Gender policy


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Gender policy

  1. 1. Gender poliCY. Feminism.
  2. 2. Feminism is a collection of social theories, politicalmovements and moral philosophies, largely motivated by orconcerned with the liberation of women. Most feminists areespecially concerned with social, political and economicinequality between men and women (in the context of itbeing to the disadvantage of women).
  3. 3. In simple terms, feminism is the belief in social, politicaland economic equality of the sexes, and the movementorganized around the belief that gender should not bethe pre-determinant factor shaping a persons socialidentity, or socio-political or economic rights.
  4. 4. "Womens rights are mens duties ". Karl Kraus
  5. 5. The first feminist document is "Declaration ofthe rights of women and citizen", written by aFrenchwoman Olympia de Huzh in 1791, in which itwas stated that women had the same rights to freedom,property ownership as men. Declaration aroused strongopposition in society, especially the phrase: "If awoman has the right to climb the scaffold, she shouldhave the right go to the tribune”.
  6. 6. Feminism in main events: 1893 New Zealand became the first country that gave women the right to vote. In 1902 joined Australia and Finland - 1906. In 1920 - USA. France - in 1944. The last countries were Switzerland (1971) and Portugal (1977).1907 In France was passed the law which allowed married women to control their own private wage and spend money on things which they considered appropriate.1949 Simone de Beauvoir published her scandal book "TheSecond Sex" which made a revolution in the feministthought. 22,000 copies were sold in the first week, and inthe U.S. for the year - 1 000 000 copies.
  7. 7. 1975 In the United States for the firsttime was heard the expression “daterape”. American feminist SusanBrown-Miller argued that every secondraped woman was the victim of herdate friend. The alarming results ofsurveys indicated that every fourthAmerican student was raped or avictim of sexual aggression, and thatfrom 60 to 80% of rapes werecommitted by people close to thevictim.
  8. 8. 1980 Crime and punishment. In France, just updated criminalcode considered rape as a crimedeserving from 10 to 20 yearsimprisonment and life imprisonment -for the gang rape. Yet this rape wasconsidered as one of the display ofinsanity, just deserving considerationin the penal court.
  9. 9. FEMINISMIncorrect InterpretatIon of Сorrect InterpretatIon of femInIsm: femInIsm:
  10. 10. The most important thing to understandabout feminism is that it’s not about women beingbetter than men. A quote by Jane Galvin Lewiswill be well-directed here: “You dont have to beanti-man to be pro-woman." True feminism is notabout women wanting a higher place in societythan men, it is about wanting an equal place insociety”.