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Cooking Valpolicella


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Cooking Valpolicella

  1. 1. “Show cooking in Valpolicella”
  2. 2. In a noble and ancientestate in the heart ofValpolicella, anexcellent wine housetakes care of rarewines and italianflavours.
  3. 3. Foreigners are welcome in the ancient guest room turned into a professional kitchen.
  4. 4. Their talents are challenged and judged…
  5. 5. …and some secrets are handed down.
  6. 6. Show Cooking in Valpolicella includes:A three hours cooking class in English or Italian language, withdedicated chef.Kitchenware and ingredients enough to a three courses menu.A cookbook. A three courses lunch, cooked during the morning class. Guided sightseeing to the estate and introduction to its history, itswine production techniques and to the wines of Valpolicella.