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Chek List Kc


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Chek List Kc

  1. 1. ALIYAH CHECKLIST – RETURNIG MINOR (Katin Chozer) To be completed by Applicant: Aliyah Questionnaire 1 Passport-size photo for each adult Proof of Judaism – a typed letter from a Rabbi on a synagogue letterhead confirming you were born to Jewish parents “Entry-exit Form” including all visits to Israel from age 14 to present Photocopies of passports from age 14 until present including copies of stamps of entries and exits to and from Israel and a copy of the main page of all passports for each child. If years are missing, proof of non-residency in Israel from age 14 to present must be presented (e.g. high school transcript, tax returns, etc.) Proof of study in Israel (if applicable) Waiver of Confidentiality (no need for notarization) Health Declaration for each Oleh Certified copies of all that apply: Birth certificate (all applicants) Marriage Certificate Divorce Certificate Death Certificate (for widow, widower) Name Change Certificate *Please clarify with your Shaliach if apostille certificate is required Fees: Application fee: $50 for single; $100 per couple or family AND Ticket vouchers fee: $50 per individual 12 years and older Please make total sum payable in a money postal order or bank check to: Israel Aliyah Center To be completed by Parents: Entry-Exit form completed by each parent for the years the applicant was age 14 to 18. Photocopy of all passports for both parents, for the years the applicant was age 14 to 18. Parent’s Declaration (if applicant is fewer than 35) *Additional forms may be required in accordance with each individual case. * See explanation of apostille certification inside booklet