Dana special 2013


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During this unique trip you start in the RSCN Dana Nature reserve. From here we ride to Showbak, Little Petra. From here we start something very exclusive! From Little Petra we ride to Jabal Haroon INSIDE OF PETRA!

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Dana special 2013

  1. 1. Horse tours 2013 Dana—Petra SpecialAdventurous ride from Dana to Petra and 1 day inside of Petra!!! P.O. Box 63 Wadi Musa 71810 Jordan Phone: +962 32155799 - Fax: +962 32155798Email: info@jezratravel.com - Website: www.jezratravel.com
  2. 2. 4 day horse ri ding pr ogram with the 8 day complete tour i n JordanDiscover the breathtaking scenery of “Laurence of Arabia”The nature in Jordan is very diverse, breathtakingly beautiful and rugged. One of its natural won-ders is the most impressive desert landscape in the world; Wadi Rum. This vast, echoingand colourful desert is a true paradise for nature lovers. The ride takes you from the mountainousarea of Petra with stunning views to the vast sand plains and steep rock formations of Wadi Rum.Accommodation and food & beverage:During this unique trip by horse through Jordans nature you will stayovernight in dome tents with mattresses. These tents can be shared by2 people of used as single tent and you put up and take down yourown tent every day, off course assistance is given when needed. Since we are trekking from one place to another in the nature, thesanitary facilities will be very basic.Every morning and evening you can wash yourself; we have cans, tiles,soap and water for this.Daily you will enjoy delicious Arabic dishes. For breakfast this will be:eggs, cheese, hummus, zait and zater, cake, jam, cucumber, tomato,fruits, bread, tea and coffee, lunch: can be warm dishes with chicken , vegetable and rice, or differ-ent kind of salads and bread, depending on the weather and the wishes of the guests, dinner: thiswill be 3 course with every night a different kind of soup, dishes like ‘sanniya’ (warm dish withvegetables, potatoes and chicken),‘maglouba’ (rice with spices and chicken or meat and vegeta-bles), barbeque, fried fish, vegetables, kofta, always combined with fresh salads and as dessert:fresh fruit and baklava with tea. Tea will always be served and water and soft drinks will be avail-able at all times in the cool box.We have catered for many vegetarians, so also this is no problem for our chef. (he will not even usechicken stock for the soup)Horses & riding:You will mainly ride Arabian horses from Jordan, Syria and Iraq, some are crossbreeds. Riders mustbe fit, able to trot, canter and gallop at ease and have experience in trail riding. Guests are allowedto take care of their own horse with water, food, brushing and saddling each stop. We have a dif-ferent range in horses, from really quiet to quite active. None of the horses are bad tempered as inbucking or rearing up.All saddles are English style and made from leather, every horse has a bit and English leather bridleaccording to his temperament. The saddle blankets have pockets for a water bottle, camera, suncream, etc. So this can be taken along during riding. The jeep will take the luggage and will beavailable for the guests on every lunch and dinner/camping stop.Support team:There will be an Arabic/ English speaking guide by horse on the tour and a support team of a chefand a helper or more staff, depending on the amount of guests, average 1 jeep per 5 -6 guests, or a1 cabin jeep with 8 guests, 2 jeeps with more then 6 – 9 guests. And even 2-3 jeeps & drivers with12 – 15 riders.
  3. 3. Day 1: Arrival dayYou arrive this day at Amman Airport and will be assisted by our airport representative in gettingan individual visa, the cost is 20 JOD per passport. Transfer by car and English speaking driver to the3* hotel in the nice town Madaba. You check in the hotel. The hotels we work with in Madaba areall family run hotels.Madaba is a mostly Christian town and the centre is in walking distance of the hotels.You can visit the St. George church and we can recommend you a very nice Jordanian dinner at thelocal and unique style restaurant: Haret Djoudna. This is located in the same street as the churchand the same street with nice souvenir and local shops.Overnight at the 3* Mariam Hotel (this has a swimming pool, restaurant and bar) or the3* Rumman Hotel, very nice family hotel also with restaurant or the 3* Salome hotel, also a familyrun hotel, all these hotels are located in the same street and very close to each other!Day 2: Kings Way, Madaba, Kerak Castle - DanaAt 08.30 AM all the guests/ riders will be picked up from the hotel in Madaba, depending on theamount of guests this will be in a car with English speaking driver or a minivan and in case of a lar-ger groups, 2 minivans and English speaking drivers.Today they will spend very nicely via the beautiful scenic Kings High Way to the south, while visit-ing: - Mt. Nebo, where Moses saw the promised land and great views over the Dead Sea. - Madaba, St. George Church with a mosaic floor of the promised land. - They will pass the Wadi Mujib Dam and can see the great canyon. - Kerak crusader CastleHere is also a good location to have lunch, or if the time is OK, they can have lunch in Dana andhave the afternoon off.After Kerak the drive to Dana is about 1,5 – 2 hours. Upon arrival in the amazing old Dana village ofall natural stones, they guests can check in the simple but cozy hotel and have a walk around in thevillage or to the natural spring. Tonight the horses will be close by and Jessica or Rami will come tothe hotel to discuss the details of the ride and you can ask them any questions you have.Day 3: Start of the 4 days riding! Dana to ShowbakThis morning we start early to have a nice fresh climate.At 08.00 Am we transfer the guests for a few minutes to where thehorses are ready. Please dress in horse riding outfit and take theneeded things with you for the riding (helmet, sun cream and camera).We will provide water bottles for drinking.At arrival Rami or the guide will select a suitable horse for each rider.The horses are already brushed and saddled. And the suitcases will goin the jeep.We start riding from here. Today we will ride from the beautiful Danamountains to the mountains of Showbak, along the way giving amazingviews over the Dana – Feynan canyon all the way to Wadi Araba. This is a high area in Jordan andtherefore in the summertime nice with a breeze and good temperatures. With lunchtime we willtake a longer break in the shade and enjoy our surroundings or a nice nap in between.After the lunch we ride towards Showbak where we will camp in the mountains, we provide thetents and mattresses. When we arrive, again the horses are tied first and the saddles are taken off,the horses are given water and food, then the guests can set up their tents. Tea is already madeand by the time everyone sits down, dinner will be served on a table (small buffet style).The campfire is made and the first evening under the stars can be enjoyed!
  4. 4. Day 4: Showbak to Little PetraBreakfast is usually served around 07.30 – 08.00 am, the guests take down their tent, brush andsaddle their horses and the riding usually starts at 09.00 – 09.30 am.Depending on the weather and the wishes of the client, we can make an early visit to Showbak cas-tle before we start riding.The jeep will be loaded again and will catch up with the group later and drive towards the lunchlocation where they will all meet again.Today we will ride via the mountains of Showbak to Little Petra, here it starts to be more green,great views and when coming over the mountain from Showbak to Little Petra, there are greatviews over Little Petra and Wadi Araba.After the lunch, everyone brushes and saddles his horses and the riding will be now into the moun-tains of Little Petra, a stunning nature area.Tonight we will camp in Little Petra with a campfire and stories can be told under the beautifulstarry sky!Day 5: Little Petra – PetraAfter breakfast, everyone brushes and saddles the horses and the third day of riding begins. LittlePetra has irrigation of the waste water from Wadi Musa, so there are many fields year round ofAlfalfa/ Luzern, a very nutritious kind of hay, and in between all the trees, mountains and greenfields, we ride yet into another area where hardly anyone comes, maybe here and there we will seesome Bedouins with the goat and sheep and some Bedouin tents.Today we will make sure the lunch is in the shade!We ride more in little Petra and in the afternoon we can even visit the site of Little Petra, not onhorse though.From here we will bring the guest to the hotel Petra Palace, where they can have a nice shower anda dip in the swimming pool. We have not offered the dinner in the hotel, since we like to offerthem dinner in the Bedouin style restaurant, Sun City, but with food of 5* quality hotels!The reason we sleep in a hotel in the tourist street of Petra, is that tomorrow we are going to dosomething special!! We will ride into Petra with the horses!!! And for this special way, we need toleave very early, otherwise we will not get this special permission of the authorities.The horses will be transported to the beginning of Petra today and the staff will take care of thehorses and the materials.Overnight at the 3* Petra Palace Hotel.
  5. 5. Day 6: PETRA – Jabal HaroonLast day of riding! And it will be a very special ride.We will ride at 06.00 AM in the morning via the gate and the Siq to the treasury of Petra, this is nor-mally not allowed anymore. And they will only give you the permission if you leave at 06.00 AM inthe morning.We will ride via the Siq like Indiana Jones to the treasury to the Roman theatre, street of Facades,Colonnaded street, where we will turn left towards the snake monument and Jabal Haroon.Since it was very early this morning, we can do a tea/ coffee stop with sweets & cake at the snakemonument before riding towards Jabal Haroon. This is the mountain where Aron the brother ofMoses is buried.At the last part of this trail to Jabal Haroon, we will get off the horses and tight them. We will walkto last part to the Haron Tomb ( Arons grave tomb). We have great views from here.They have build a white dome that was a little Church before, then it was a mosque and now it is alittle Pelgrims place, where you can burn a candle and send your prayers to your God.Once we have climbed Jabal Haroon and we come down, the lunch will be served!!And we can have a nice break!After the break we ride the horses back into Petra, but we will take the back way now to Um Sa-hoon Village, where you will be transferred back to the hotel and the horses will be transferredfrom here to their stables.Tonight you can sleep again in the nice 3* Petra Palace, have a swim or even go to the Turkish bath,close to the hotel for a nice steam bath, body scrub and soap massage, very good to relax to mus-cles.Dinner can be in one of the many restaurants that we have in Wadi Musa, Sun City, Al Qantarah,Red Cave, Thousand and one night, etc.Overnight at the Petra Palace Hotel.
  6. 6. Day 7: Petra or Wadi Rum and overnight in MadabaYesterday you rode with the horses in Petra, today, you can take more time on foot to see it andclimb on the rocks. Go to the high place of Sacrifice or the Monastery, the entrée and guide for thefirst 3 hours is included.If you prefer not to go to Petra today, we can offer you a jeep tour, entrée and lunch in the pro-tected area of Wadi Rum.In the afternoon you will be transferred to the hotel in Madaba, for your last evening.You can check in the same hotel again and have a free evening in Madaba. We have not includedthe dinner, since the restaurant: Haret Djoudna offers great atmosphere, good food for greatprices! And this is a nice location to finish a holiday with all the riders!Day 8: DepartureDepending on your flight time, the driver will pick you from the hotel about 2,5 – 3 hours beforedeparture time of your flight, you need to check in at least 2 hours before departure and fromMadaba to Amman airport is just a 35 – 40 minutes drive.The breakfast at the hotel will be served from : 07.00 – 09.30 AmIf you like to stay longer in Jordan, or you prefer to stay overnight at the 4* Dead Sea Spa Hotel orthe 5* Marriott Jordan Valley at the Dead Sea instead of in Madaba, you can find the extra pricesfor these stays in the price indication.You can also contact us for these extra days or more nights in Jordan and we are happy to give youthe information and prices you need.Email us to: info@jezratravel.com
  7. 7. Dana Petra Special Date: Sat 06/07 – Sat 13/07 2012Price indication 2013 - 8 day horse tour though Jordan, with 4 riding days including 1 day riding INSIDE Petra!!! 1 day Kings Way, Madaba, Mt Nebo, Kerak and Dana, visit Petra, with the last night in Madaba $ 1.550,00 per person in USDIncluded:• All transfers during the whole tour as described in the program with a car (3 pax) and or mini- van (7 pax) with English speaking driver• Day 1: Overnight in the 3* Mariam/ Rumman/ Salome Hotel in Madaba, including breakfast.• Day 2: Transfer today via the Kings way with visits to Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Kerak castle to Dana, all entrée tickets included• Day 2: Overnight at the Dana Hotel or the Dana Tower hotel in the old Village of Dana, includ- ing dinner and breakfast• Day 2: transport of the horses to Dana in the afternoon• Day 3 - 6: Start the riding days from Dana to Showbak, from Showbak to Little Petra, Little Petra 1 day then sleep in Petra, then ride to Jabal Haroon via the Siq treasury, roman theatre, snake monument and end in Petra. (aver. 4 -5 hours per day), including all meals, water (bottles), tea, soft drinks, camping (tents & mattresses) materials for the horses, guide per horse, driver/ chef, luggage transport and entrée ticket for Petra for 2 days.• Day 3 camping in Showbak with the horse tour, dinner and breakfast and camping materials included• Dag 4: Camping in Little Petra with the horse tour, dinner and breakfast and camping materials included• Day 5: Overnight at the 3* Petra Palace with swimming pool, including breakfast• Day 6: riding inside of Petra to Jabal Haroon (we have special permission for this)• Day 6: Transport end of the day of the horses back to their stable in the mountains close to Petra.• Day 6: Overnight in 3* Petra Palace with swimming pool and breakfast.• Day 7: Visit to Petra, including entree and a short horse ride from the entrance to the Siq And a private English speaking guide for the 3 hours Petra City tour. (optional: Instead of an extra day in Peta you can also do a jeep tour in Wadi Rum, optional, so not included)• Day 7: In the afternoon transfer to Madaba• Day 7 : Overnight at the 3* Mariam/ Rumman/ Salome Hotel in Madaba, including breakfast.• Day 8: After breakfast transfer to the airport (depending on the flight details)• Organization- and guidance fee Jezra Travel• Part of our profit will be donated to a good cause in the village Taybet to a centre for disabled children, named: South Taybet Society for the disabled. So thank you for booking with us and in this way supporting our local community.
  8. 8. Not included:• Visa at the airport 20 JD per person• Meals not mentioned in the program:• - Day 1: Dinner in Madaba, mostly there are late arrivals therefore we do not included the dinner• - Day 2: Lunch along the way from Madaba to Dana (in Kerak or in Dana)• - Day 5: Dinner in Petra, since there are many restaurants and choices.• - Day 6: Dinner in Petra, since there are many restaurants and choices• - Day 7: Lunch this day can be in Petra or in Wad Rum, depends on the wishes of the client.• - Day 7: Dinner in Madaba, we recommend dinner at the restaurant Haret Djoudna• All other beverages not mentioned in the program• - Alcoholic beverages during the horse tour upon request (Beer 3 JD, wine per bottle 15 JD)• Tips for the guide(s)/driver, restaurants, etc• Travel insurance, for horse tours compulsory!• Sleeping bag for camping during the horse tour, please bring your own.Single supplement:Total for the 5 nights in the hotels mentioned above: $ 150,00 per personOptionals for extra stay in Jordan (NETTO PRICES):• Day 7: Jeep tour in Wadi Rum: half day, 3,5 hours: 75 JOD per jeep (maximal 6 persons)• Day 7: Jeep tour in Wadi Rum: full day 4 - 7 hours: 100 JOD per jeep (maximal 6 persons)• Entrée ticket Wadi Rum: 7 USD per person• BBQ lunch prepared in the desert including tea, water and soft drinks: 15 USD per person• Turkish Bath in Petra, steam room, body scrub and soap massage: 25 USD per personSeparate night in Amman:Overnight in Amman in the 3* Al Waleed Hotel, based on a single room BB: 65 USD in totalExtra nights in Aqaba (NETTO PRICES):Overnight in 3* My hotel based on a single room BB: 50 USD for a single roomOvernight in 3* My Hotel based on a twin room BB: 37,50 USD per personOvernight at the Red Sea Dive Centre at the beach with pool/diving: 65 USD for a single room BBOvernight at the Red Sea Dive Centre at the beach with pool/diving: 85 USD for a double room BBOvernight at the 4* Marina Plaza Tala Bay, pool/ beach access: 115 USD for a single room BBOvernight at the 4* Marina Plaza Tala Bay, pool/ beach access: 150 USD for a double room BBOvernight at the 5* Radisson Blu Tala Bay, pools/ beach, restaurants: 175 USD for a single room BBOvernight at the 5* Radisson Blu Tala Bay, pools/ beach, restaurants: 225 USD for a double room BBOvernight at the Dead Sea instead of Madaba for the last night:Overnight at the 4* Dead Sea Spa hotel, based on a twin room BB: 60 USD extra per personOvernight at the 4* Dead Sea Spa Hotel, based on a single room BB: 95 USD extraOvernight at the 5* Marriott Jordan Valley, based on a twin room BB : 95 USD extra per personOvernight at the 5* Marriott Jordan Valley, based on a single room BB: 195 USD extraOffered by Jezra Travel to each rider:Arabic scarf (Kafihe) for protection against the sun (before they start the horse tour) Our General Terms apply on the offer mentioned above Jezra Travel cannot be held responsible if the government decides to increase: Salestax, fee entry tickets and fuel. In this case it will be charged to the client with the final invoice