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Safari & the city


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Safari & the city

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. An interactive and emotional activity in the historical town centre Verona 2
  3. 3. Safari & the City is a custom made treasure hunt which moves from psycho-geography.This science is based on the believe that the discovery of a place as far as the relation betweenpeople and places have to be experienced subjectively, going beyond those everyday images weare used to.Safari & the City is a motivational activity suggesting new and creative ways of ‘travelling’through urban spaces, squares, roads or private properties. Architecture, art and people entwinewith the ‘concrete’ experience that everyone makes of them. “Safari & the City” is an innovativesolution for corporate needs such as flexibility implementation and team co-operation takingparticipants to the discovery of unique locations at the same time.Safari & the city put to the test expertise such asdrawing, painting, recognizing sounds and smells,talking with foreign people ( no matter thelanguage, you will find the right way tocommuinicate) , bargaining, writing poems. 3
  4. 4. Safari & the city is a team challange. Each team gets an envelope at the beginning of the game. Inside it, you finds materials, ‘travel suggestions’ and informations about the activities to deal with.Safari & the city lasts about 3 hours and it is different everytime we perfom it as it is tailor made on the customer group identity and on the choosen location.At the end of the game a qualified jury panel chooses the winning team considering the creativity and the capacity of each playing group. A show of the best perfomed activities will be arranged at the prize award site ( restaurant, hotel, private estate, garden). 4
  5. 5. Activity list
  6. 6. …Just some of our activities……
  7. 7. Program*  Ore 9:30 meeting with the partecipants, formation of team, briefing.  Envelops distribution, activity start.  Each team deals with Safari activities at different time and by itself.  Ore 12:30 Meeting at a typical ‘osteria’ ( winery), End of the Safari, envelops delivery.  Lunch ( buffet or served)  Jury prize award* the same program can be arranged in the afternoon includingextra dinner at the end of it.
  8. 8. What’s included:- Tailor made Safari format ( activities creation on the group identity)- 3 Jet Events assistants during the Safari- writing, painting materials- site assistance for buying gadgets & prizes Extra Services: Final Lunch or dinner at typical restaurantPersonalized coloured team T- shirtsSafari & the city professional video on DVDPrizes for the winning team
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