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  1. 1. Selah is the gateway to Israel for dynamic young people, aged 17-21, from the former Soviet Union - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States and Georgia. What began as an initiative with 80 students has snowballed into a flagship aliyah program with thousands of graduates serving in the Israel Defense Forces and working in a broad range of professions throughout Israel. Printed at the Jewish Agency Tel: +972.2.620.2633 PARTNERING WITH PURPOSE, ALL OVER THE WORLD. E-mail: The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world. The Selah Program
  2. 2. The Selah Program Selah, a Hebrew acronym for “students before their parents,” All of Selah’s young participants arrive in Israel as tourists. Within A Springboard to is a 9-month Hebrew language study and pre-academic preparatory program for high school graduates from three months, their status is changed to that of new immigrants. In this way, they become eligible for the government’s a Better Future the former Soviet Union (FSU) to continue on to higher “absorption basket” of financial assistance. During their first education in Israel. Selah helps to facilitate the aliyah and three-months in Israel, Selah students live at a Jewish Agency Since its establishment in 1995, absorption of these young adults, many of who will be Absorption Center and receive free room and board, medical after the fall of the Iron Curtain, followed by their parents and other family members. insurance and dental treatment. During the second stage, they the Selah program has been the For the first five months of the program, Selah participants receive half-board and pay a subsidized rental fee, similar to driving factor in the aliyah of other absorption center residents. thousands of bright, motivated are immersed in intensive Hebrew language studies (ulpan). This is followed by a pre-academic preparatory program Before being accepted to the program, candidates are required Jewish high school graduates that includes intensive study in Hebrew, English and math, to undergo an extensive testing procedure in the FSU, including from the former Soviet Union. in preparation for their college entrance examinations. achievement, aptitude and personality tests. A personal Selah puts these students on Throughout the entire program Selah students engage in interview is also required. social and cultural programs, enrichment activities, Jewish track to college education and studies and community volunteerism. They travel throughout gives them vital assistance to Israel on guided field trips and hikes and celebrate the Jewish make Israel their home. holidays, sometimes for the first time.