myCreations G3v1 PLM solution overview (3)


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myCreations G3v1 PLM solution overview (3)

  1. 1. myCreations | Solution Overview myCreations is the 3rd generation of the award winning Creations portfolio from MICROS. Launched in 1995, the Creations evolution has been driven by unique collaboration between our internal market ex- perts, our acclaimed software developers and our clients. This latest generation brings greater configurability, empowerment and visibility connecting every user across the supply chain, whilst maintaining its renowned depth in all aspects of supplier and product management functionality. In addition its advanced reporting capabilities, multi- national interfaces and extended portfolio of products enables full inte- gration across the end-to-end process, reliably bringing products to market quickly and safely worldwide.myCreations Generation 3 Version 1 | Solution Overview V1.2
  2. 2. myCreations | Suite myCreations is a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications designed specifically for retail, food service and manufacturing busi- nesses to develop and protect their brands,myCreations unique range of applications manage their suppliers and ensure full end tohave been designed specifically to meet the Project program planning end product and supplier management.needs of each function ensuring the very Stage gate managementbest of breed capability for every user. Project tracking Brief management Policy document management Resource management Document lifecycle management Readership and acceptance tracking Product specification synchronisation Publication management Quality attribute management Mandatory control management Product surveillance management Quality check management Quality trend analysis Integrated together all modules offer an end to end workflow en- suring reliability, accessibility and efficiency across the supply chain and each process.myCreations is offered as a Softwareas a Service allowing you to manageall your products and suppliers for aset monthly fee. Contact management Compliance management Audit and visit management Incident alert management Scorecard management Artwork lifecycle management Content certification Our experienced market specialists Image verification Product lifecycle management will follow the end-to-end process Artwork approval management Product specification management cycle demonstrating the full capabil- Digital asset management Pack copy and artwork brief management ity, efficiency and benefits across the Product relationship management all users. Product compliance management myCreations core modules User defined apps page System administration Pre-defined industry reportingmyWorkspace myCompany myReports User and urgent action management System and legal glossary admin Pre-defined company wide reporting Favourite and recent activity management Company glossary management User defined query reporting User defined data lists and views Company and user admin User defined dashboard reporting User defined system and data language Workflow and category admin Report scheduling
  3. 3. myCreations | Services Ensuring our solutions deliver on our promise and continues to meet your goals depends fundamentally on our im- plementation approach and on-going support services. Over the past 20 years we have developed award winning practices and solutions to manage the system installation, change management across your organisation, configura- tion to your specific needs, roll-out internally, supply chain adoption and continuous improvement and user support. Learn your processes Guide on change management Advise on best use and practices Advise on best practice Support internal adoption Advise on initiatives and changes Define and configure your solution Teach your supply chain users Assist and guide users locally Build your solution Engage with your supply chain Assist in the system operation Test the end to end process Ensure user adoption Help and support users worldwide Research market initiatives Review and define change Share and agree direction Introduce new functionality Evolve our total offeringOur commitment is to ensure we help you succeed against your goals as quickly as possible and recognise thateverybody and every business is different. myCreations has been developed as a core solution, based uponproven best practices experienced over the last 20 years, that can be configured to your needs. This experiencehas enabled us to build a standard and rapid set-up process over a 16 week period that would then enable youto self deploy or work with us in partnership to roll-out into your business and supply chain. Set-up ImplementationmyCreations is offered as a Software as a Service Change management Config. Analysis Solution UATmanaged from 1 of 4 MICROS data centres world- Config. Build Config. Test Supplier on-boardingwide. Each of our datacentres are PCI andISO27001 compliant offering the highest level of Modificationssecurity, availability and support to ensure your Supplier trainingsolution is operational 24/7. Programme management myCreations Alliance Partners To ensure that we are continue to meet the latest demands across the end to end process, keep knowledgeable of market requirements and lead the development of new initiatives we have formed an alliance and partnership with a range of leading worldwide organisations. myCreations support modules On-line eLearning environment 24/7 1st line automated support On-line contact managementmyAcademy mySupport myWorld Dynamic interactive courses On-line call logging On-line implementation programme On-line user guides Multi lingual environment On-line document library User assessment and certification Call monitoring Product announcements Course attendance tracking Frequently asked questions Micros news and communication
  4. 4. MRSC | myCreations Supply chain collaboration Compliance validation 70% glossary controlled Specialised product category specifications End-to-end workflow activity Stage gate planning and monitoring Spec, copy to label integration Artwork annotation and approval Quality capture assessments Collaborative incident analysis Query and dash board reporting Improved efficiency across the supply chain Speed to market improvement Earlier risk assessment Increased productivity Reliable source of data Instant and global access to information Fast response to incidents Compliance reliability Instant product data traceability Communication window to suppliers Brand protection Brand development Brand leadership Brand quality Proven reliable partner Worldwide capability Globally used solution Credible market specialistsMICROS Retail Supply Chain | myCreations regional offices Joanne Boyd Wendy Ferrier Lisa Bahmann-Rocher North America United Kingdom Mainland Europe New York, USA Nottingham, England Frankfurt, Germany Phone: +1 585.670.9248 Phone: +44 (0) 845 602 9985 Phone: +49 (0) 6123 795 905About MICROSGlobal provider of product and supplier management software MICROS Retail Supply ChainEmploying 50% users and 50% software developers of MICROS Systems Inc. a Nasdaq listed $1bn company +44 (0) 845 602 9985Servicing over 10,000 businesses used by more than 40,000 users worldwideManaging over 350,000 products worth $60bn annually