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Fostering Social Cohesion in Israeli Society


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Fostering Social Cohesion in Israeli Society

  1. 1. Youth Futures is opening the door for underprivileged Arab children to receive “There aren’t any Arab targeted educational and social assistance organizations that do the and, for the first time, their families are kind of work the Jewish Agency does in the Arab involved in the process. Over 1,000 Arab teens from outlying areas Fostering sector. ” -- Kamilla Sarwan, 26, Arab Youth are graduating high school with honors through the Pre-Atidim program. Social Cohesion Futures Trustee, Acre The Jewish-Arab Loan Fund will advance joint business ventures that strengthen the relationship between Jewish and in Israeli Arab Israelis and provide new economic opportunities for the North and South. Society Maram and Asaf, high school Find out how you can make an impact: seniors from Lod-Ramle, are v 212.339.6048 Tel: +972.2.620.2633 E-mail: internationally recognized Cisco e Certified Network Associates (CCNA), two of 1,300 high school students in the Jewish Agency’s The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, the International Fellowship of Net@ program. Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world.
  2. 2. Coexistence begins at home. Working Youth Futures Atidim closely with Arab municipalities, the This groundbreaking initiative matches more Pre-Atidim provides 1,000 outstanding Arab and Jewish Agency is making sure that than 6,500 disadvantaged youth with 350 Druze high school students with educational minorities are included in all our key young adult trustees who mentor and develop reinforcement in math, science and English, development and education programs. personalized plans for each child. For three years increasing their chances of entering Israel’s We are also promoting joint business the trustee works to bridge critical educational, top universities. The Jewish Agency runs this ventures and the study of Arabic in grade social and extracurricular gaps facing these program for promising students in the Arab and school. children. Among the 32 localities which host this Druze communities of Yarka, Horfesh, Ra’at, Beit program are mixed Jewish-Arab towns such as Ja’an, Usefiya, Dalyat al-Carmel and Maghdar. Acre and Ma’alot-Tarshiha and Arab and Druze Jewish-Arab Loan Fund villages like Horfesh and Sheikh Danun. In these After high school some of these students will Working with the Center for Jewish-Arab continue at Israel’s leading universities with towns, the at risk youth as well as their mentors Economic Development (CJAED), the Jewish the Atidim for Industry and Atidim Cadets for are Arab or Druze. Agency is establishing a Jewish-Arab Loan Public Service programs, where they receive full Average cost per child in the Youth Futures financial scholarships, laptop computers and Fund for the underdeveloped areas of Carmel, program in an Arab township: $1,875 the Upper Galilee and northern Negev regions. tutoring assistance. This Fund fosters increased opportunities Average cost per student in Atidim programs for employment and economic growth, with Net@ - Bridging the Digital Divide in Arab communities: funding priority given to joint ventures between Over 1,300 high school teenagers in mixed Pre-Atidim: $1,000 Jewish and Arab-owned businesses. Average Jewish and Arab towns such as Ramle, Acre Atidim for Industry: $8,500 funding is $65,000 - $75,000. and Nazareth, learn side-by-side in this three- Atidim Cadets for Public Service: $8,100 Cost for establishing a new fund: $200,000 year technology program with Cisco systems to design, build and maintain computer networks. Language as a Cultural Bridge The Jewish and Arab teens engage in volunteer work together for their communities and More than 8,000 fifth and sixth grade pupils develop leadership skills while working as part of in 66 Jewish schools in the Galilee study a cohesive team. By their senior year, graduates conversational Arabic. This program helps Jewish receive international certification from Cisco as and Arab children develop a basis for dialogue network computer technicians. and mutual understanding through the study of Arabic language and culture. The program is a Average cost per participant in the Net@ joint project with The Abraham Fund Initiatives. program in mixed Jewish-Arab communities: $4,400 Cost per class: $6,000