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HTML5 Games Status and issues


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Published in: Technology, Design
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HTML5 Games Status and issues

  1. 1. HTML5 Games Status and issues Hong,Sechul/CTO
  2. 2. 2Why HTML5 Game? Cross device running (with one source code) Dynamic update (without explicit installation) However…
  3. 3. 3Problems JavaScript - Dynamic binding interpreter language Low performance Hard to manage memory Browser quirks Browser/device performance discrepancy Sound and device API Packaging  HTML5 is originally not for games!
  4. 4. 4HTML5 for game development Controlling • JavaScript Rendering • HTML5 DOM/CSS3 • HTML5 Canvas • HTML5 WebGL Sound • HTML5 Audio API • WebAudio API(Chrome)
  5. 5. 5Renderer for gamesIn view of commercializing HTML5 games; Devices Game types HTML5 • PC Browsers (Even non-HTML5 Plain, Tile-map, DOM/CSS3 Browsers) Arcade • Android/iOS • TIZEN • Some TV/Set-top-box HTML5 • HTML5 PC Browsers Plain, Tile-map, Canvas • iOS Arcade, Physics • TIZEN(?) • Some TV/Set-top-box(?) HTML5 • Chrome Brower on Windows 3D(OpenGL like) WebGL
  6. 6. 6Market perspectives by rendererIn view of commercializing HTML5 games; HTML5 DOM+Canvas • Cross device running • Game type : Social, Casual HTML5 Canvas • PC • Game type : Social, Casual, Physics WebGL • Existing iOS and Android games to Chrome web store • Game type : 3D
  7. 7. 7Technical Issues - JavaScript Interpreting, dynamic binding Implicit garbage collection Vulnerable environment for developers  Need to impose strict coding pattern  Need framework, engine  Recycling of resource
  8. 8. 8Technical Issues – HTML5 Specs (1/2) HTML5 implementations are stable over browsers.But, problems are mostly on Device API. Viewport control – Screen lock, Orientation lock, Full- screen  For some platform, need to package as native application  Android has more problems when running as web site Audio API  Unstable and lots of quirks in implementation  Only 1 channel for many browsers  Preparing new WebAudio API
  9. 9. 9Technical Issues – HTML5 Specs (2/2) Storage API  Using File-System API along with Cookie  For permanent and critical data, need server backup. Packaging & Installation  PC : Hard to package large game. Hard to add Ad with installable package. Mostly hosting with CDN.  Mobile : W3C widget like package. Native application(Hybrid). Hosting is relatively good for iOS(without sound) MouseLock API, JoyStick API  Developing by Google
  10. 10. 10Technical Issues – Screen sizes Matter of game geometric type, level design, graphical assets and layouts. Not specific to HTML5 games. HTML5 itself is good for resizing - Relative coordination system, CSS, Zooming  Relative coordination from the beginning of development  CSS tricks  Zooming : Drops performance a lot. (But, TIZEN looks good!)  BLUEGA : Using Game level editor
  11. 11. 11Technical Issues – Game UI Need to develop game’s other screens, dialogs and menu. Need some UI framework library for renderer HTML5 itself is very good for developing UI. UI frameworks such jQuery, Sencha, …  BLUEGA : Developing all Game UI in HTML5 DOM even running with HTML5 Canvas. (Using own jBLUX)
  12. 12. 12BLUEGA
  13. 13. 13BLUEGA – Vision on HTML5 games Native Web Web Web Web Game Game Game iOS Android Game Game Logic Engine OS Editor Scroll Engine Tile Map Engine Isometric Engine Web Browser Game Engine Network Core Core Network jBLUX HTML5 UI Framework server HCL (Handset Capability Layer) iPhone / iPad Android Phone/Tab PC Phone / Pad Smart TV BXG-RUN BXG-RUN
  14. 14. 14BLUEGA - Performance BLUEGA is focusing on “Cross device running game” and “Serviced game” FPS : 20~30 Dynamic objects : 30~60 with collision detection Static image : 1000~4000 Sound • 3~4 Channel with stable Audio API • 1 Channel with unstable Audio API
  15. 15. 15BLUEGA – Twinkle Pop Bubble game with hexagonal tile-map Published in Facebook, CWS, Google Play, Apple Store, TIZEN, Web portal• CWS URL• Web URL• Technical notes
  16. 16. 16BLUEGA – Crazy Chicken Tower defense game with orthogonal tile-map Published in K-Apps
  17. 17. 17BXG BLUX Game Engine
  18. 18. 18BXG - HTML5 Game Engine HTML5 Game Engine for Cross game, Hybrid web game • High and consistent performance for wide range of devices • Hot swap between three renders (DOM, DOM+Canvas, Canvas) • Virtual input devices, Audio • Casual, arcade, shooting, social game - Isometric, Orthogonal, Hexagonal - Scrolling - Multi-layer • Game Editor • Run-time for iOS, Android
  19. 19. 19Engine release plan BXG Core - Early August, 2012 • JavaScript library • API Reference, Tutorials and Knowledge Base • Sample games and code • WRT – WAC, PhoneGap, BXGrun(Android, iOS) • Hands-on class planning in August, 2012 BXG Editor - Early October, 2012 • Hosted as web site, not only for BXG • “Dropbox” as file storage
  20. 20. 20 THANK YOUContact Phone: +82-70-8228-8721 FAX : +82-31-714-0847USA: Phone: +1-714-325-0264