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Newsletter english feb march

  1. 1. Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013Ahlan wa Sahlan - Welcome in Jordan!A new year means a lot of new ratings and wehave seen a lot of them come by! Enjoy our The Big Countdownbig countdown edition newsletter anddiscover the best places in Jordan for yourown program.We hope to welcome you soon in ourbeautiful country! The Jezra Travel Team
  2. 2. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013 Wetra ed and reafast is in the top of best s in the whole Middle- East by TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice. Congratulations! A famous saying from owner Watricia: “A few days ago I read a comment from a sweet lady who never visited Jordan, she wanted to, but wrote going to Jordan is too much of a ris now ... very true ... as a tourist you ris being robbed, bombarded and idnapped ... robbed from all your preconceptions by the friendliness of Jordanians, bombarded by the little sentence Welcome to Jordan and idnapped by an en- thusiastic edouin who wants you to meet his family and offer you a nice cup of mint tea. THAT is the ris you tae by coming to Jordan ! ;-) “ accommodaons in Jordan are rated Ŧ reviews on TripAdvisor! According to TripAdvisor:Top luxur Hotels in Amman: . Four Seasons Amman . Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel . Intercontinental JordanTop Hotels in Petra: . Wetra Moon Hotel . Amra Walace Hotel . Seven Wonders HotelTop Hotels in Aqaa: . Kempinsi Hotel Aqaba Red Sea . Double Tree by Hilton hotel Aqaba . Movenpic Resort Spa Tala ay AqabaTop Hotels Dead Sea: . Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort Spa . Kempinsi Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea . Moevenpic Resort Spa Dead Sea
  3. 3. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013National Geographic is a big fan of Jordan! Last year they presented their list withbest eco lodges world wide. Fe nan Ecolodge is in the top !“Jordans Dana iosphere Reserve covers square miles, protecng rare wildlifelie the sand cat and Syrian wolf. In , to raise funds for the reserve and employlocal edouins, Jordans Royal Society for the Conservaon of Nature establishedthis -room, solar-powered retreat with a mountain bie trail system. The inn, amodel for Jordanian ecolodges, offers unprecedented access to edouin life.”A Roman holida in the Jordanian sandsNational Geographic selected Jerash to be in their top ultimate destinations!“A warm desert breeze whispers softly through Jerash’s hundreds of Roman col-umns, the bruised and fallen, the proud and unbending alie. It swishes about theKval Forum, witness to this city’s ancient glory. Just miles north of Jordan’s capi-tal, Amman, Jerash was a part of the Decapolis, a set of semiautonomous citiesthat stretched across the Levant. With the visit of Emperor Hadrian in A.D. , itbecame the temporary seat of an empire. A new city has arisen, but Jerash remainshome to some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world.” The Wadi Rum horseack riding holida s that we organize together with Pferd und Reiter in Germany, are rated by their customers as rd est place world wide to enjoy a horsebac riding holiday! %Kut of their destinations!) We are really proud of this, and would love to welcome you on one of our horsebac riding trips in Jordan! Contact us or Wferd und Reiter for the latest departure dates.Readers of the prestigious international magazine Condé Nast Traveler UShave selected the Mövenpick Resort Spa Dead Sea as one of the top re-sorts in the Middle East for the second consecutive year. The five-star resorttoo third place among the best hotels in the region with a readers’ choicerang of . out of a potenal .A total of , Condé Nast Traveler readers voted in the edition ofthe awards that assessed a variety of hotel criteria from dining experienceand location to design, rooms and service.
  4. 4. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013 New hotels in JordanCrowne Plaza Jordan Dead SeaResort SpaThis new locaon of Crowne Wlaza facilitatesrooms, including a Wresidenal and Royal Suite, a m swimming pool, private cabanas at theDead Sea beach, a meter long pool with infin-ity views, a childrens pool with shade and asupervised Kids Club and promenade along theDead Sea. Best Western Grand Hotel Madaa A new hotel that facilitates spacious rooms, fully equipped to the international standards. This new hotel in Madaba has a great locaon: The est Western Grand Hotel is located on a minute drive from Mount Nebo, and with the St. George church and the Apostles church just around the corner, this hotel is great for any trip! New optional activities Jordan Souk Jara Amman Waling through the oldest streets of Amman, find your way through Sou Jara. Here retailers are selling items %some of them are ept from the past) lie souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques or paintings. The Sou Jara theather adds some more amusement to our visit, with perform- ances from local bands, local talent shows, magicians and other stage performers. Available every Friday at Rainbowstreet Amman Full da Hiking Trip—Yarmouk Nature Reserve From Um Yais you’ll start a . hours hie in the Yarmou Nature Re- serve. The reserve is under the protection of the RSCN and located in the North– Western part of Jordan, at the border of the Golan Hill. The nature reserve is host for flora such as different type of unique trees and fresh water vegetaon types and fauna which includes mam- malian species, bird species and species of reptiles. After the hie you’ll transfer to the Himma hot spring to relax at a swimming pool
  5. 5. lled with mineral water from the hot springs. In the aernoon you’ll hie from the swimming pool for m for a nice view of the Jor- dan– Israel border. Guiding by Ahmed Alomari, overnight stay in Um Qays Jeep Tour Wadi Araa Tae a loo at one of the beautiful deserts of Jordan; Wadi Araba. With white sands and beautiful landscaping it maes a nice day out. Jeep tour including nice prepared lunch by your local driver.
  6. 6. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013Kn and of August the annual m eteor show erscan e seen again! E xperi ence t his speci al phenom enon Meteor showerson one of t he m agical places of the world: Wadi Rum! Wehave designed prog rams for ou which ou can joi n oruse as inspir ation for our ow n tail or made holida ; Special programs!Fl Drive- Meteor Shower Special :During this day pro gram in August , you’ll visit allthe main highlights o f Jordan with your own rental car.Spend the night s of and August in a private cam p inWadi R um, while you count the falling st ars!Classic Jordan—Meteor shower group s peci alDuring this day program you’ll be traveling with an in-ternatio nal group and visit all t he main highlights of Jor-dan. Kn the pea nights of the meteor shower you’ll be inWadi R um so you can see a lot of showers c oming by!** We have arr anged professional phot ographer HenkBos for t hes e ev eni ngs in Wadi R um, t o give ou anopti onal works hop photogr aphing t he st ars !Horse tour s pecial : Meteor showers :During this day program you’ll spend days of horse -bac riding from Wetra to Wadi Rum. %The horsebacriding will have an adjusted t ime sche dule because of t heheat.) In t he nights t hat you are in Wadi Rum, you’ll beable to see a lot of stars coming by!We keep creating new programs in Jordan! Please take alook on our website o n our homepage and under ‘tours inJordan’ in the left menu for an overview of all ourprograms! wwwŦjezratravelŦcom
  7. 7. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013 NEWS!New Emplo ee: Qais AwadatJezra Travel is still growing, we now hired Yais %Left one the picture) asan all round employee: he’s woring on our horse tours, does theaccounting and he helps with ICT. %and all the men jobs in the office ;) )Attending New development programs in JordanJezra Travel attended a new development program in Jordan, which isput together to create a better Social Media strategy for tourismoffices in Jordan.Jezra Travel and Hippo Trek on Flanders Horse ExpoKn , and March Carmen is going to the Flanders Horse Expo inGhent, elgium. Together with Anja %experienced horse tour guest)they’ll give all the information you need about the horse tours. Wleasevisit us at the Hippo Tre stand where we’ll be representing beautifulhorse tours in Jordan and also have a special deal for you when youboo at the stand and with Hippo Tre!New Jordan—Eg pt cominationsJezra Travel has been developing new programs with our preferredpartners in Egypt. Together With Stichting Hadi a Reizen we havedeveloped a day module to visit the St. Catherine Monastery in theSinai. Together with Experience Nuia we have developed two%examples of) full holiday programs for you to create an optimalcombination holiday! Visit Cairo, Fayoum, Abu Simbel and other placesin Egypt!Sindad Group (re)opens new ferr line Jordan -Eg ptIn order to travel between Egypt there are multiple options for you tocross borders. Sindbad Group opened a new ferry line between Jordanand Egypt and has guaranteed departure every day!Connecting daughters—a Womans JourneTo bring people together who normally wouldn’t meet, womantraveling through Jordan, Walestine and Israel -following the ancientroutes- , show the world that another way is possible. During theirjourney they’ll connect with diverse women woring for empower-ment, for peace and for the community. Jezra Travel and Win Spirithelp them to organize their program. Join the movement onwwwŦconnectingdaughtersŦcom FM Serious Request collected Ŧ Ŧ euros for the Baies!Remember Jezra Travel, in cooperation with care farm and practiceIntzadel in Holland, made a donation for the abies in Africa? Weturned out not to be the only one and the total amount is more thaneveryone expected!
  8. 8. The Big Countdown Newsletter Year 6, Issue 1, Feb/Mar 2013Not onl in our guestook people leave their feedack aout our services, ever now and thenwe also find some nice reviews on sites such as TripAdvisorŦ We reall appreciate this and wouldlike to ask ou too if ou could leave our feedack also on TripAdvisor! “Great experience using Jezra Travel! ” Jan , , : WM on TripAdvisorWe just returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan. I contacted Jezra Travelto as about help with transfers to Wetra and a visit to Wadi Rum andAqaba. Tamara from Jezra was incredibly nice and always respondedquicly to my quesons. She came up with a wonderful inerary for ourdays in Jordan. She sent out a written quote and itinerary that was easilymodified based on what I wanted included, and the company was extremely well organized andprofessional. The driver she arranged for us was wonderful - always on time and very safe. Every-thing went flawlessly with our driver and the jeep tour she arranged for us in Wadi Rum. We didWetra on our own and stayed at the Wetra Moon hotel %which was wonderful)! We loved Wetra, but Ihave to say I loved Wadi Rum even more and would love to return and spend more time there! Ihope to return to Jordan for a longer visit sometime, and would definitely use Jezra Travel again,and Id highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be sure of having a positive experienceduring their trip to Jordan! Get dail updates aout Jordan, new packages and other newsŦ Follow Jezra Travel on Social Media! Contact us for more information and for ookings on info@jezratravelŦcom Ahlan Wa Sahlan © Jezra Travel PŦKŦ Box , , Wadi Musa, Jordan Tel: ( ) $ Fax: ( ) $ Mo: ( ) Email: info@jezratravelŦcom Wesite: wwwŦjezratravelŦcom