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Ohio Chamber of Commerce

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The voice for_business

  1. 1. The Voice for Business Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Founded in 1893, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce continues to be THE voice of business in the state of Ohio. We are the state's oldest and most diverse business association representing over 6,000 Ohio companies. Our members are the family-owned business on the corner and the multinational company located in your community. We advocate for a free enterprise system where businesses flourish and Ohioans prosper.
  3. 3. As the state's leading business advocate and resource, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce aggressively champions free enterprise, economic competitiveness and growth for the benefit of all Ohioans.
  4. 4. Ohio Chamber is the 2nd oldest state chamber in the United States. Ohio Chamber is the largest advocacy group representing over 1 million employers and employees. Since 1893, worked with 60 General Assemblies and 30 governors.
  5. 5. With over 6,000 companies as members, representing millions of employees, the Ohio Chamber's Grassroots efforts on issues and candidates is second to none.
  6. 6. Significant Historical Victories 1. Fair Ohio Supreme Court 2. Ohio Jobs Budget 3. Group Workers' Compensation
  7. 7. The Ohio Chamber supports start-up businesses through the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award which comes with $25,000 and statewide recognition.
  8. 8. Keep up-to-date with
  9. 9. Members have access to a wide-variety of communications pieces.
  10. 10. Member Benefits Credit card processing -- HR manuals -- group workers' compensation -- personalized business products -- educational programs -- networking
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