Parable Of The Coffee Bean


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  • Parable Of The Coffee Bean

    1. 5. In the first pot, she put some carrots.
    2. 6. In the second pot, she put some eggs.
    3. 7. In the third pot, she put some coffee beans that had been grounded into coffee powder.
    4. 8. She boiled all three pots for 15 minutes. Afterwards, she took out what she had put in the pot of boiling water.
    5. 9. The carrots which were hard became soft The eggs which were soft inside became hard .
    6. 10. But the water had the colour and the wonderful smell of coffee. The coffee powder disappeared.
    7. 11. Then, she thought of her life as a teacher. It is not always easy. It is not always comfortable. The life of a teacher is trying and difficult.
    8. 12. We work very hard but get few results. Things don’t happen as we wish. People don’t treat us as we hope.
    9. 13. The boiling water is like the problems in our life as teachers.
    10. 14. We can be like the carrots . We go in tough and strong. We come out soft and weak.
    11. 15. We get exhausted. We lose hope. We give up. We lose our fighting spirit.
    12. 16. We can be like the eggs . We start with a soft and sensitive heart. We end up very hard and unfeeling inside.
    13. 17. We become hard-hearted. The warm feeling is gone, only bitterness remains. We hate our job. We don’t like our students.
    14. 18. We can be like the coffee beans. The water does not change the coffee powder . The coffee powder changes the water!
    15. 19. The water has become different because of the coffee powder. You can see it. You can smell it. You can taste it. The hotter the water, the better the taste.
    16. 20. We can be like the coffee beans. We can make something good out of the difficulties we face in school .
    17. 21. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the abilities. We have the potentials to change the lives of our students for the better.
    18. 22. We can make our school a better place for work and learning.
    19. 23. To succeed, we must try… and try again. We must believe in what we are doing. We must not give up. We must be patient. We must keep pushing . difficulties problems handle with care
    20. 24. The problems and difficulties at school give us the chance to become stronger … and tougher … and better teachers .
    21. 25. What are we like when things do not go well in school? Are we like the carrots… or the eggs… or the coffee beans?
    22. 26. Be like the coffee beans!
    23. 27. Change the people around you at school. Influence them with your good work…even if others resist change…
    24. 28. … even if others harbor ill feelings against you.
    25. 29. … be a positive influence. Bring about change!
    26. 30. After all, in the final Analysis, God will be your judge.