Aliyah of rescue


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Aliyah of rescue

  1. 1. From the airlifting of 14,310 Ethiopians to Israel in the span of 36 hours to arranging immediate aliyah ights for Jews in war-torn Georgia to organizing clandestine missions to save Jews from virulently anti- Zionist countries, the Jewish Agency remains resolute in its promise to carry out bold rescue missions to help Jews whenever and wherever necessary. Tel: +972.2.620.2633 PARTNERING WITH PURPOSE, ALL OVER THE WORLD. A young new immigrant from a country E-mail: Aliyah of Rescue The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and of distress with his father. He remains anonymous to protect his family. federations, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world.
  2. 2. Aliyah of Rescue In the not so distant past, it was thought that Jews around the world The Jewish Agency is the Jewish world’s rst responder in times of Together, We Are were safe. That rescue missions were no longer necessary. But as global events spiral from one crisis to another, anti-Zionists and anti-Semites crisis. Our special emissaries are working around the world to assist Jewish communities that live in fear. It is our mission to ensure that the First Responders have whipped into action. We have woken up to the reality that there Jews everywhere know that the Jewish people are behind them. That are a number of places around the world where Jews who assumed we can keep our promise to bring them safely home to Israel and For over 60 years, the Jewish that they could live their lives freely may now need to be rescued. ensure their smooth integration into Israeli society. Agency for Israel and its partners There are over 60,000 Jews living in countries where they are at risk. On the ground in Israel, the Jewish Agency’s extensive absorption have kept an unwavering promise These countries have been, and will continue to be, in the news. But network stands ready at all times. Many of these new immigrants must to the Jewish people: to bring any too much publicity can endanger Jewish lives. Thus, we must tread leave their homes clandestinely. They arrive to Israel with severely Jew, from anywhere in the world, cautiously to ensure that we protect, and do not expose, the people in limited resources and no personal property. The Jewish Agency is to safety in Israel. Today, once these communities in: committed to: • the volatile Middle East again, there are Jews who fear for • regimes where democracy is unheard of • bringing these vulnerable Jews to safety in their historic homeland their safety. We must stand ready • countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel to act at any time. • regions in which anti-Jewish sentiment and racism are on the rise • providing a supportive, sheltered rst home during the di cult transition period • republics that pledge the destruction of the State of Israel • countries in which the Jewish population is seriously threatened. • giving each new citizen the tools they need to achieve independence and acclimate to their new lives.