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Portfolio of Wenzhu Zou

  1. 1. WENZHU ZOU jewelzou@hotmail.com +31 645 119 285 www.wenzhuzou.com www.linkedin.com/in/wenzhuzou USER EXPERIENCE/INTERACTION DESIGNER PORTFOLIOContent Commercial Website Design 14SmartProducts -- Kitchen Assistant Web App 1 Freelance Designs 16UI Harmonization For Electron Microscopes 5 • SocialMenu Mobile App 17Sleep Enhancement -- Warm Pillow 8 • One Penny Entrepreneur Website 17Redesign TV Remote Control for Elderly 11 Graphic Design 18
  2. 2. About Wenzhu ZouShe is a highly motivated and creative UX/InteractionDesigner. She got her Professional Doctorate in Engineeringdegree of User-System Interaction from Industrial Design, TU/e.She has experience of working with multidisciplinary teams inPhilips research, FEI, etc. on the Interaction design, UX design andUsability Engineering. She has the abilities of- Proficiency in user-centered design method and creation of inno-vative conceptual designs;- Experience with performing concept prototyping and user test;- Skillfulness in translate ideas into tangible concepts;- Well acquainted with both quantitative and qualitative usabilityresearch methods;- Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator,InDesign, etc.);- Effectively work in a multidisciplinary team.Her ambition is to contribute her expertise to create successfulproducts and positive user experiences. i
  3. 3. Smart ProductsPhilips Research 02/2011—04/2012IntroductionThe SmartProducts project is a European Commission’s 7th FrameworkProgramme conducted by ten partners from industry and academia,aiming at developing the scientific and technological basis for building"smart products" with embedded "proactive knowledge" in order toimprove people’s quality of life. Philips led the Smart Kitchen applicationscenario.SmartProducts website: http://www.smartproducts-project.eu/mainpage/visionMy role: Work Package Lead & Interaction Designer 1
  4. 4. SmartProductsI worked with nutrition specialists and software engineers on I defined the basic concept and information architecture for therefining the kitchen scenarios starting from user’s needs, and Smart Kitchen Assistant application, sketched and createddeveloped the flowchart. The scenarios include meal plan for hi-fidelity mockup for every single page of the application. Thenext weeks, supermarket shopping experience, cooking with Smart Kitchen Assistant is a web application which enhancesthe help of cooking guide and food intake tracking. Different user’s awareness of healthily eating in each step. For example, insmart kitchen appliances are applied in each scenario to guide the step of making meal plan, the Smart Kitchen Assistant usespeople healthily eating. various persuasive elements to help user to select healthy recipe, like target setting, persuasive messages, healthfulness colorFlowchart indication and avatar. In addition, I applied the usability princi-It shows the flow from making meal plan until cooking ples to the UI design.and recording food intake. Sketch Tool: Illustrator User makes meal plan for several days through the Cooking Guide System generate adapt Meal plan list Eat outside. The real food intake cannot be measured Follow No Eat at No automatically. User Plan? home? needs to update the meal planner manually. Yes Yes Change recipe Cooking with Input food No info No Chopping Board? manually? Yes Yes Real food intake info measured by chopping boardSmartProducts website: http://www.smartproducts-project.eu/mainpage/vision 2
  5. 5. SmartProductsI coached the development team including 3 Software Engi- I designed tasks and conducted the usability testing to evaluateneers with SCRUM method to ensure that the HTML5 kitchen the Smart Kitchen Assistant application. The test was executed inassistant application is successfully implemented. This applica- the Experience Lab of Philips. 20 users participated in the test.tion is the core of the smart kitchen system. It guides user’s meal The positive user feedback and the analysis results provided theplanning and cooking, and tracks user’s food intake by working improvement proposals for the next version of The Smartwith other smart kitchen appliances. A follow-up user test Kitchen Assistant application which are demoed to the EU com-validated the usability and effectiveness of iPad kitchen assistantapplication. mittee review. In addition, I also helped the project partners complete another user test about the smart kitchen system in Philips’ ExperiencePrototype Lab. The user test and result were contributed to the projectHTML5 deliverables. Usability Testing Method: Co-discovery, qualitative research, thematic analysisSmartProducts website: http://www.smartproducts-project.eu/mainpage/vision 3
  6. 6. SmartProductsAs the Smart Kitchen Work Package lead, I organized the work Achievementpackage telephone meeting among 5 academies partners once The Smart Kitchen application scenario obtained positive userevery two weeks to ensure the work progress. In the project feedback proved by usability testing. The Smart Kitchen systemconsortium meetings I was the chairman of the Smart Kitchen is successfully demonstrated in the final EU review meeting, andwork package leading the discussions and making procedure received high appreciation from EU committee members. Thedecisions. Besides, I monthly reported the progress to European performance of the work package led by Philips achieved the project requirements.Union Committees. In the Smart Kitchen system final integration The Smart Kitchen System is placed in the Kitchen Lab of PhilipsI played a key role in planning and organizing the system Experience Lab as one of Philips Consumer Lifestyle productintegration and demonstration with the project partners from 5 prototype shown to the visitors and been used in otheracademies in Europe. research.Smart Kitchen Concept Map Smart Smart Smart Kitchen Assistant Steamer Chopping BoardSmartProducts website: http://www.smartproducts-project.eu/mainpage/vision 4
  7. 7. UI HarmonizationFEI, VanBerlo 01/2010—09/2010IntroductionA joint project of FEI Company, VanBerlo Design, and the TU/e, aiming atcreating harmonized user interfaces for FEI’s two main types of electronmicroscopes in order to improve the usability and user experience of FEI’sproducts, and create strong company brand.My role: Usability Engineer & UI Designer 5
  8. 8. UI HarmonizationUser-Centered Design method and iterative design process are I explored users’ needs through contextual inquiry method byapplied in this project. Two rounds of design and user test are interviewing 4 application technicians and specialists in FEI andconducted. observing their operation with the different types electronI collaboratively worked with R&D team in FEI, which includes microscopes. 4 design principles are selected as the guideline forPrincipal Systems Architect, Senior Application Development the UI harmonization.Scientists and experienced Electron Microscope technicians andspecialists on defining user requirements, analyzing the systemstructure and user task. Design PrinciplesIterative Design ProcessPhases: User Analysis The 1st round of The 2nd round of Completion p design and testing design and testing User Analysis Brainstormed Refined CompletedGoals:Goals: l •who users are designs designs designs y •their key tasks Graphical Graphical screen U Usability Usability il t screen U Usability Usability il t design t ti testing: testing: design t ti testing: testing: User- centered Evaluate Evaluate v Participatory rt i r Participatory User Participatory rt i r ParticipatoryMethods: t dMethods: i r ti interaction interaction i r ti interaction interaction Usability principle Brief description of the principle design tasks k involvement Interface r Interface Heuristic ri t Heuristic Heuristic ri t Heuristic guidelines evaluation v ti evaluation Interface r Interface evaluation v ti evaluation Consistency Making elements uniform — having them look and behave the same wa guidelines Minimizing cognitive allowing a user to efficiently perform a task with a smallest amount of load mental activity on working memory at an instance in time high fidelity high fidelity Efficient Interactions minimize the number of steps to complete a task prototyping prototyping methods methods Effective information All language used in a system should be concise and unambiguous; presentation Maintaining all the necessary information in an appropriate screenResults:Results: t User and task Testable Testable density; and descriptions prototypes prototypes Maximize Readability  Meaningful Use color contrast on text  Use font sizes that are large enough to read  Use various font weights for emphasis 6
  9. 9. UI HarmonizationI worked closely with the senior designers of VanBerlo to define I independently planned, scripted, recruited, conducted, anduser interface on imaging tiling, detector selection and control evaluated usability testing for verifying and testing the UI at thepanel for different types of electron microscopes end of each design iteration. Each round 4 participants (theIn addition, I implemented interactive UI prototypes of electron Electron Microscope technicians or specialists) participated inmicroscopes in PPT and Adobe Flash for two rounds of UI design the test.and usability testing The innovative improvement proposals are submitted after each round design and test.PrototypeTool: PowerPoint, Flash Usability Testing y g Achievement The UIs for the specific tasks are successfully harmonized. A series of rules on the image tiling, detector selection and function panes control are defined. The improvement recommendations are proposed for the further work of the UI harmonization. 7
  10. 10. Sleep EnhancementTU/e, Philips Research 06/2009—12/2009IntroductionA joint project of Philips Research and TU/e, aiming to improve thesleep quality of couples who are living apart.My role : Interaction Designer 8
  11. 11. Sleep EnhancementTo explore remote parnters’ sleep habits and the reason leading In the conceptuation phase the warm pillow concept is decidedto the low sleep quality, I designed Sleeping Diary. 5 objectives through brainstorming. The pillow is a physical intimacy transferrecorded their behavior and mind activities before going to bed media. When one of partners is hugging his/her warm pillow infor one week. We found that contacting with each other through the bed, his/her partner’s pillow follows becoming warm. It is ainternet or phone before going to bed, and working until late sign informing partner that his/her love is in the bed aiming tomainly result in delaying sleep. Together with the design team, “push” the partner going to bed earlier and simulate the contactwe considered the intimacy between partners as the way to between partners.improve objectives’ sleep quality. ConceptuationUser StudySleeping Diary Warm Pillow 9
  12. 12. Sleep EnhancementThe connection between pillows is through internet. An Arduino Prototypeelectric circuit connecting internet controls pillows’ warming up. Hardware Prototype: arduino, electric circuit, thermo-I am in charge of implementing the warm-pillow hardware pad and pillowprototype for the user test.Two pairs of remote partners participated in the user test for twoweeks at their home. To compare the effect, the participants areasked to use normal pillow for one week, and warm pillow foranother week.We also created the video prototype for the web investigation toevaluate the warm pillow concept.System ArchitectureInternet connection, Arduino electric circuit controlspillow’s on/off Administrator (Experimenter) Video Prototype Host 1 Host 2 The videos are available at: (Partner 1) Internet (Partner 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQv0yYSsrX0&feature=relmfu and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjuK66s03zo Achievement The concept succeeded in providing a sense of connectedness between partners when sleeping remotely. It leads to a more pleasant sleeping experience . PUBLICATION: W. Zou, T. Scherini, P.Melo, T. van Craenendonck, M. Kaptein, Enhancing the Sleeping Quality of Partners Living Apart, DIS10 Designing Interactive Systems 2010, Arhus, Denmark, August 2010. 10
  13. 13. Redesign Remote Control for ElderlyTU/e 01/2009—02/2009IntroductionRedesign remote control for elderly people is an assignment during theUSI study, aiming to improve elderly people’s experience of using TVremote control.My role: Interaction Designer 11
  14. 14. Redesign Remote Control for ElderlyMany of current TV remote control contain a number of small From the ergonomics consideration, we simplified the keys,size keys on a limited area panel, which results in the inconven- redesigned the key layout and reshaped the remote controlience of control for elderly. according to the gesture that elderly people hold remote control.Together with the design team, we explored the operation I performed the concept from sketch to the foam mockup model.requirements of elderly people when using the remote control. The fine foam mockup is created for the focus group.SitemapWe analyzed the elderly’s needs and the essential features of the Mockupsredesigned remote control. Raw model Illustrator version Fine foam model Features Fit for both one hand and two hands control Fit for controlling Wide when putting on pointing the table without angle hand holding 12
  15. 15. Redesign Remote Control for Elderly We tested our concept in a local Dutch elderly people house in the form of focus group. 4 people (2 females, 2 males) joined the test. They gave positive comment to the redesigned remoteFeatures control after they carried out the given tasks (turn on TV, change Symmetrical keyboard the channel and change the volume and so on) with both the layout: fit for both ordinary and the redesigned remote control. left-handed and right- handed peopleChannel Group Focus Group• 4 different shape buttonsindicate 4 favorites channels ls Function Group• Simplified 0-9 channel • On/offbuttons to pre/next channelel • Mutebuttons • Back: go back to the previous status of channels, setting or volum Volum buttons Comfortable handle Achievement The redesign is warmly appreciated by elderly people because of its simple keys layout and comfortable ergonomic design. They commented that : • The remote control’s shape fits their gesture. • The buttons are big and clear. • The shape of favorite channel buttons helps them memorize the corresponding channels The test objectives would like to have a functional prototype. 13
  16. 16. Commercial Website DesignHelantong 01/2008—10/2008IntroductionHelantong is a comprehensive services exchange web platform, facingto Chinese who study or work in the Netherlands. It is founded in 2008in the Netherlands and aims to provide Chinese in the Netherlandsinformation on studying and living. Users can fast and convenientlyaccess to information and share experiences through Helantong web-site. The preliminary release included four sections: Wiki, Useful websitecollection, entertainment, and forum, which cover all aspects of livingin the Netherlands.My role was UI Designer. Besides, as a co-founder of this startup, I tooka somewhat entrepreneurial role to translate the user needs into a use-centered interactive interface. In this venture, my desire of understand-ing more user-centered design approaches grew. 14
  17. 17. commercial website designI was responsible for• designing, coordinating and managing artwork and executing creative concepts for www.outpie.com, including website infor-mation architecture, webpage layout, icons and themes design;• creating and maintaining the UI;• creating company’s identity, brochures and collateral.Helantong Logo Design Webpage layout sketch Sketch Photoshop graphHelantong’s collateral example g p 15
  18. 18. Freelance Design05/2012--present• Social Menu• One Penny EntrepreneurMy role : UX/UI designer 16
  19. 19. Freelance DesignSocial Menu 05/2012 - 09/2012 One Penny Entrepreneur 10/2012 - presentThe SocialMenu is a location-based iPhone application that One Penny Entrepreneur is a guided, community-rich platformenables users to view, add, and rate dishes from the menu of the designed to help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds define theirrestaurants nearby. The SocialMenu is in the startup phase. ideas, find resources and launch.I specified information architecture, created workflow for the I reorganized website information architecture, designed theSocialMenu iPhone application and designed business landing Beta version of the website, created the high-fidelity proto- andpages. type in Photoshop.Landing Pages One Penny Webpages 17
  20. 20. Graphic DesignPhotoshop Work--Under Water City 01/2010Obtained silver awards in “Eindhoven in the Eyes 2010” Chinese Design CompetitionPoster Design Photoshop Coloring 18