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20 sketches


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Sketches for upcoming self portrait Art 217

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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20 sketches

  1. 1. Portrait Sketches Velina Glass
  2. 2. Mum’s1920’sSepia Image forSelf PortraitPhysical Attributes thatDefined Her•Large expressive eyes.•Considered extremely tall especially forthe 1920’s at 5’10”.•Ability to pass for white.•Waist length hair.•Thick sooty eyelashes.
  3. 3. Inspirations: Warhol Color Blockingand DiVinci lustrations
  4. 4. Eye Sketches •Top Left Eye Image---Simple Shading •Top Right Eye Image--- Exaggerated Lashes. •Bottom Eyes---Inspired by Warhol bottom right image
  5. 5. Erte 1920’s Design-He is known for Harpers Bazaar Covers
  6. 6. Erte Eye InspirationContinued
  7. 7. Erte Inspired Eyes
  8. 8. Full Body Sketch
  9. 9. Vertical CroppedImage DesignEnhances Eyes and Skirt
  10. 10. CroppedVertical Images•Thin rectangle shapeto enhance eyes andskirt as duel focalpoints.•Possible vertical blindeffect using 3images ofdiffering design e.g.Color barrier theme:Caucasian, brownpaper bag and black•Fill entirely with colorblocks.
  11. 11. Full Image WithSample ColorBlocking inMuted Shades