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Advancing Women in Israel


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Advancing Women in Israel

  1. 1. “My company is taking off. 200 women entrepreneurs in the Negev and Galilee received vital start-up Today, my products are loans to establish their small business enterprises. sold in stores throughout Over 280 women in 14 communities Israel. The Jewish Agency’s have trained to become community Loan Fund helped me to get health advocates for women. started.” Over 1,000 women soldiers have learned how to make sound lifestyle decisions -- Shwanesh Manyov, CEO, S’AVA Cosmetics for women of color through a Jewish Agency-sponsored program. Advancing Women Thanks to Jewish Agency training, nurses at mother-and-child clinics will work with some 21,000 families to teach them about healthy, active living. in Israel Nada Abu Zaidan, a woman Find out how you can make an impact: in the Druze village of Tel: +972.2.620.2633 v 212.339.6048 E-mail: e Maghdar, is running breast cancer awareness groups in her village with the assistance of a Jewish The Jewish Agency is funded by The Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, major Jewish communities and federations, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, foundations and donors from Israel and around the world. Agency program.
  2. 2. The Jewish Agency is advancing women Preventing Violence against Hagam - Empowering Vulnerable in Israel. From setting women on a path Ethiopian Women Women Soldiers to entrepreneurship, to promoting health “From Conflict to Resolution” is an innovative Established in cooperation with the Israel Defense education and awareness, the Jewish initiative to prevent violence against women in the Forces and the Israel Association for Family Agency is empowering women, their Ethiopian community. Spearheaded by the Jewish Planning, this program provides the army’s most families and Israeli society. Agency in cooperation with the Ethiopian National vulnerable female recruits with the opportunity to Project and other organizations working with the take responsibility for their behavior and improve Ethiopian community, the program incorporates their self-image and confidence. The twelve- Small Business Loan Funds workshops, training courses for mediation, and the hour course promotes healthy sexuality, positive Small business entrepreneurs in Israel’s outlying establishment of a crisis hotline for men and women. relationships and improved lifestyles. Officers also areas have difficulty accessing capital to turn their Targeting new immigrants living at Jewish Agency participate in a six-hour course to understand the ideas into practical enterprises. This is especially Absorption Centers, it aims to facilitate smooth issues faced by women soldiers. true for women. Through loan funds established transition into Israeli society, help deflect conflict and Cost per course for 150 participants: $18,000 by the Jewish Agency some 200 small businesses stress within the family and reduce violence against founded solely by women have received funding. Ethiopian women within the community. One of the funds, established specifically for The cost per group of 20 women at a Jewish Training Women Health Advocates vulnerable populations, has granted 100 of its 155 Agency Absorption Center: $4,000. In community centers throughout Israel, women loans to women. These funds are giving women are participating in a yearlong training program to unprecedented economic opportunity. become “grassroots” women’s health advocates. As Establishment of a new fund: $250,000 The following are part of the ISHA part of the training, each woman launches her own Initiative, in cooperation with the To join an existing fund: $10,000 Jewish Community Federation of program on a specific health issue targeted for her Cleveland. Funding is needed to expand community. Local initiatives range from walking each of these successful programs. clubs, to nutrition workshops to breast cancer Atidim for Industry awareness and support groups. Through this groundbreaking program gifted Healthy Lifestyles for New Mothers Cost per community center for one-year women high school graduates in outlying areas Working with the Hadassah Optimal Medical Center, program: $15,000 (matched by the Israel receive a full financial scholarship to Israel’s the Jewish Agency is training Tipat Chalav (mother Association of Community Centers) leading universities to earn a degree in science and child clinic) nurses throughout Israel in aspects and engineering, to prepare them for a career of healthy living. The one-year course includes in industry or high tech. During their university workshops, lectures and experiential training in studies they receive tutoring assistance and are nutrition, exercise and healthy cooking which the placed in a mentorship program with leading Israeli nurses use to encourage mothers to make positive companies, with many going on to work for their lifestyle changes. “adopted” companies after graduation. Cost per one-year course: $13,000 Cost per student in the Atidim for Industry program: $8,500