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Basics of Engineering Drawing and Graphics


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Engineering Drawing and Graphics, Manual Drafting, Computer Aided Drafting, Manual Drafting Tools, Letterring, Dimensioning and Geometical Constructions

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Basics of Engineering Drawing and Graphics

  1. 1. BASICS OF ENGINEERING GRAPHICS Prof.T.JEYAPOOVAN Department of Mechanical Engineering Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Chennai-603103, India
  2. 2. Engineering Graphics • Engineering Drawing and Graphics deals with the preparation of technical drawings for Engineering components like Machine parts and Buildings. • All Engineering Drawings are prepared in Manual Drafting or Computer Aided Drafting.
  3. 3. Manual Drafting Tools • Mini Drafter • Instruments Box • Set Squares • Protractor • Pencils (HB, H, 2H) • Eraser
  4. 4. ComputerAided Drafting Tools • Computer – High Resolution Monitor display – RAM 2GB or More – Graphics card • Software – AutoCAD • Plotter/Laser Printer
  5. 5. Lettering • Letters, numbers and special characters are printed as follows
  6. 6. Dimensioning • All dimensions in a drawing are clearly printed using the lettering practice.
  7. 7. Drawing Sheet Layout • Layout of drawing sheet shows the title block and border lines as given below.
  8. 8. Drawing Sheet Title Block • Title block of a drawing sheet has title of drawing and other details as given below.
  9. 9. Printing/Lettering • Print the following sentence in 10 mm capital and 5 mm lowercase letters.
  10. 10. Draw an Equilateral Triangle • Construct an equilateral triangle of side 40mm
  11. 11. Draw a Square • Construct a square of side 40 mm.
  12. 12. Draw a Pentagon • Construct a pentagon of side 30 mm.
  13. 13. Draw a Hexagon • Construct a Hexagon of side 30 mm.
  14. 14. Draw a Circle • Construct a Circle of diameter 40 mm.
  15. 15. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Jeyapoovan T, “Lesson Plans for Engineering Graphics”, 2010, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. 2. Jeyapoovan T, “Engineering Drawing and Graphics”, 2011, Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.
  16. 16. End of Basics of EG ThankYou