33% of people engage with banner ads Attracts, engages, and drives customers to Uses Google Adwords to deliver the right ad on the right website Uses Google Analytics to track banner effectiveness and browsing behavior Where it is: • • 10 Placed on websites such as iVillage, Apartment Therapy, Oprah, Better Homes and Gardens, SouthernLiving, and MakingitLovely Displayed on blogs such as AnaWhite and CentsationalGirl
  12. 12. Creative what it is: The interactive website serves as an online hub to connect all non-traditional elements. It allows users to share pictures and interact with the community. It provides users with simple tips, how-to-videos, and interactive videos. Mobile shopping lists and a gamification app give users rewards and discounts for interacting with Glidden and the community online. This online portal also encourages engagement with the brand through the 30 Days of Brilliance contest and Give Back Brilliance campaign. what it accomplishes • • • Increases awareness and consideration levels through interaction Provides resources for more information in the purchase stage and fosters a post-purchase social community Provides a rewards system that encourages new projects and shows trending DIY content, project ideas, and a feature to develop shopping lists Why it works: • • • Our target markets spend 3+ hours a day online They spend 63% more time streaming video online and are 45% more likely to use social media regularly Using visual content and interactive videos increases engagement by 80% and result in elevated leveragability Where it is: • • • • • Direct URL: optimize search results via Google AdWords Social media: share custom content on social networks Colored receipts: prompt recipients to enter code to redeem rewards Banner ads: direct viewers to after engaging with ads Email sharing: include a call-to-action to visit via email correspondence to targeted consumers // 11
  13. 13. Creative 30 Days of brilliance What it is: 30 Days of Brilliance is a month-long photo contest focused on finding Simple Brilliance in everyday life. Prompted with daily challenges, participants share their photos, comment, and vote on the submissions of others. Winners are selected based on popularity and are rewarded with Glidden promotional incentives. What it Accomplishes: • • • • • • • • • Connects Simple Brilliance to their lives Demonstrates inspirational sources Gives insight into consumer thoughts of Simple Brilliance Raises awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart Increases traffic to Increases online community participation Builds database for opt-in messaging Achieves high frequency Creates brand evangelists Why it works: • Increases engagement through the use of: • Social media and photos • User-generated content • Large, frequent, and quick response-oriented monetary incentives Where it is: • • In-store via kiosk and receipt messages Online via portal, social media, Google AdWords, and banner ads 12
  14. 14. creative events & kiosks Promotional Events In-Store GIVE BACK BRILLIANCE KIOSK & DIGITAL INTERACTIVE AVATAR Crowdsourcing CSR projects through social media and facilitates creative ways to bring brilliance to their local communities with a paint project. People vote on projects to transform dilapidated areas into focal points with Glidden’s Simple Brilliance. Benefits: • Drives awareness and consideration to Glidden • Showcases “large impact” from a simple Glidden project • Illustrates and serves as an ongoing reminder of Glidden’s CSR philosophy • Generates goodwill and camaraderie from a Glidden event GLIDDEN ON THE MOVE The "Glidden Gets You Going Simple Brilliance Truck" sets up in Walmart parking lots in key markets. Glidden drives to key Walmart locations equipped with a truck full of items, ideas, and options to showcase and highlight small paint projects. Interactive kiosks are a modern, effective, and interactive way to bring quality customer service to the Glidden Brilliance aisle in 100 select Walmarts. Five select stores will also feature an innovative digital avatar to accompany the kiosk who can speak to consumers, match colors, and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Walmart customers are attracted with live music and food to the event where they learn Simple Brilliance paint techniques, tips, and are given the opportunity to paint. Customers are encouraged to bring their own small paint projects to complete at the event. Glidden also cross-promotes the event with local personalities to create further buzz. Benefits: • Directs users to • Stimulates buzz around the campaign • Associates Glidden with innovative and “cool” factor Benefits: • Increases awareness and consideration • Shows the simplicity of Glidden Brilliance in action • Drives target markets to register at • Links the "Gets You Going" campaign with the Simple Brilliance campaign Why: • • • Consumers are 1.5 times more likely to engage with a cause-oriented brand 9 out of 10 consumers become regular customers of a brand after seeing a special event 48% of our target markets are influenced by digital screens in-store // 13
  15. 15. CREATIVE TeSTING We tested multiple creative positioning statements, concepts, and executions through our nationwide survey, IDIs, and focus groups. Target markets understand and relate to what Simple Brilliance means - they like that it communicates painting can have a big impact and the entire cycle is easy. Focus group participants said that they would use the online community for two reasons: • Project tips • Sharing and feedback “Tips definitely give me peace of mind knowing that I may be able to successfully paint my house with Glidden Brilliance.” -Janice D., Procrastinator 14 Walmart shoppers said an in-store commercial that appeals to their emotions would cause them to stop and watch. When asked if consumers would consider buying Glidden Brilliance at Walmart after seeing this campaign, the answer was a resounding YES. “[The mobile application] is a great idea! I would use it all of the time because I like earning points.” -Scott A., Maintainer “I usually...just toss the receipt in my purse without looking at it...but if it were colored, I would take a better look.” -Molly W., Maintainer 68% of survey respondents would be very likely or likely to purchase Glidden Brilliance at Walmart if an in-store kiosk provided them with information to help with their purchase.
  16. 16. To reach 98% of Procrastinators 258 times per month To reach 96% of Maintainers 198 times per month To reach MEDIA 98% of Addicts 226 times per month strategy BUDGET ALLOCATION With Glidden and Walmart currently advertising on traditional media, we focused our five-month, $10 million dollar budget on non-traditional media. We reach people at the “right place, right time” nationwide and in key markets to build a relationship with a community of 5 million addicts. This leads to an increase in ROI over the five month period and beyond. 54% In-Store 13% Mobile SPOT MARKETING STRATEGY 9% Digital 8% Social 6% Online 5% Events 3 1 5% Contingency 2 6 4 5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. New York Los Angeles Chicago Dallas Houston Atlanta SPOT MARKETING REACH: 7,269,508 Our campaign allows Capitol Advertising to achieve national reach while focusing specific tactics more heavily in six select cities. The chosen cities were determined based on their high target market population, density of Walmart locations, and trendsetting nature that will spread further discussion. [ Walmart currently spends $1.2 billion on advertising, driving over 100 million unique visitors to 4000+ stores. We spend 54% of our budget on in-store tactics, creating a significant number of impressions while driving other media efforts. We spend 13% on mobile to build a high quality application to make our content mobile, convenient and accessible. While digital media accounts for 9% of budget expenditure, banner ads drive awareness and lead significant traffic to Social Media costs are lowered by utilizing and building upon Glidden’s current owned media. Low web development costs allow us to spend a small portion of our budget on quality website development and management. Finally, low cost, high impact special events generate high reach via social media and PR. Right place, Right time Consumers are in control of when, where, and how they receive the Simple Brilliance message. Simple Brilliance leverages the strength of each digital channel to provide our target markets with on demand access to information, ideas, support, and engagement. As a result, Simple Brilliance seamlessly fits into their active lives and interests. ] // 15
  17. 17. Media Strategy IN-STORE VIDEO CONTENT SOCIAL MEDIA Focusing on in-store tactics reaches our target markets where Glidden Brilliance is sold. Online videos engage our target markets and increase interaction on Why it works: • Target markets spend average of 45 minutes in-store • Target markets visit Walmart 3+ times/month • 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store Why it works: • 43.9% conversion rate to consideration for online videos • 6.5 min. average time spent on online content videos • 90% of shoppers found web videos useful in making a purchase decision • 87% of people watch product video demonstrations Why it works: • 45% of our target markets visit Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter multiple times a day • 61% of our audience find product recommendations via brands' social networks • 71.4% of DIYers share good product experiences with friends on social media Result: 100 million views/month Result: 20 million views/month Result: 24 million views/month ONLINE CONTENT ONLINE ADS Social media is an inexpensive and effective way to increase reach, build relationships with Glidden’s consumers, and drive them to SPECIAL EVENTS Banner ads deliver the right message at the right time to entice and engage our target markets. Special events depict the simplicity of the painting process and how a small change with Glidden can have a big impact. Why it works: • Target markets are multitaskers when browsing online content • Communities retain members 50% longer than non-members • Community users spend 54% more money than noncommunity users Why it works: • Project research begins online and on average last 60 hours • 33% of target markets routinely interact with banner ads • 21.6% of online videos viewed were video ads Why it works: • 25% of consumers make a purchase decision after seeing a special event • 86% of consumers become loyal to a brand after seeing a special event • 90% of word-of-mouth conversations about brands occur offline Result: 60 million views/month Result: 21 million views/month Result: 17 million views/month is the hub to find inspiration, tips, how-to's, and share project information with others. 16
  18. 18. MEDIA S chedu l e / / budget The chart below details our budget allocations over the course of the five-month campaign. We provide a look at the projected duration of each vehicle and the corresponding cost for each, insuring that we do not exceed our budget. 1 6 .3 e ly 8 5 Jun 5 -22 -29 -Ju 3 20 27 Aug 10 -17 -24 -31 7 14 -21 2-2 2 2- 19- 26- 2-8 9-1 16 23 30 7-1 4- 21- 28- 4- 11 18 25 1- . 8- . 15 . 2 5 1 y y y ne ne ne ne ne ly y 1 ly ly g. g. g. g. pt. pt pt pt ay M Ma Ma Ma Ju Ju Ju Ju Ju Ju Jul Ju Ju Au Au Au Au Se Se Se Se COSTS Cart Placements $2,475,000 Smart TV Signage $1,500,000 Kiosks $400,000 Holograms $125,000 Colored Receipts $960,000 Coupon Incentives $500,000 Online Portal $573,000 Google AdWords $200,000 $400,000 Banner Ads $140,000 Mobile App $100,000 How-Tos Interactive $500,000 Social Media $868,000 $168,000 Real-Time Marketing User-Generated CSR $100,000 $250,000 Glidden On The Move Production $500,000 $500,000 Contingency 11 18 TOTAL IN-STORE ONLINE/ MOBILE VIDEO GROSS IMPRESSIONS 6,300,000 430,500,000 49,200,000 492,000 12,915,000 150,000 320,000,000 400,000 25,140,082 2,121,600 80,000,000 39,680,000 123,250,137 1,350,000 64,100,000 17,340,000 CPM $0.0025 $0.287 $0.123 $0.0039 $0.0134 $0.0003 $0.5584 $0.0838 $0.0628 $0.0151 $0.8 $0.0793 $0.1419 $0.0080 $0.641 $0.693 $10,000,000 1,145,648,737 $0.1145 SOCIAL EVENT // 17
  19. 19. ACCOUNTABILITY & ROI Throughout the course of our campaign, Capitol Advertising tracks digital effectiveness through studies of online analytics. OBJECTIVES Increase awareness of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart The Simple Brilliance campaign not only produces awareness and consideration, it also returns high profits and value. TECHNIQUES Financial: Concurrent surveys, website traffic, recognition testing (aided) Increase sales volume of Glidden Brilliance at Walmart Walmart sales database, NielsenConnect Increase engagement with Glidden Brilliance Lithium monitoring, website tracking, social media analytics, Google AdWords Encourage repeat paint purchases Walmart sales database, portal survey Build strong connection between simple DIY projects and Glidden Brilliance Post-campaign survey, Smart Network Analytics Increase recall of the Glidden Brilliance tagline During Campaign (May-Sept.) we will: • Generate $327.8M in sales • Create an ROI of $31.79 Post-campaign survey, recognition testing (aided) Digital: 76, 239 Likes Post-Campaign (Oct.-Dec.) we will: • Generate $150.0M in sales • Create an ROI of $150.02 47,945 Followers End of Year 2014 (May-Dec.) we will: • Generate $477.9M in sales • Create an ROI of $46.79 2,253,761 Views 4,530 Pins Engagement: • • • 500,000 page views by the end of 2014 40% new users by the end of the campagin The average consumer spends 97 minutes on the website this is what our campaign promises to do: • • • • Generate $477 million in sales over 8 months Generate 5.7 million unique sales of one-gallon cans of Glidden Brilliance paint within the three months after campaign Increase the number of consumers that relate Glidden paint at Walmart to small paint projects Achieve 80% aided recall of Glidden tagline 18 Marketing Conversion Funnel 41M Market Size 35.2M Awareness 31.7M Consideration 12.6M Purchase 5.8M Repetition
  20. 20. WHY CAPitol ADvertising? You asked us to develop a strategy to drive awareness and consideration of Glidden Paint at Walmart. We will deliver more than 1 billion impressions over the course of five months, resulting in 86% recognition, 80% aided recall our tagline “Simple Brilliance,” and a 77% consideration level. You asked us to consider three demographic targets. We went farther, defining them by behavior. By focusing on painting habits, we developed a strategy that truly reaches our Procrastinators, Maintainers, and Addicts with the right message at the right time. Capitol Advertising positions Glidden Brilliance as the simple way to turn a small home project into something smart and extraordinary that DIYers will be proud of and their friends and family will love. The Simple Brilliance tag line communicates this positioning, and an all non-traditional media strategy delivers messages when and where our target markets want them. Capitol Advertising allocated 54% of the media budget in-store, reaching a uniquely “captive” market that is just feet away from Glidden Brilliance for 45 minutes at a time three or more times a month. Our campaign not only creates awareness and consideration, but it also cross sells in Walmart, leveraging the budget and benefiting both the retailer and the Glidden brand. The remaining budget is allocated to digital and non-traditional media including building an online community of like-minded individuals. The community will grow over time, and members will help to deliver the praise and compliments that beginner painters crave. Ultimately, they will serve as brand evangelists. Capitol Advertising used the $10 million budget and returned almost half a billion dollars at 11 cents per thousand impressions. We even went beyond the five-month campaign to generate $150 million in sales through December 2014. Capitol Advertising sincerely looks forward to working with Glidden Paint at Walmart. We believe we have accomplished your goals and will continue to leverage your budget as the Simple Brilliance community grows. Back: John, Corey, Jamie, Simi, Hunter, Peter, Jason Front: Adam, Courtney, Sevara, Gabbi, Daphne, Sarah Team Members: Gabbi Baker Jamie Clark Adam Cole Peter Cook Sarah Dalia Corey Gregory Jason Grobstein John Macchione III Sevara Mallyn Simi Ojuri Hunter Pritchard Courtney Ross Jiayi Daphne Wang Faculty Advisor: Lynda Maddox Project Director: Vandana Iyer Special Thanks: Sebastian Flores Max Jallifier Darshan Mehta Nick Mejia Bahareh Sarrami // 19
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  22. 22. Simple Brilliance