Jewish Agency Economic Crisis Handout 04/19/10


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Jewish Agency Economic Crisis Handout 04/19/10

  1. 1. At the Jewish Agency, we are sensitive to the April 2010 difficulties you and the entire federation system must grapple with as the global economic downturn continues. We are your partners in facing this storm as we carefully weigh every dollar spent to ensure maximum benefit to the Update on people supported by campaign dollars. Now, as always, our beneficiaries are our most important impact of priority. Every year, some 2 million people As the world’s largest Jewish nonprofit, the Jewish Agency is the leader in partnering world Jewry with the around the world depend on the services of the people and State of Israel. The Jewish Agency is funded economic Jewish Agency because of your partnership. by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, Youth and communities at risk in Israel—at risk the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, crisis on our foundations and donors from Israel and around the world. from neglect, disadvantage or kassams—depend on our help. Vulnerable new immigrants look to us as they struggle to build new lives. So do young immigrant soldiers and students alone in Israel beneficiaries who count on us as family. Throughout the former Soviet Union, young people and communities at risk of being severed from their Jewish identity reach out trusting we’ll be there for them. That is why we are constantly looking for greater efficiencies, considering carefully and Find out more about how you can make an impact: v 212 339.6048 e responsibly every single dollar spent on any Presentation of the activity not directly helping our beneficiaries. Champion of Children Award But today, and increasingly over the past two years, many are now in jeopardy. Partnering with purpose, all over the world.
  2. 2. Background 2010 Budget Changes In the 2009 budget, facing an unprecedented global $25.4 million in further budget cuts We continue to make major Employee Reduction economic crisis, the Jewish Agency slashed expenditures reductions in personnel and by $74.3 million dollars. In the 2010 budget, we have cut 2010 Budget Changes as you can see from the facing another $25 million from our operating budget. in U.S. $/ in millions charts, administrative cuts have From 2008 to 2010, Jewish Agency income declined by 20 percent. This was been just as deep. Program Cuts exacerbated by a fall in the value of the dollar against the shekel and the 17.3% reduction STRENGTHENING ISRAEL through immigration and absorption -10.4 We are now implementing currencies of the FSU – key areas of our activities. in permanent staff changes to our organizational since 2007 Our core income not only funds many of our activities, it also provides CONNECTING NEXT GENERATION with Israel and peoplehood -2.3 structure to not only reduce costs the infrastructure that allows us to implement projects funded by donor- PARTNERING WITH ISRAELIS to effect transformative change -4.2 further but to increase efficiencies directed income and enables us to leverage additional funds. by centralizing key functions. These cuts translate into fewer people whom we can help and lower Overhead and other expenses -$8.5 Administrative Cuts levels of support, while also limiting our ability to react speedily in case While we continue to make every effort to minimize of emergencies. Given the ongoing economic uncertainty and volatility, the negative fallout on our we continue to work hard to identify and implement solutions to exact In order to maintain budgetary balance, we have beneficiaries, unfortunately, the greatest possible impact from every single dollar spent in an effort we have also had to make $13.2 million to not cut programs any further. The approved 2010 budget assumes further reduced our operating budget by $25.4 million in administrative major reductions in essential budget cuts in 2009, that an additional $58 million in restricted support by funders will ensure in 2010 – in addition to the $74.3 million already $18.9 cut since 2006 programs in order to be able that we can meet the challenges and critical needs of the individuals and slashed in 2009 – for a cumulative reduction of $99.7 to responsibly manage these communities worldwide that rely on us. million in expenditures since 2008. financial realities. Impact on Jewish Agency beneficiaries Immigration and absorption Connecting the next generation Effecting social change in Israel $10.4 million cut in 2010 / 29.2% since 2008 $2.3 million cut in 2010 / 19.1% since 2008 $4.2 million cut in 2010 / 13.4% since 2008 for example for example for example • Five Absorption Centers that provided a soft landing to vulnerable new • In the FSU, we are now reaching some 6,700 fewer children and youth through • Youth Futures, our flagship program that helps children and youth at risk immigrants were closed between 2005 and 2009, which means 2,700 summer and winter camps than in 2007, and an additional $1.5 million was cut from Israel’s geographic and social periphery realize their potential, is fewer olim can be served. Additionally, many new immigrants will no for camps in the FSU and the rest of the world in 2010. reaching 4,000 fewer children and youth than planned because the budget longer receive the same level of support to ease their difficult transition does not exist to expand the program. because of the $4.64 million budget cut for Absorption Centers in 2010. • In 2009, 10,300 less people in the FSU were able to study Hebrew and connect to their Jewish heritage through identity-building ulpans than in 2008, and • Additional programs like Atidim, Net@ and Sparks of Science are reaching far • Programs that care for young immigrants served 450 fewer olim in participation will decrease further as a result of the budget reduction in 2010. fewer youth at risk in Israel’s periphery due to the $1.5 million budget cut for 2009 than in 2005, and many young immigrants are not receiving the educational advancement programs in 2010. assistance they need to attend institutions of higher education because • In the FSU, we are now active in 54 fewer towns and cities than in 2006 and have 11 fewer educational shlichim than five years ago. • Our residential Youth Aliyah villages for children at risk cannot increase of the $1.3 million in budget cuts for Student Authority Scholarships their capacity beyond the current level of some 1,000, and for those children since 2005. • In France, the number of youth involved in Zionist youth movements has already in the villages, budget cuts have reduced our ability to provide • The number of shlichim (Israel emissaries) was cut in half between 2005 fallen by more than 2,000, while in Latin America, the youth movement summer the high level of care, professional support and enrichment programs that and 2009. The opportunities to engage new target audiences are reduced, and winter camps are in danger, depriving 4,000 youth of the educational existed in the past. An additional $756,000 has been cut from the Youth and potential olim receive less support as they prepare to move to Israel. opportunity that the camps provide. Aliyah budget for 2010. • Many people who wish to build a new life in Israel will not receive • In Latin America, the annual training program for 400-600 educators in formal • We have been forced to close a number of partnerships in Partnership the information they need to make aliyah because Aliyah Promotion educational frameworks has been cut from two to one seminar, while the 2000 and reduce the scope of activities in others, and an additional $1.92 Activities have been cut by nearly 40 percent since 2005. training program for 200 informal educators has been cut completely. million has been cut from the Partnership 2000 budget in 2010.