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The PowerPoint presentation was developed to assist Federation professional to make the most of the Jewish Agency for Israel's content using tools lik Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter.

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Federation Guideto Web2

  1. 1. A Federation Guide to: JAFI’s Web 2.0 www.jewishagency.org
  2. 2. What is Web 2.0 or Social Networking? • On a broad level, it is an online community of people who are socializing with each other via a particular Web site. • On an individual level, it is the practice of growing the number of one's business and/or social contacts by networking with individuals. www.jewishagency.org
  3. 3. What is Web 2.0 or Social Networking? • Most of the social networks on the Web are public, allowing anyone to join. It is based on the idea of "six degrees of separation" (the concept that any two people on the planet could meet through a chain of no more than five people), social networking is a popular way to connect socially or professionally with other people! Source: Netlingo.com www.jewishagency.org
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Tools • Jewish Agency Website • Facebook • YouTube • Flickr • Twitter www.jewishagency.org
  5. 5. How does it help your Federation? • These resources are designed to provide your Federation with content about the Jewish Agency for Israel’s activities around the world www.jewishagency.org
  6. 6. Jewish Agency Website www.jewishagency.org
  7. 7. Jewish Agency Website • Great resource to learn about the Jewish Agency’s continuum of programs • Two feature stories: one about a program beneficiary and the other about donors’ impact (this includes stories about missions) www.jewishagency.org
  8. 8. Jewish Agency Website • Gateway to new social networking sites: – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Flickr Links on Home Page www.jewishagency.org
  9. 9. Facebook • Become a fan of the Jewish Agency Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jewishagency • Even become a fan from the convenience of your mobile phone by texting “fan JewishAgency” to FBOOK (32665) www.jewishagency.org
  10. 10. Facebook www.jewishagency.org
  11. 11. Facebook • Fans receive all the latest news and updates on their Facebook feed • You can post the stories on your personal profile and Federation pages by clicking “share” to help better communicate with your donors www.jewishagency.org
  12. 12. YouTube • Jewish Agency YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/jewishagencydotorg • If your Federation has its own YouTube channel, you can subscribe to ours too • Videos are divided thematically using playlists. The default is the Aliyah list www.jewishagency.org
  13. 13. YouTube www.jewishagency.org
  14. 14. YouTube • YouTube allows videos to be shared with on Facebook, Twitter, and other media • Videos are posted with searchable key words like immigration, aliyah, JAFI, Jewish Agency, etc. www.jewishagency.org
  15. 15. YouTube • Embed Jewish Agency videos on your website by copying a pasting a short piece of code • Simply hit the arrow highlighted in red & copy the code where it says “embed” www.jewishagency.org
  16. 16. Flickr • Subscribe to our Flickr Photo Stream: www.flickr.com/jewishagencyforisrael • Photos are posted with searchable key words like immigration, Masa, etc, for easy searches www.jewishagency.org
  17. 17. Flickr • Download hi-resolution photos for your own print and web need by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting the desired resolution • If used, simply attribute photos to the Jewish Agency www.jewishagency.org
  18. 18. Twitter • Follow the Jewish Agency Twitter Feed: www.twitter.com/jewishagency • This is a great resource to learn about the latest Jewish Agency activities and a vehicle to pass on the news to your donors www.jewishagency.org
  19. 19. Twitter www.jewishagency.org
  20. 20. In Summary Connect. Post. Share. www.jewishagency.org
  21. 21. Other Helpful Web 2.0 Resources • NetLingo: www.netlingo.com • Mashable: www.mashable.com • Twitter Tips: www.twitip.com • Web 2.0 Glossary: http://www.gooruze.com/articles/20/ Web-20-Glossary-Understanding-the-New- Media-Jargon www.jewishagency.org
  22. 22. Thank You www.jewishagency.org