"Karma in a Cup" - an awesome promotion for Yoga/Wellness Centers


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This promotion is a true win-win-win for the community, families in need, and your Yoga Studio. Generate 100 new students in 6-8 weeks and help others in the process!

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"Karma in a Cup" - an awesome promotion for Yoga/Wellness Centers

  1. 1. “Karma in a Cup”Promotional Concept for Yoga & Wellness Centers with Jon Malach
  2. 2. www.facebook.com/jial14www.slideshare.net/jial14LinkedIn: Jon MalachGoogle +: Jon MalachJon.Malach@perfectmind.com
  3. 3. Goal of this Presentation• Layout how this promotional effort is a“WIN-WIN-WIN”• Provide the Fast Track to get startedbecause it is NOT too late• Inspire you to do some form of communitypromotion this Winter• Showcase how to automate managing thetraffic generated
  4. 4. Giving Credit Where It’s Due• Big shout out to GM Ciarfella• Creator of original concept “Belt in a Bag”
  5. 5. The Intention of this Promotion• Help a Child or Family in Need• Establish a presence as a community-oriented center by contributing• Get your students and teachers inspired to do something positive together.• Add a new partner to your network• Generate 100 new students (no exaggeration)
  6. 6. What Exactly is the promotion?• You are bundling up a cup, and a gift certificate to your studio.• Goal is to offer a value of $50-$75, but sell it for only $5.• Every dollar goes to charity!• Each person who buys a cup provides name + contact info to book their first class.• Sell the cups at your studio, and at a partnering business with high-traffic.
  7. 7. Why it Works• It’s an amazing deal, during a time that Money’s tight, and Yoga is extremely popular.• It’s all for charity, but much better than putting a coin in a jar.• Extremely easy way to get names and contact info, as well as book the first class on the spot.• Think of this as running a “Groupon”, but in- person and for a good cause.
  8. 8. How to Get StartedBig Picture:1) Contact the local grocery stores2) Order the cups3) Round up the volunteer squad4) Prepare the Posters, Gift Certificates, and the clipboard or tablet.5) Befriend the “star” Cashiers6) Be yourself and enjoy giving back
  9. 9. Contacting the Grocery Stores• Ask to speak with the manager about your wish to support their charity efforts• When speaking with them remember WIIFM: – You aim to raise another $1,000 in donations – You’ll include them in all press releases, emails, flyers, facebook posts, etc.• You are asking to setup a small table for 2 days in their store before Dec. 23rd.
  10. 10. Ordering the Cups• Keep it simple and keep costs down, it’s a nice touch to have your logo and website address on the cup, but it’s NOT a must.Example costs:• 72 or more … $1.15 each• Includes 1 color imprint on one side on White 10oz C Mug• Art must be CAMERA READY Vector Art…• Set-up charge per logo … $50.00• Freight is a variable …• Bulk Packed, Packs of 36 – 33LBS per pack• Each Box costs $6.25 for damage resistant packaging…• Sales tax charged ONLY on orders shipped to FLORIDA…This was from our contact at www.pyrapromotions.comYou can also try checking out www.4allpromos.com
  11. 11. The Volunteers• Call staff & teacher’s meeting ASAP• Inspire them• Break up the items needed to be done• Have everyone practice a mock class announcement• Remind everyone to recruit at least one student volunteer• We can sell the cups at the studio too!
  12. 12. The Posters• Hand-written posters have more “warmth” and cost less to make• Must be EASY to notice• Key Messages: – “Karma in a Cup!” – “Try Yoga + Help a Family” or “Try Yoga + Help a Child” – The Value vs. the Price – All Proceeds go to Charity
  13. 13. The Certificate Email my partner darren@perfectmind.comif you would like us to send you this template to use.
  14. 14. The Clipboard or Tablet• Clipboard with sheets to gather: – Name, Email, Mobile Phone Number, any stiffness/pains (optional) – Try to establish when they are coming for their first class if they are buying for themselves.• Tablet with PerfectMind form will attract more attention – Buyer will get instant email thanking them with info on how to take first class. – Can also load your Facebook page and request a “Like” after they have completed the form
  15. 15. Befriending the “Star” Cashiers• Every Grocery Store has at least one star.• Coffee or Tea is a great introduction.• Inform them that all your proceeds are going towards the same charity they are already educating shoppers about.• Don’t forget to tell them you teach Yoga!
  16. 16. How to Manage the TrafficKey Take-Away’s Here:1) We must separate the people we generate from the promotion from everyone else.2) They WILL need follow up.3) They have friends and family.
  17. 17. Using PerfectMind to handle the Traffic
  18. 18. Using PerfectMind• If you used a clipboard, enter each contact and select the campaign as you enter them.
  19. 19. Using PerfectMind• If you use a Tablet this step is already covered:
  20. 20. Using PerfectMind• Setup the auto-responders to go out:
  21. 21. Using PerfectMind• Setup the auto-responders to go out:
  22. 22. Follow Up Calls
  23. 23. Performing the Follow Up’s• Combo of a friendly call and emails work best• Goal is only to book the first class.• For “less excited” contacts - do not forget the gift certificate is transferrable!Note: Remember that the cause behind your call is a good one, do not allow negative or limiting thoughts to affect the success of your efforts.
  24. 24. The Challenge from Jon• Take action, speed and completion is far better than perfection, just go for it.• If you cannot run it at a grocery store, get creative and select another partner.• Aim for selling 200 cups: – That’s $1,000 in donations! – A realistic outcome is 100 new students!
  25. 25. Questions? Facebook: /jial14 Google + “Jon Malach” LinkedIn: “Jon Malach” Jon.malach@perfectmind.comFor Demo of PerfectMind:Call: 1-877-737-8030Email: sales@perfectmind.com