Carla is an At Home
                                Together volunteer. She
                                is the mother ...
Aliyah Made Easier Through
At Home Together Program                                                                       ...
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At home together


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At home together

  1. 1. Carla is an At Home Together volunteer. She is the mother of Alexei Neikov z”l who was killed during his army service while protecting a bus of children in the Gaza strip. The Jewish Agency gives an annual scholarship in memory of Alexei. Carla explains why she became a volunteer. “After so many years of the Jewish Agency memorializing Alexei’s name, it was time for me to give of my time and knowledge and help new immigrants.” Printed at the Jewish Agency PARTNERING WITH PURPOSE, ALL OVER THE WORLD. The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world. At Home Together Program
  2. 2. Aliyah Made Easier Through At Home Together Program the Power of Caring At Home Together volunteer absorption/employment mentors An innovative new aspect of At Home Together is its five Friendship. Belonging. Social offer targeted assistance to help immigrants from all countries employment centers, strategically located throughout Israel. of origin in all aspects of absorption: employment, housing, These centers are instrumental in providing critical assistance integration. Networking. education and social integration. From Hebrew tutoring to and guidance for new immigrants to find jobs. Employment opportunities. looking for permanent housing, to assistance in actualizing The program also boasts a customized on-line Aliyah Job Center This is what thousands of caring their rights and becoming involved in community activities, the for recent new immigrants. People who have declared their Israeli volunteers offer new volunteers speak the language of the new immigrant and are a intention to make aliyah can also access it before they arrive to personal and accessible address. immigrants through the At Home Israel. The Center provides an extensive job search database, Some 4,000 families, singles, students and lone soldiers have email and telephone helpdesk, mentoring support and links to Together program. The goal is to been matched with mentors. Strong relationships are nurtured relevant job search information ( forge lasting personal connections as they spend holidays together, go out socially and become At Home Together powerfully touches and changes the lives of that will enhance the quality of life involved in each other’s lives. both new immigrants and veteran Israeli volunteers. for new immigrants.