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Comparable Existing Films and Mood Board


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Published in: Education
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Comparable Existing Films and Mood Board

  1. 1. An evil gypsy woman curses the protagonist.
  2. 2. Characters in the movie suffer horrific deaths after escaping deaths at the beginning of the film.
  3. 3. A lawyer is cursed by a Gipsy after he runs over and kills another Gipsy in his car by accident.
  4. 4. I thought of using some words that are relevant to the film such as Gypsy, Witch and Evil. Seeing as these words were quite simplistic I thought about how I could put a spin on the words and decided to toy with the Latin translations. Evil = Malum Gypsy did not have a Latin translation. On the other hand I quite liked the idea of using the word ‘witch’. Witch has many Latin translations; venefica = witch, sorceress, hag lamia = witch; bogey/demon; female monster (eats children/child's blood) - more like demon than witch saga = witch, sorceress, wise woman - more toward the wise woman praecantrix = witch incantatrix = enchantress; witch - same root as 'incantations' malefica = witch; sorceress - 'bad doer' Out of all of the above I think that Lamia and Praecantrix are the best but the actual title is to be decided. I have also created some conceptual production titles using these possible titles, and applying the conventions of production details in horrors
  5. 5. We're going to have themes of Wiccan, Gypsies, The Supernatural and Superstitious. With our antagonist being a Gypsy, purples and oranges might feature in our Mise en Scene. As will spiritual tattoos and the like. To summarise all of this, we have this moodboard: